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Doug in Mount Vernon

All hail Senator Herring.

You better be right Ben, or you'll never live this one down! ;-)

Doug in Mount Vernon

OK OK so I know you weren't saying YOU called it, but to publish this kinda says it all.

The key to me, and I've heard NOTHING on this, is what is the turnout in Leesburg District, Herring's home turf????

Not Larry Sabato

I'm not calling this one Doug. I'm reporting others are calling it.

Interested Observer

Ben- I guess you wouldn't want to put that 99.5% accuracy on the line for this race, now would you? I can't say that I'm real impressed with your punditry. Waiting until the polls close before you make your "prediction".

So, your preview is "word on the street is that Herring is going to win, but I'm going to wait until the official results are in before I "call" it." Thus defeating the purpose of "calling it".

In the immortal words of Dan Rather, "Courage."

I think what Ben means is that he called it before he did not call it.


7:00 and http://sbe.vipnet.org/. Then we can see.

I think Ben is clearly the weenie of the week. He will not make a prediction because he has NO CLUE what will happen but he will still write his post election analysis (drivel.

Ben knows nothing that is going on in that race even though it is taking place in his own back yard. In fact he admits it.

All he can say is "I didn't get any blowout vibes when I was visiting polls, but that was in Fairfax County, not Loudoun which dominates this district."

Not a thing about who ran the better campaign, who had the better message, etc. He knows nothing and lacks the guts to make a prediction unlike several other bloggers.

Josh Chernila

Vultures, Vultures everywhere and not a one can think.

he should be pussy of the week he calls a race tossup then claims he was right NLS sucks

Charles Stanton

the polls are closed.......

and the winner is.......

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