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» Washington Post all but endorses Mark Herring for Delegate from Virginia Political Line
An editorial in today's Washington Post all but endorses Democrat Mark Herring for Delegate. "VOTERS IN Loudoun County did themselves and their landscape a huge favor in November when they elected David E. Poisson (D) to the House of Delegates t [Read More]


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What are the chances that the Democrats could take back the Senate before 2010?


Not Larry Sabato

NOVADem- sorry this published early, all that is up are the headers. Give me a few minutes to finish.


Functionally, the Democrats already have the Senate. The "Moderate 'Squish' Republicans" are, in effect, Democrats.



That's not quite true. If the moderate GOPers were really Dems, the Senate would not have passed the Const. Amend. defining marriage. They would have recognized that same sex marriage is illegal already in VA and that the current Const. Amend. as is currently written is far too broadly written for the the Senate's stomachs.

James Young

NoVAzilla, you're right, in the single, limited sense of your first sentence.

'Course, as to the rest, that worked well in Maryland. 'Til some far Left judge came along and decided to rewrite the language and the Constitution.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Good analysis of what's at stake Ben.

In the event of a Herring win:

I would like to state up front, however, that it doesn't seem to me that defeating O'Brien is likely in 2007, surrounded or not. I know it was also Kaine/Byrne, but wasn't it less so?

Devolites Davis definitely will have a major run at her, as she barely won last time against a much less-known Democrat, Ron Christian (who incidentally, is well-known now!). I expect to see people like Chap, Ron, and others line up for this one.

Cucinelli's district will be very, very interesting indeed, mainly because I see Centreville precincts hanging on to Democratic voting patterns, as well as some of the Burke ones. I don't see that in West Springfield, though. I think this comes down to a possible dearth of Democratic nominees. Who would run against Cucinelli? Maybe Cathy Belter again?

One more opinion: Herring will win. Why? Voters who switched did so because of Kaine's land use/transportation efforts, and he is smartly keeping those promises. That will weigh far more heavily on voters' minds then Kaine's new auto-related fees to pay for the transportation plan.

Good job NLS.


Chichester, Potts, and company are more like moderate Democrats. They are not like far left Democrats who want homosexual marriage. As Jim Young points out, a constitutional amendment is necessary.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Freddie, name me a single case being brought before a Virginia court where a plaintiff is suing the state for the right to marry someone of the same sex? Name one.

Necessary, my ass.


fpm Young: Since you are afraid of homosexuals getting equal treatment, fearful enough to write discrimination into the Virginia constitution, why don't we also write the tax increase into the Virginia constitution??

After all, I'm afraid that in the future, some radical Republican representatives will try to lower taxes.

Who are the 8 Conservative Republicans? I only count 5, though I do agree that several of the 'moderates' could flip given a possible leadership change.

Also, how is the Majority leader determined? By a vote within the party or the Senate as a whole?

Mosby's Ghosy

I think the word you forgot to use was "yet" Doug. I wouldn't put it past them to do it sooner rather than later. Especially if this thing comes to a vote in November.

Things are a hoppin in the 33rd. I have never seen so many people out canvassing neighborhoods. Both sides have mini-armies of volunteers. It has been a pretty nasty campaign to date. Mostly from the D side.
As seen here.. http://www.leesburg2day.com/current.cfm?catid=31&newsid=11613

The homosexual lobby group is also conducting a pretty nasty push poll as well.

To bolster a little bit of NLS and his analysis let me share some observations. The Senate leadership is laying pretty low on this race. Although most of the Senate Republican leadership has donated to Staton's campaign they only gave a WHOPPING $500 each. Looks more like a "your own your own kid" kind of attitude. Seems to me that they believe they can lose the seat, still control the Senate, and avoid any ugly intra-party leadership battles. Plus they could avoid another loud voice against the next tax increase.

Now take a look at his opponent.

Over $40,000 has been donated by the Democrats in the Senate. They are HUNGRY for this seat.

Fresh from their Delegate victories in Loudoun, they smell blood in the water and are not afraid to aggressively battle for Mark Herring, Suz-Tzu style.

This would give them a major foothold in Loudoun and in begin their expansion of NoVa City. It would begin the encirling of Cuccinelli, O'Brien, and Delegates like Tom Rust. ALL of whom were at a recent Staton rally talking about this very topic to each other.

I agree that this race could send a HUGE wakeup call to the GOP in that area and around the state.

Not Larry Sabato

Exactly Mosby. This is the decisive battle.

Doug in Mount Vernon

It's just not going to happen in VA courts and everyone knows it.

"Homosexual lobby push poll"? Yeah, I'm sure. What is your evidence? Who is the "homosexual lobby"?

