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JD is a jackass, end of story.


But I like the new categories idea.


The current system works well. Why change? (Spoken like a true conservative.)

Mimi Schaeffer

Well, as a new blogger I'm just happy to see my name in the bright lights.

How does JD know so much about circle jerks?

Vivian Paige

I think your system works. (And as a newbie, I'm thrilled to be on your list :) )


I'm a new blogger and am likewise thrilled to be included!

Too Conservative

JD spend to much time talking about other bloggers.

He should focus on issues more.

Keep the current roll.

James Young

The truly frightening prospect is that this may ALL be one great big circle jerk.

Conaway Haskins

Ben, I don't think he was specifically referring to NLS.


Eh, everyone has their own way of doing blogrolls. No two are alike and that's just the way it goes.

Will Vehrs

Judging from a recent comment on his blog, Virginia Centrist might suggest Dillon Rule blogs and Anything Goes blogs as categories.

Doug in Mount Vernon


Too bad most people who call themselves "conservative" today are anything but.

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