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J.C. Wilmore

From Matt Lohr's website:

"Matt Lohr loves living life to the fullest. In 34 years, he has personally visited with former President George Bush four times, ridden a bull, hiked the Grand Canyon, flown a plane, climbed Mt. Fuji, been elected to political office, won a new Dodge truck, and witnessed the amazing birth of his two children, Caroline and Carson."

Hmmm. He mentions meeting George W. Bush well before he mentions his two children, and he doesn't mention his wife at all in this opening paragraph from his website. What's his favorite flavor of Kool-Aid?

Looks like voting's down. Republitarian, can't win fair and square so you're trying to rig the thing?


J.C. Wilmore, good catch. Could the Andrea omission be the result of patriarchal entitlement?

Isn't Matt the sponsor of the anti-gay GSA bill? I hope that one of those two kids turns out to be gay, not that there is anything wrong with that. Matt should have thought about his own family before he sponsored that ugly bill.

And speaking of ugly, I look at Matt and Andrea and wonder what goes on in their heads? It ain't pretty. Ick! Beauty is more than skin deep. My vote goes to Shayna in a 10 to 0 shutout.

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