Glory, y'all are just scared and that's why suddenly all the Democrats are just so darn "nasty"! That quote issue is a big joke, and just shows their nothing of substance coming form the Staton camp if that's all they can focus on now.

If you want nasty, what about the tactics of Delgaudio in his last campaign (against me, incidentally)? Remember that, because I do. And slimeball Minchew refused to denounce it. And it has cost the Republicans Black's seat, and the costs are not all in yet.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Ben, are you going to answer the questions about O'Brien and Cuccinelli's seats? I'm really curious who you think can beat them. I just don't see Clifton going for a Dem, and is Jim Mitchell coming back?

Not Larry Sabato

Doug, let's talk about those seats after Tuesday. I think they will both be very contested. Remember, O'Brien's district has always been more Dem then Cuccinelli's, although I have not run the numbers for 05. Warner won O'Briens in 01 while losing Cuccinelli's. Clifton is Republican, but Jay also overlaps with almost all of Sickles' district.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Just to clarify my post from 5:07, I didn't mean to infer that Delgaudio's tactics cost Black's election, rather the same type of nasty ugly campaigning (of which Black was guilty as well) is what will continue to cost the GOP with voters.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Ahhhh! That's it, you obviously have a better handle on these district maps than I. Didn't realize that was O'Brien's district all the way over there. Wow. OK, I think you're right in that case, because Lee District actually has the most Democratic results of any Fairfax County Mag Dist lately.

I am intrigued.

Who are the 8 Conservative Republicans?

J. Sarge

"Democrats have a poor record against the moderate GOP of the Senate in the last two decades, only defeating one moderate incumbent GOP Senator (Jane Woods) head to head in the last twenty years."

Leslie Byrne's victory in 1999 was impressive (and close!) but hardly the only example of this phenomenon.

Edwards over Bell (although arguably Bell is conservative, I don't know who you are counting in your 8) in 1995.

Couric over Robb in 1995.

Ticer over Calhoun in 1995 (this one definitely counts).

Not Larry Sabato

I was thinking Robb and Bell are conservatives. You're right about Calhoun, I totally forgot about that guy.

J. Sarge, you perplex me.


Didn't Leslie Byrne beat Jane Woods with a third Republican-turned-indendent female candidate??

I would say that the 8 are Martin, Newman, Cuccinelli, Obenshain, Bell, O'Brien, Rerras and Ruff. What do you think??

McDougle was against the tax increase. Were Rerras or Ruff?

Mosby's Ghost

Oh, you are that Doug....

Well, my evidence is the phone call, and the phone calls to several of my friend's homes. Equality VA and Blackout are both the bottom feeder nasty that most people hate about politics.

And I will grant to you that Delgaudio is the same.


Ruff voted for the tax increase, but is usually very conservative.


How can the "conservatives" take control witha majority of the caucus. The whole Senate picks the chairs. The only thing a conservative victory would do is enable a conservative majority leader.

Hey Mosby's - let's hear about this "phone call." I didn't get one. Got one from Staton, though, all about guns, gays and immigrants.

I think Delgaudio did help with the Black defeat, because those two are peas in a pod. Do ya really think it's "bottom feeding" to point that out? I suppose if the bottom is where they hang out, then it just might be.

NLS, can you PLEASE clear up once and for all who are the 8 conservatives. I am guessing Newman, Rerras, McDougle, Obenshain, Bell, O'Brien, Martin, and Cuccinelli, but I am not sure about Wagner, who also voted against the 2004 tax hike (15 out of the 24 Republican Senators voted in favor and 9 out of 24 voted against...of course, McDougle for Bolling was an even swap since McDougle voted against it in the House of Delegates).

There is only one Republican who can win Colgan's seat in Prince William -- that is the Chairman of the Board of Supervisors Sean Connaughton. His election, coinciding with likely loses by Cucinelli, Devolities, and O'brien, will be the only thing that can prevent a Democratic take-over.

I want to add to some of the comments that have already been made. I think that there is a gradation within the 16 "squish" GOP senators. It is a bit too over simplifying to lump them all into one category. For example, as has already been said, while Sen. Ruff may have voted for a tax hike, but otherwise he's definitely more conservative than other squishes like Chichester and Potts.


He wont run for that seat though.
Colgan is retiring probably so maybe another GOP would have a shot as well in '07.

Not Larry Sabato

No question, anon 9:01. I'm looking at this from a leadership issue.

Doug in Mount Vernon

"That" Doug. LOL!!

