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not gretchen bulova

yea yea, Lynchburg, I was wrong, but I told Troy to drop out one day and the next day he did, so I wasn't but so wrong!

Rtwng Extrmst

Today on Mike&Mike they were contemplating T.O. and Brett Favre going to Miami next year and winning a Super Bowl. My immediate thought was, what would they do for the Redskins?


"over half of the members have had failed statewide campaigns at one time or another" ???

Creigh Deeds
John Edwards
Ken Stolle
Emmett Hanger (argueably)
Russ Potts
Phil Puckett

Who are the other 15+?

Not Larry Sabato

Saslaw, Davis, Chichester, come to mind.. not at home so I can't go through the list.


Devolites-Davis ran statewide? Saslaw? I'd love to see the list and what they ran for.

If you expanded it to include Congressional races too, we could add Lucas.

Hey Ben you wimp. I guess you don't have the cajones to make a prediction on today's special on Staton-Herring.

I guess we'll have to wait for after the election and laught at your crappy analysis.

Raising Kaine has live coverage with pictures -- you're slipping Ben!

Not Jack Herrity

Ben, you need a date so you'll quit ogling at everyone's wife. :)



Ben doesn't need dates when he has a groupie(s?).

Doug in Mount Vernon

I hardly think Gretchen is Virginia's most unpopular blogger!

Not Larry Sabato

NOT Gretchen Doug.

not gretchen bulova

Thanks Doug!


You'd think the Asses of Evil would be in a dogfight for most unpopular blogger.

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