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Now if they will just get rid of that horrible woman who answers the phone when you call!

Is this Amy Reger who did such a bang up job as head of the Prince William County Coordinated?

Not Larry Sabato



And in Loudoun. Congrats, Amy!

she was awful!!!!

By "bang up job" I meant not winning a single delegates race. The democrats were so close to taking back the house and senate in 07.


Well then anon you have a problem, b/c Amy was the coordinated coordinator responsible for the Dems winning in Chuck Caputo and David Poisson's portion of Loudoun, outperforming previous competitors to Mr. Marshall by 10% and two very competitive races where less than perfect Dem candidates came withing several hundred votes of unseating GOP incumbents in seats that have now been long held by the GOP. Care to retract your comments now that you know she's responsible for the excellent Democratic performance in Loudoun in House of Delegates races?

Wooooo hooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Best news I've heard in ages.

Congratulations, Amy!!!!!

I thought Dave Carpio was the Coordinated Campaign Director for Loudon?

I also believe the Poisson campaign handled Poisson's area for the coordinated and Carpio had the rest of the county.

Someone correct me if I am wrong.

CC had nothing to do with Poisson/Caputo victories. CC operated where there were no delegate races.

It's my understanding that Amy worked very closely with both the Roemmelt and the Porta campaigns. While neither won, neither was predicted to win, either. With very little support from the Caucus, both campaigns did a really great job of increasing Democratic turnout and a lot of door-to-door outreach.

No truthteller, I do not wish to retract my statments but perhaps they should be revised. I believed she was only in charge of the PWC races where the democrats did not win any delegates race. Having worked closely with one of the campaigns in PWC I can tell you coordinated did nothing to help under Ms. Reger's leadership.

It's sad that Amy and Lindsey have to endure this ridiculous situation. Confirmed? I must have missed the press release or reputable media report about a change at the party... If people worried more about getting Democrats elected in VA and less about the rumors swirled around by the same 5 people all the time, perhaps we'd pick up more seats or hold another statewide office... Both these women have nothing to prove to the rumor mongers. They have worked hard to advance our party and win races, they deserve our respect and discretion. Regardless of what happens next, we'll be lucky if either of them chooses to continue to work for us.

bruce roemmelt


Thought you might like a first person/candidate perspective on the CC assistance, only on my race by the way.

We canvassed EVERY Saturday with Amy and her crew in the 13th for about three months.

I love her and all the help she and her crew provided us. She and her workers were tireless. And her assistance on our GOTV was awesome!

We had an excellent line of communications and she put people in field where there were none.

I wish her the very, very best and I look for her to continue enhance our cause in the future.

She and her crew will continue to have our complete, and total support in the future...


So, when Lindsey still has her job on Wednesday, will you remove that "99.6% accurate" ridiculousness at the top of your site?

CC staffer

I wanted to reiterate some of what Bruce had to say. Amy was in PWC, not in Loudon. Dave Carpio was not with the CC he was with Tim Kaine's campaign and was responsible for more than just Loudon County.

Ask any of the delegate campaigns, the CC and delegate campaigns over lapped. We all covered the same turf and coordinated our efforts.

I don't know what happened with the Poisson campaign because he was not in a coordinated area.

As for CC having nothing to do with Caputo's victory, most of the reason he won was due to CC efforts.


Here's the deal: Amy was employed by the Kaine campaign to win Prince William County for Tim Kaine. Barg, Porta, and Roemmelt all had paid campaing managers who coordinated with Amy BUT were not controlled by Amy, nor was Amy responsible for the HofD she was responsible for winning PWC for Tim period. I'd say she was magnificent, Tim won PWC, first D since Chuck Robb.

Doug in Mount Vernon

I've known Amy Reger since 1999. She will be superb. Hopefully her husband Alan will slip in some really good investigative work to uncover the real reason Ben Tribett consistently gets stories wrong and embarassingly covets women on the internet.

Oooh, wait, that's already obvious!

Please forgive me, Ben, I couldn't resist!

Doug in Mount Vernon

Oh, also worth noting: Amy was responsible for Herring GOTV in Fairfax County.

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