Calling an organization like Equality VA a "bottom feeder" shows a lot of stupidity. I assure you EV is not doing anything on this election, as:

#1 It's a non-partisan organization and is barred by law from participating in partisan activities (and "push polls"--like the ones Dick Black did all the time--are inherently partisan).

#2 EV exists to educate and lobby legislators just like the "Some Families Foundation" and "Concerned Stepford Women of America" so I guess that makes them bottom feeders too?

#3 You sound like you think they're "bottom feeders" because they fight for gay people, a cause with which you may not agree. That reveals a lot about your willingness to see people as non-humans.

Anyway, at least you're willing to grant me that DelGottaGo is the same, and I thank you for that.

So, are you the Mosby that tried to move to South Riding area to run for Supervisor, or was it Commonwealth's Attorney?

And finally, I just got finished making GOTV calls to my old stomping grounds in Sterling Park, and to Farmwell Station in Ashburn, and I am encourage by people's responses--they were even better than Shannon's were!

Mosby's Ghost


I do see all people as human. People have free will and make choices. I don't agree with nor respect everyone's choice.

I call them bottom feeders because of their tactics and because of people like the Non-Ambiguosly Gay Duo of Johnathan and David. Two persons for which I have no respect.

There are hundreds of groups and people I don't like. Very few get the bottom feeder label.

"Do you plan on voting for Dick Black's son-in-law Mick Staton, or Mark Herring?"

That is how the phone call starts. If that is not a push poll, I don't know what is.

and BTW...the "That Doug" statement was tounge-in-cheek humor. As was the N-AGD comment above. No disrespect intended. It's pop culture! As serious as most of us are about our politics, we try to maintain a slight sence of humor.

Doug in Mount Vernon

So far, that sounds like a voter ID call to me, not a push poll. Tell me more. And who identifies themselves as paying for the call?

EV does have a PAC, but they are basically limited to giving out money to candidates who support their issues, and it does include some Republicans.

You didn't answer my question about your identity. Transparency is the key to respect. ;-)\

I agree we gotta keep up the humour. Hence the Concerned Stepfords of America crack....it's a good movie in case you haven't seen it.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Btw, Mosby's, that's a pretty uncalled for attack on Jonathan and David. They deserve tons of credit, as they are tireless organizers for what they believe in. That is what's great about them, they fight for what they believe without unfairly maligning anyone.

Does standing up for oneself and fighting for what your heart and soul tell you is right, make you a bottom-feeder? Sad logic.

I respect people that fight for what they believe in even when I don't agree with them, provided of course they retain respect for their opponents and civility in discourse.

Lastly, I enjoy your injection of the "choice" thing in there. Very astute. So tell me, seriously, when did you make a conscious choice to be heterosexual? Choices are always a moment in time. Tell me, where were you and what influenced your decision?


That was quite a temper tantrum, MG. Done now? I don't have the slightest idea what your problem is with other people taking part in the political process, by the way, or what I am supposed to have done to you.

Yes, please tell us more about these phone calls.

Doug, I believe you're thinking of "Moseley."

Not Mark Sickles

So, the Washington Post has endorsed Mark Herring on today's editorial page. They note that Staton is the son-of-law of the defeated Dick Black and that Herring is the stepson of Charlie Waddell, "whom Mr. Mims defeated for the Senate in 1998." Leave it to the Post to screw up a worthwhile endorsement. Waddell was not defeated - he may have crossed party lines to take a position in the Gilmore administration, but he was not defeated. Bill Mims, then a delegate, won the special election to fill Waddell's seat.


The Loudoun Easterner endorsed Mark Herring too, and that's after a purge of left-wing editors and reporters. I'm beginning to think that our campaign is in trouble. Has any newspaper endorsed Staton?


I believe Staton does have the endorsement of the Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio Newsletter.


MG: So much hate! You need to get some control on your life, man.

Russ Vellines

Here's the latest message from the Clown Prince of Loudoun, Eugene Delgaudio whose strong and notorious support of Staton is a blessing to Herring:

From: owner-sterling_list@joineugene.com
[mailto:owner-sterling_list@joineugene.com] On Behalf Of Eugene Delgaudio, Sterling
Sent: Monday, January 30, 2006 1:14 AM
Subject: Sterling: Herring wants your house and hates your car?

Monday January 30, 2006

Dear Sterling American,

THIS letter is long because of questions being asked about Mark Herring, Mick Staton's opponent on Tuesday. This is an example of what to expect from a "Senator" Mark Herring.

This letter is meant to be forwarded on to family and friends. It is not authorized by any candidate. It is a short list of some bad deeds of Mark Herring as Supervisor. I served with him for 4 years.

