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NLS, is this food thing a new feature?


Michele has not just hit every door in Occoquan District; she has been to every door in the 51st House District multiple times, often, if not always, in the same election period. Her constituents know her by first name and a solid majority is not, nor will it ever be, unusual for her. This may be because her attitude, when it is suggested she should not expend all that energy every election going door-to-door in a district she has made safe, is that she will never take the election or the electorate for granted. Now THAT'S an attitude many incumbents should consider emulating.

Dave Albo did that - except he stayed away from the mexicans because they hate him


McQuigg is gonna retire (at the end of this term, most likely) and this seat will be very competitive. If the GOP nominates a Harry Parrish type moderate, they may hold it. If they nominate a Jeff Frederick type, the Democrats will win it in a race similar to the 41st and 67th.


Great analysis of my home district, NLS! One typo though- Michele replaced Delegate David Brickely- not Brinkley.


More typos. It's Brickley. Not Brickely. And still not Brinkley. Happy 30 Days of Christmas everyone!

Earnie Porta was a nobody going into this election.

McQuigg is well known, and despite rhetoric to the contrary, works her ass off day in & day out.

If the dems want to win this seat, they'll need to put up someone with roots who is active in the community - and not just for 6 months before he or she announces.

Over the past few years, was Porta regularly at school board meetings, BOCS meetings, did he have letters to the editor every month speaking out on issues & solutions, was he active in numerous known civic organizations, did he sponsor teams, etc.?

No. And until the dems find a candidate like that with good ideas and a good personality too, they will continue to lose to Workhorse McQuigg.

Not Larry Sabato

Thanks Goodwin, its fixed now.

Not Corey Stewart

After considering a run against Sean "RINO" Connaughton, I think I will instead run for the 51st in 2007, as it will be open when Del. McQuigg retires.

Please look for me to work with Supervisor Nohe more often in the next year, as I position myself for this run.

Veronique Wyvell

From: Veronique Wyvell
To: ElectEarnie@earnieporta.com
Cc: Veronique Wyvell
Sent: Thursday, December 14, 2006 11:10 AM
Subject: Swigging McQuigg?

Michele McQuigg's performance as "Madam Chairman" in the Friday, December 1, 2006, 8:30 a.m., House Room C, General Assembly Building, House Committee for Courts of Justice & Senate Committee for Courts of Justice, JUDICIAL INTERVIEWS for incumbent judges standing for re-election in the 2007 Session was frightful. Did McQuigg perhaps enjoy one too many swigs the night before? I wondered. It is time for Virginia's 51st to seriously consider new leadership. To the people of District 51, I say YOU ARE NOT IN GOOD HANDS.

Veronique Wyvell, RN
MAUL ~ Mothers Against Unjust Law
7831 Enola Street, #TA7
McLean, Virginia 22102
Tel 703.748.0072

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