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I know!!!

He gets a great paying job with Lantz construction company, then gets named to the agriculture policy transition committee for the Kaine administration.

And gets asked by the Deeds campaign to get volunteers to watch the recount.

What do I win?????


The true shame in all this is that the voters of the 26th, after years of weak representation in the GA, are getting more of the same. I know we deserve it ... we actually had a choice this year and so many districts didn't ... but it's still a shame because so many worked so hard for Fulk, who is so obviously smarter than and would have done a better job than Lohr. Some friends and I read the debate transcripts aloud to each other for fun. We really believed that Lohr, whose words were so trite and hollow, would lose. The joke was on us.

For things to get better, an entire generation of knee-jerk Republican voters is going to have to die OR the Republicans are going to have to get real about governing and give us some serious candidates. Now which do you think will happen sooner?

I know that doesn't answer your question, NLS, and I am blissfully ignorant of the inner workings of the political parties. It feels good to vent, though. Thanks.


stick him on a plane and send him to Charlotesville, Loudon or any other place that is being suburbanized and Democraticitized by former Arlingtonians, Alexandrians, and Fairfax County people :) or wait until Harrisonburg overtakes the rest of Rockingham county in population. Within the next 25 years this will be a democratic seat similar to what happend in Charlottesville. The college town effect. Maybe in 50 years Blacksburg will swing over????

Joe Fitzgerald

Just 'cause I'm curious ... how do you know if somebody voted for Kaine and Fulk, or Kilgore and Fulk, without seeing the actual ballots? Am I missing something?


Matt, Blacksburg is already very democratic. Take a look at Mongomery precincts for district A, F and G.
Jim Shuler is the delegate for there.


Is this the same Joe Fitzgerald who didn't help his fellow democrat get elected? Is this the same Joe who said Davis Walsh didn't know what he was doing?

Is this the same Joe Fitzgerald who stabbed all those people in the back on that golf course deal?

Joe Fitzgerald

That'd be me, Myron. But refresh my memory. Was I responsible for 9/11 as well?

Apologies to NLS for using his blog for a personal note.

And in my defense, I gave the bribe money for the golf course vote to charity.


AH HAH!!!!

So you admit it... I will call the local news media immediately..uh,hold on, they don't do "real" news.

Just curious Joe... Which charity did you give it to? The Raphael Rodgers get out of jail fund.

Of course you realize I'm just spoofing.....

Isn't the most important figure, this one:

16,477 voters in Rockingham County; turnout 55.40%

16, 591 voters in Harrisonburg; turnout 42.02%


The only thing we realize once again, Myron, is that you are a colossal asshole.


oh lighten up...it's Christmas!!!!

valley iconoclast

Turn out was huge, Rockingham County out performed the state average by a considerable margin and, more importantly Harrisonburg.

But even assuming that FUlk had turned out 55.4% of Harrisonburg, that would have only gained him about 558 votes. Based on the voting percentages in Harrisonburg.

It is also important to note that the precincts making up the 26th in Rockingham outperformed the rest of the county, including the precincts in the 20th that also had a contested Delegate race.

It is clear that the 26th race brought out voters, unfortunately for Fulk, they were Republicans.

Ultimately, NLS seems to place the turning point of the election on the release of the polling data. While I agree this was a mistake, the numbers indicate that no one thing would have swung this election the other way.

Lohr ran a cookie cutter Valley Republican campaign and counted on partisans and social conservatives to carry him to victory. Fulk attempted to appeal to people who were paying attention to the campaign (i.e. reading the transcripts of the debates) and to those who were willing to cross party lines. The election demonstrated that there is no governing majority of people who pay attention.

This seat is a safe Republican seat unless significant demographic changes occur. However, it is my understanding that there is already talk of splitting Harrisonburg into two districts to prevent a Democratic pick-up

reasoned view

Are you people blind? The demographic shift is irrelevant; the paradigm shift is in motion! When is the last time a Democrat won as governor in Harrisonburg? Leslie Byrne got more votes in Red Virginia than Jerry Kilgore! Mark Warner has done a great job and Virginians get it. Lowell Fulk has done a great job in the Valley and people get it! Just because things aren't reversed overnight, don't for one moment think that people aren't looking at things with a different outlook.

Adam Sharp

If the Republicans think splitting Harrisonburg into multiple districts is the answer, ha! They're stuck.
1, leaving H-burg the way it is means a Democratic candidate that can produce a 60% turnout can win.
2, splitting H-burg dumps Democratic voters (and donors) into Saxman and Landes' safe seats. If Saxman lost Highland and Stuarts Draft and gained southern H-burg, he would be in trouble. If Landes lost part of Augusta to Saxman and gained eastern H-burg, he would find a similar predictament.

Also, what happens off-year elections when turnout drops, or when H-burg's state senator has his own race to worry about instead of running Lohr's? This district is by no means locked up for the Republicans (they had to spend a lot of money and effort to keep it), and Dems in H-burg have tasted partial victory.

Lohr better be a model delegate these next two years, or Ben could be blogging about the 26th for many years to come.

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