For balance, Mr. Herring and his family are gracious people who represent a part of Loudoun County's past. I remember how Herring brought back conservative Suzanne Volpe's nomination for the Sterling District Women's commission seat a 2nd time and Volpe was elected. That was gracious of then-Sup. Herring.

Unfortunately, there are 20 wrong headed actions Mark Herring has done or will do to you. He will increase taxes, destroy traditional marriage in Virginia, restrict the use of your car and take your house if he is elected Senator. I have prepared a *partial* list of 20 Wrong Headed Herring Actions.

Mark Herring is a younger version of radical left Supervisor Jim Burton who clenched his fists in the air and declared "We have to figure out a way to get people out of their cars".

Wrong Headed Herring Action 1

Newly elected "moderate" Democrat Delegates Caputo and Poison voting for gay marriage last week. So will "Senator" Herring vote for gay marriage.

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 2

wanted rooftop gardens for all commercial buildings pushed for a no-car zone in part of downtown Leesburg (this is not a joke)


>Wrong Headed Herring Action 3

reconsidered (his)..2002 "no" vote on the tax rate for the purpose of breaking (a)deadlock and in the process voted for out of control loudoun county budgets 2000-2003


>Wrong Headed Herring Action 4

refused to allow an up or down vote for his own Nomination for Senator

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 5

refused to allow Sterling District a representative on the Water Resource Technical Committee


>Wrong Headed Herring Action 6


"(Herring) stated that millions of dollars was being spent to just one element of this (Transportation )system, which was the private automobile." Direct quote from the Minutes


>Wrong Headed Herring Action 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13

*voted for sales tax increase, 70 per cent of Sterling said NO *voted for franklin park, 70 per cent of Sterling said NO *voted for howard hughes institute tax exempt status, six million dollars tax write off *voted for six thousand residential units in one night, density packing *voted for christmas lights regulation *voted for purchase of development rights, $8 million to western loud.landowners.
*took overseas trips to Germany

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 14

Endorsed by the Virginia Partisans Gay & Lesbian Democratic Club

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 15

Alters Newspaper Quote In Fliers, Tells paper He will keep altering.

Newspaper reporters confront Herring officials about mis-representing direct quotes from the newspaper. Herring campaign will not change misquotes.


>>>How Sup. Herring Killed Property Rights Follows

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 16

>>>Herring Felt The Out of Control Loudoun County Spending Was Fine

From the official minutes: "Supervisor Herring stated that Supervisor Delgaudio's comment that this (year 2000) was a blotted (sic) budget did not make it so."


In my first term (2000-2003), I called the old 2000-2003 board "nightmarish" in its promotion of a dark sky ordinance that would black out Sterling with lights out curfews including Security lights, make most kinds of light fixtures illegal and limit the wattage on Christmas Lights, and increase taxes and spending.

The contest between Mick Staton and Mark Herring this Tuesday, January 31st, 2006, could mean the loss of your home or the taking of property by the state through condemnation.

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 17

Herring voted to impose historic districts on a community where 85 per cent of the population refused to participate despite 8 separate first class mailings asking them to sign up. 85 per cent of the citizens refused to volunteer to be in an historic area. Herring voted to impose a historic district any way, over a clear absence of approval.

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 18

Herring voted to create an Environmental and Historic Resources Program.
with a budget of $350,000.00 and new regulations. This meant the average house cost would rise $10,000-$15,000 due to new inspections and permits required.


Herring spoke at length to promote the adoption of policies that would lead to putting trees on the top of commercial buildings and solicited governmental and private builders to put trees on top of buildings.

This would have increased the cost of the roofs and cut the roof's years of service in half, doubling the cost of roofs by millions of dollars.

Herring promoted making Leesburg and other areas of the county a "car-free" zone in which no car would be allowed, starting in Leesburg and other population centers.

Herring lead and promoted the giving away of $8 million to rich people in the form of Purchase of Development Rights (PDRs) for land that was never going to be developed. Some of these recipients of tax dollars were Democratic Contributors.

>>>Where did Herring begin to destroy your Property Rights?

It began, and continues, as I have said for 6 years with the Mark Herring Old board 2000-2003, on May lst, 2000 exactly.

That Scott York - Herring board majority deleted the "property rights"
provision in the Loudoun County Plan. Once the county deleted its duty to preserve property rights, the government workers got the green light to ride rough shod over property rights and drive up housing costs.


My re-election and call to arms in 2003 brought a Republican majority and Sterling District services were restored overnight. But Now Herring is back, this time for State Senator. A Herring victory would spell doom for prosperity and cause financial disaster for all of us.

