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Not ethically challenged

Can you say INDICTMENT?????


Are you calling for the same investigation for half of the LA's in the General Assembly and the majority of Chiefs of Staff in the US House?

This happens all the time. And if you knew anything about political consulting one could easily work 40 hours a week for the state and consult at night/weekends and pull 50,000 in consulting fees rather easily(number has no signifgance to this situation).

Also, fees paid to consultants are not always for salary. Often times the majority of funds are to pay for mailers and television buys.

All this GOP crime makes that BJ back in the WH seem so very silly doesn't it? What happened to the GOP's love of the Rule Of Law!! Used to be Right up there with the Fetus ...

Not Larry Sabato

JMS, I would call for this investigation for anyone doing it while on the state's clock. If it were at night, I wouldn't care.

This type of consulting happens all the time after hours. I am not making a moral judgment on this subject but it just happens whether it is right or wrong.

Not Larry Sabato

I agree, anon 1:30, but please note that this was not happening after hours (see second to last para)


This sort of stuff is no big deal. The Chief of Staff at the AG's office is National Committeewoman and has her own fundraising PAC. Let's not get excited.


State employess even those who are appointed are absolutely not supposed to work for political campaigns...a leave of absence is necessary for that.


Have you seen the AD SHE DID FOR Terry. IT IS A JOKE.


Not if the political work is part-time and they are not taking a public role in the campaign.


Ok. After looking at VPAP I can say this...

If that is your definition of a large amount of money for consutling than you have ZERO concept of the kind of dollars spent on consultants.

Go look up Creative Direct, Boyd Marcus, Commonwealth Consultants, Pound Feinstien, Old Dominion Strategies, New Dominion Strategies, etc and you will see what large sums of consulting money equals.

Stop making acquisations like this when you have no concept of what really goes on.

Not Larry Sabato

Mr. JMS- it's large for a consultant who isn't known for producing a winning product.

Why are you her big defender? I don't want anyone doing political work on my tax dollar. My taxes should not pay her while she is doing this, they shouldn't pay for the computer she does it on, and they shouldn't pay for the phone she uses. End of story.


Point is this- prove that someone did something wrong. A person getting paid for consulting work is no proof of misappropriation of taxpayer dollars.

I am a defender of her, someone I have never met, because you are making an allegation with ZERO proof.

Not Larry Sabato

As I said in the post, I discovered this through the financial, then talked to people to find out what she was really doing.

Not Virgil Goode: There is no state law or state regulation that prohibits a state employee from working on a political campaign on state time, and there is no state law prohibiting the use of state equipment. Look for it. You won't find it. It might get you a tisk tisk from the auditor, and it certainly should get you fired, but it ain't illegal. Go figure.

It should be.

I have no way of judging whether that is what is happening here, and it does look like NLS is making accusations a couple of fingers short of a full glass -- at least so far.


If you could see the ADS she did for Terry. You would fire her. She is an idiot, I now the Kilgore staff and most think she is a idiot.


This conversation has gone from empty accusations to personal swipes.

I love how everyone in the blogosphere claims to know this person in Virginia, and all of Kilgore's staff, and all of the Attorney General's staff....

Grow up.

B. Marchi

Ben, you are getting desperate. Israel and Stacey are two of the most honest folks in Virginia politics today. Is this how "Democratic Desperation" works? Can't find anything on the candidate himself, so you go after his staff? Engage in the politics of personal destruction? You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Shame on you. If I were you Ben, I'd be worried about attacking a woman. Women have had enough obstacles to overcome in past decades without worrying about unfounded attacks from chauvinist pigs, upset that women are succeeding in the proffesional world.


Here Here


B.Marchi, you hit the nail on the head.

Not Larry Sabato

I wish her plenty of success, either in the government or in politics. But she needs to stop doing politics from the office. End of story.


It seems that everyone's tone has turned a little nicer, including NLS. But we have not proven that anything was done at work on a single state dollar. It sounds like someone out in South West just has an axe to grind.


i am tired of women being baselessly attacked by sexist men. i am a "D" but i was almost fired because a sexist man decided to open up season on me because i was more successful than he. in the end, his accusations were unfounded and he was fired. i also sued him for slander...and won. men (and women, alike), please be careful with sexist and/or slanderous attacks. they aren't a good thing.

Not Larry Sabato

The idea that I am attacking her for doing politics from the AG's office is sexist is repulsive. Notice no one who knows Ms. O'Quinn is denying this.

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