>>> IT BEGAN ON MAY lst, 2000

I will go back to May 1st, 2000 --when the old Scott York -Herring board majority was just starting out --to recall some observations that I made then and still stand today as relevant.

Then-Supervisor Herring and that old Scot York - Herring board made it seem forbidden to even breath a word of "property rights".

And they actually deleted references to property rights yet deny it even today.

Here's what I said on May lst, 2000, (changes in tense in parenthesis).
"It's a pattern of misinformation, confusion or lies. A disservice to the taxpayers. I state forthrightly my positions. I do not hide and deny my statements or actions. But this board denies repeatedly the actions it takes soon after they take them.


There seem to be ......major mistakes, or lies, in a recent series of public denials (back in 2000) by Chairman York, on behalf of the board, being made.

(Chairman Scott York back in 2000)...challenged me by stating at a meeting exactly "where did the Board delete the protection of property rights?"

(So I answered him) "Mr. Chairman, and fellow Board members, On May
lst,(2000) the Chairman said, "No property rights were deleted".
Chairman York.. (was) mistaken.

I ......respectfully (told) Scott York :

Mr. Chairman,...I have to believe that you forgot about this particular action of the board....... Here is what my notes say the public record
is: On April 3rd, 2000 the board reconvened after a lunch with Loudoun's legislative representatives to Richmond At approximately 1:45 p.m. EST the Board took up Roman Numeral VIII (seven) entitled "action", item number six, entitled "Framework for Review of the General Plan" (39 pages).


>Wrong Headed Herring Action 19


On April 3, 2000, Supervisor Mark Herring motioned to delete section 7 on page 13 which was under the section "Proposed Smart Growth and Revitalization Principles"and to substitute the "Vision" statement adopted by the board. It read "Recognize the private property rights of the individual within a balanced framework that considers the public interest and shared values of the community."

I objected. I said this motion proves my point that this Board is out to destroy property rights in this county. That governments must protect property rights..that was the previous Louduon County policy for 200 years.

>Wrong Headed Herring Action 20

Mr. Herring countered that "it is not the responsibility of the county to protect property rights and that it is the duty of the state and federal governments to take care of those issues."

Clearly, it is reasonable to ask if Herring thinks the sort of land grabs sanctioned by the infamous Kelo Court decision are fine and dandy.

That decision makes it legal for counties to seize properties for "economic development".

Would Herring oppose defining eminent domain in the VA constitution such that counties couldn't seize land for tax dollars and economic development? This fellow is arguing quite publicly for counties to have more POWER.


I remind(ed) the Board (in the year 2000) that I condemned the vision statement because it called for more government spending with a de-emphasizing and elimination of private property rights and private initiatives being preferred over government actions.

The debate ended and (then) Supervisor Herring's resolution deleting property rights from the Framework for the General Plan was adopted...

"......This Chairman and this Board is denying that these horrible actions are taking place......

But the old Scott York - Mark Herring Board did delete property rights - from the framework for the General Plan. "(unquote)

I think this is more than enough for some of your friends and family to know exactly where Herring stands or stood on some of the issues when he held elected office.



Friends of Eugene Delgaudio
http://joineugene.com/ (a campaign committee sponsored site) eugenedelgaudio@erols.com (e-mail address) Electronic Message from:
Eugene Delgaudio


Rtwng Extrmst

I seem to remember DelGaudio also endorsed Tom Davis. I guess that means all you moderates and independents better get on board and start calling Tom a "Dick Black and Eugene DelGaudio clone" and get him outta there this fall.

That letter actually makes me not want to vote for Herring.



Poor Tom Davis. I imagine he wishes Mr. Delgaudio would keep his endorsements to himself. Some help you just don't need.

That Staton would actually endorse this bizarre stream of misrepresentations and willfull ignorance by publicizing this guy's support on his own website is remarkable.

Rtwng: Do you actually agree with anything in this subliterate rant? Please be specific.

A good rule of thumb is: Whatever Eugene says, do the opposite.

Virginia Centrist

Pretty poor oppo research.

"Herring once spoke in favor of public transit - that means he wants to take your car and drive it off a cliff like Themla and Louis!!!"

J. Sarge

"He will . . . restrict the use of your car and take your house if he is elected Senator."

I love that! He will take your house. Can't you just picture a guy going from door to door after the election saying, "Give me your house! Mine!"

Delgaudio is . . . unstable. Sterling can do better, regardless of party.

Rtwng Extrmst

I'm not claiming any connection to DelGaudio or his statements. I do not even know the man. I may support some of the same issues, but I certainly not one for painting false pictures of my opponents (something both sides need to learn). However, to simply connect Staton to DelGaudio because he lists his endorsement is stupid. Chris Craddock listed Tom Davis as an endorser. Did that make Chris Pro-Abortion?

not donny furguson

Tom has credibility. Eugene does not.

What is your position on painting false pictures of reality?

Rtwng Extrmst

False pictures are false pictures. Reality is reality. Recent races have seen complete falsehoods painted by both sides as a major part of their campaigns. I for one am sick of it. I make it a point to try to get to know my local candidates in person before I vote. I think all voters would be well served in doing so. The press and candidate mailings are far too innaccurate to depend on them.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I anyone, anyone at all would like to know exactly how Eugene DelGottaGo lies, distorts, and slanders the character of all kinds of good people, I've got lots of stories, including my own when I ran against him in 2003. I still cannot believe I lost to him, even if it was very close. So embarassing, not for me, but for the good people of Sterling Park. I think people out there have finally woken up, and I pray that someone in the community who is equally appalled at the lack of representation that Loudoun's oldest suburban community is getting as I was, runs against this carpetbagging, unintellectual clown, and ends his disastrous existence in elected office once and for all. And let me know, I'll be GLAD to come out and help out, I know lots and lots of good people out there.

OK, that'll do it.

What folks may not remember is Dick Black recruited Delgaudio. I remember it vividly. Black was running for his first general election, and he was walking around with this dude who looked like Ichabod Crane. What a pair. Black introduced me to him as a friend, and ally.

Not Jack Herrity

Reimel, I will grant you that Eugene has got a screw or two loose (maybe more, I've lost count). But you've got to get a grip too. Political races are dirty. Actually, Eugene treated you with kid gloves compared to the treatment most get!

Do you really think you would ever have won the blue-collar enclave of Sterling Park? Those folks over there are the American Heartland incarnate. Putting the words "Unitarian Universalist" and "life partner" on your web site is basically what cost you that one. Run in Mount Vernon against Delgaudio and you'd be enjoying the perks of power right now. But like it or not, Sterling still is Sterling (for now).


Doug in Mount Vernon


You've proven you're as out of touch with the good people of Sterling Park as Delgaudio is. Believe me, I treated Delgaudio with kid gloves too, because I don't believe politics has to be dirty. If you had any idea how much information I had about his real residency, the children in his Falls Church neighborhood he'd assaulted years ago, or the fact that I knew about his suspended/revoked drivers' license before the election. And all of that was real. What he said about me and his family was absolutely 100% categorically false. 100%. And so many people who knew me knew it was the biggest crock of you know what they'd ever heard in their life. It's a shame so many how read the slander and libel apparently believed it.

Sterling Park had gotten so used to ugly mud-smearing campaigns from Republicans they just got used to it, and I believe many people began to believe it more than doubt it. Sad, but they are good hard-working people and don't always have the time to research everything for themselves, although many do, and know better.

As far as the gay issue, it sure seemed otherwise, I admit, but it had absolutely nothing to do with why I ran. I ran because Delgaudio has NEVER, and to this day still does not, take the people of my former community and their real concerns seriously. He treats his elected office as a staging for his shameful day-job. And the people who are hurt by this are the people of Sterling Park.

So, NJH, with all due respect, I don't think you even know what went on in that race. I NEVER made an issue of my sexuality, he did. I was asked about it by reporters and never once made it an issue. And FYI, I never once put anything about a "life partner". And I had more than one voter comment to me that they appreciated the fact that I had a faith tradition in my life, and most of them were Mormon, and many of them voted for me. You don't have to be from a similar faith background to appreciate that quality in anyone.

Furthermore, I wasn't running for "perks" of power--far from it. I was running to save the Sterling Park community. Unfortunately for the community, I didn't get that message across well enough.

Lastly, that insight about "perks of power" says a lot to me about the general differences of why Democrats and Republicans aspire to run for office. The former for service, the latter for power.

Politics should not be dirty. If they're gonna stoop that low, don't expect me to be a part of it. If that means losing sometimes instead of winning, so be it. At least I can still hold my head high and be proud of my conduct. And I am.

Peter Devinney

Dear Doug, I am one of those Sterling District Republicans who supported you against Delgaudio and I must agree with NJH. One reason why I have that nitwit Delgaudio as my Supervisor today is because you purposefully chose to run the non-mainstream campaign you did. If you would have borrowed a trick out of the Chris Shays playbook and followed the sound advice that the Log Cabin Republicans give candidates, you would be Sterling District Supervisor today. Also, I think you are way off-base with your infective, posted at 1/29/06, 5:07 pm above, calling Loudoun Republican Committee Chairman Minchew a "slimeball" for not publicly denouncing his Sterling Republican nominee Delgaudio at your request as Democratic nominee 6 days before a very close election. That's really unfair. I would note, however, that Delgaudio has turned on Minchew big time for challenging Mick Staton and now says as many nasty things about him as he did about you back in 2003.

Not Jack Herrity

Doug, you just violated your own rules. How can you call Delgaudio unethical for getting down in the mud when you just did it yourself? That was one of the most hypocritical, self-serving displays I've ever seen.

Doug, I know Sterling Park. I once lived there. That race was yours to lose. But you allowed Delgaudio to turn you into a whipping boy, then whined about it, instead of staying on message.

Here's a bit of advice: pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and run for office again if you feel that strongly about it. Just don't advertise the fact that you're a gay Unitarian in Sterling Park and then wonder what went wrong. You can do that in Arlington, but not in a place with "Park" in its name.

I hate to sound like I'm coming down on Doug here, but the facts is the facts.


Doug in Mount Vernon

Well, we can agree to disagree. I know what my race did, I was the one who ran it, and I never, NOT ONCE, made sexuality or religion an issue. Never. I listed my church on my web site, and organizations I worked with--who wouldn't, that's pretty standard for candidates to do. I consistently talked about the need to do something about the lack of public lighting and sidewalks, fix the crowding and zoning issues in the Park, do something to get our public facilities on par with the rest of the county.

And had I been elected, that's exactly what I would be doing and working on today. Appreciate the fact that you supported me Mr Devinney, but I disagree that I didn't run a mainstream campaign. A gay Republican would have faced exactly the same things.

I do agree that it may be some people in Sterling Park were not ready to trust a gay man as their Supervisor. And frankly, that was their loss.

Lastly, I sincerely hope that somebody, somewhere in the Sterling Park runs this time, and runs to improve the community, because it sure as heck has been getting shafted by the rest of Loudoun for far too long. And Delgaudio is just too busy making a fool out of himself to notice.

I moved out of there because I decided to be closer to my work, but I gotta say from my visits back there, I don't think much has changed in terms of the Park's degraded neighborhoods. That saddens me greatly.

NJH, I think you do a disservice to Sterling Park with your characterization of it. How was my post hypocritical? Minchew does deserve the criticism, and I'm sorry if my opinion of him is not much higher than DelGottaGo's. There was a HUGE difference between what I did in my campaign (all 100% truth and issue-oriented) and Delgaudio's baseless, slanderous, untrue lies--lies that made the Republican Party look very bad, I might add. And the same kind of campaigning that cost Black.

If I ever live where my representatives don't do a damn thing of any value for the community, I may very well run for something again. But fortunately, I don't live in that kind of area right now.

Doug in Mount Vernon

One more comment NJH, you make it sound like it was a 65% blowout for Delgaudio. Maybe I should remind you that it was 53%-47%, pretty close for a local Democratic candidate running in Sterling Park.

I remain proud of the issue-oriented and honest race I ran. If the rest of the district wasn't ready to believe me in my desire to help save Sterling Park from its neighborhood descent, and were more willing to believe the obvious lies of a raving idiot, then those particular people are forcing the ones who were a little more bright to suffer four more years of ineffective representation.

I wish them luck.


NJH---since when did you go from an impartial observer with sensible things to say to a right-wing hack?

Doug in Mount Vernon

ZB, I believe the technical term is "homophobia".

I realize that I rushed my long post above and didn't clearly say my main point. I knew plenty of "dirt" on Delgaudio, and did not use it against him. And it was true "dirt." What Delgaudio used on me was complete and utter lies, and everyone knew it, including Randy Minchew. While Mr. Devinney makes a good point about expecting DelGottaGo to apologize or denounce him publicly right before the election, Mr. Minchew knew good and well what he was looking at from DelGottaGo. If Mr. Minchew had any integrity, he would have at least taken DelGottaGo aside earlier and told him, "look, you're representing our Party, don't do it..."

Anyway, this is all in the past, and why am I dwelling? Hmmm, I need to think about that one and get the F over it. Thanks guys for engaging on it honestly.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Before I go to bed, does anyone have any last-minute words or info on what's been going on in the 33rd tonight? Anyone do any GOTV today/tonight? What's it like on the ground? Are the Patrick Henry kids swarming?

Not Jack Herrity

Doug, I wasn't referring to your criticism of Minchew, although that is kind of a head-scratcher. I was referring to your claim that Delgaudio ran a "dirty" race, then you go in your post and sink to his level by talking about his personal life. You can't have it both ways.

53% for Delgaudio IS a blowout. The man's a wingnut. Like I said, that race was yours to lose.

Something you learn in politics after you've been there a while is that everyone is all smiles to your face when you go door-to-door. That doesn't mean they'll push the button for you.

One thing I'm not is a homophobe. I just call things the way I see them. You don't run as a gay Unitarian in Sterling Park or the Shenandoah Valley, and you don't run as Jim Gilmore in Arlington or Charlottesville. When my comments don't meet ZB's and Doug's definition of reality, then I become a right-wing hack.


Peter Devinney

Doug, Come on back and run again against Delgaudio in 2007. I'll support you again if the Republicans re-nominate him. Whatever patience Sterling Park used to have to tolerate Delgaudio is long gone. As for Minchew, you some how wrongly think that he recruited Delgaudio. Totally wrong. Delgaudio got the GOP Sterling nomination by being the only guy to seek it. Also, unless you have access to Minchew-Delgaudio e-mails and conversations, how do know that Minchew does not try to get Delgaudio to can his vile antics? I have heard Minchew try to get Delgaudio to act like an adult instead of foolish sophomore, but he has about as much sucess doing this as Loudoun Board Vice Chairman Tulloch enjoys when he tries to stiffle Delgaudio from the dias in Board meetings.


Delgaudio was recruited by Dick Black. After Minchew is done with his term as chair, maybe he'll be a little more forthcoming. I certainly hope so. He should have censured Delgaudio for numerous offenses.

Doug ran an extremely clean campaign, and to insinuate otherwise simply shows that you don't know what you're talking about. Neither did he run as a "gay Unitarian," although it's true that Delgaudio was trying very hard to run against a gay Unitarian.

The point that you are glossing over is this: That wasn't enough for him to win. He had to smear Doug.

Doug pointing out that he had dirt that he didn't use does not constitute a smear, and you will not be allowed to spin it that way. IMO, he was much too nice and too principled considering who he was dealing with.

Peter Devinney

Given all the nasty stuff Delgaudio and his buddies sent out by e-mail and otherwise attacking Minchew during the GOP Firehouse Primary, you can assume that Minchew will not be defending Delgaudio anymore. One good thing that came out of the recent GOP Firehouse Primary was some stand-up differentiation between the Centrist Conservatives and the Delgaudio-Black wing.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I sure hope you are right about that one, Mr. Devinney. I used to be a Republican when young. As a young adult I was politically more independent, until I moved to Virginia, where I became appalled by the disposition of local Republicans, and I cemented as a strong Democrat. I would love nothing more than to see the Grand Old Party become just that again, for unfortunately, it has lost its way away from its most admirable principles--truth, justice & tolerance, responsibility, and moderation. Real Republicans still stand for those qualities, as do real Democrats. What we're really talking about are real Americans here who still understand "we're all in this together".

But I digress. Appreciate the sentiment, and I can't say I haven't joked with friends on how ironic it would be if I showed up in the district again (just like Delgaudio did in 1998), in order to run. However, I really do love my new digs, my new community, and my short commute. Besides, trust me, there are people on the Democratic side lining up to face DelGottaGo already--most likely a primary, and I would hope that some good Republican (such as yourself maybe?) may even decide to take The Clown on within the party? I would like to think DelGottaGo can be beaten from within the Republican Party in Sterling these days.

We'll see, and let me know what I can do to help!

Doug in Mount Vernon

The more I think about it, I'd have to say it was the Republican Convention in 1992--with those awful displays by Pat Buchanan and others--that solidified me as a Democrat, so saying it was only Virginians isn't really fair.

Doug in Mount Vernon

"IMO, he was much too nice and too principled considering who he was dealing with."

You're right David. But honest to God, I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I honestly believe that if we complain about the way others campaign with ugly dirty lies, that it undercuts our arguments to do it ourselves. However, I think political analysis reveals that is exactly why I lost.

When my Grandmother said "if you don't have anything nice to say, say nothing at all..." I really was listening. She was a saint, may she rest in peace.

Doug in Mount Vernon

NJH, sorry just read your post above. What did I say about Delgaudio's "personal" life? What I said was that I had plenty of information about him that was all true, but not very favorable to him, and that I didn't use it. How is that attacking him personally especially when it's all public knowledge now?

Doug in Mount Vernon

And NJH, no offense at all is intended, but one defintion of homophobia includes "prejudice against gay people, or persons"...

I am not saying you are a homophobe--I don't even know you or who you are. However, it *IS* a homophobic thought to say that a gay person (or as you put it--"a gay Unitarian") just can't expect to win "in a place with 'Park' in its name".

You would prejudiced against any such candidacy succeeded, which is by itself homophobic thought. That was my point. I am not calling you one, and I apologize if I gave that impression.

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