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Excellent, fair write up. Thanks for this.

Not Jack Herrity

Wow, a "C" for Marsden? Might you be softening? :)

I had heard similar comments, Ben, so you are probably on the money here. Apparently Leighty will get some comeuppance for his partisan comments at high noon on Monday. I think you could call what he said "poisoning the atmosphere."


Can someone please tell me the bill number of the METRO bill that Leighty says Sen. Davis voted against? Thanks.

charles barkley

What did he say about the marriage amendment?

Virginia Centrist

What was the joke about the marriage amendment?

Not Ben

The joke about the marriage amendment to me is how many of those people who oppose it probably either have had dalliances with same-sex partners or fantasized about it.

Not Larry Sabato

I wrote down "Joke about marriage amendment" as the first thing he said, but to be honest I don't even remember what it was.

Rtwng Extrmst

Not Ben,

I suppose the same should go for people who have had thoughts about committing crimes as well? Please NB, lets not equate passing "dalliances" with promoting a lifestyle in public law.

today's poster

JMDD voted FOR the Metro tax, not against it.



That's why it was a *joke*.

Hans Bader

Actually, Sen. Devolites Davis voted in favor of the Metro Bill, as the Virginia Legislative Information System shows:

02/17/06 Senate: VOTE: (36-Y 3-N)

YEAS--Bell, Blevins, Chichester, Colgan, Deeds, Devolites Davis, Edwards, Hanger, Hawkins, Herring, Houck, Howell, Lambert, Locke, Lucas, Marsh, Martin, Miller, Norment, O'Brien, Potts, Puckett, Puller, Quayle, Rerras, Reynolds, Ruff, Saslaw, Stolle, Stosch, Ticer, Wagner, Wampler, Watkins, Whipple, Williams--36.

NAYS--Cuccinelli, McDougle, Obenshain--3.

RULE 36--0.

NOT VOTING--Newman--1.

Legislative Information System | Bills & Resolutions

(The above vote is available at http://leg1.state.va.us/cgi-bin/legp504.exe?061+vot+SV1448+SB0267)

Incidentally, the Senator's name is spelled "Devolites," not "Devolities."

While we are on the subject of transportation:
Given that municipalities in Northern Virginia are absolutely awash in tax revenue (given rising real estate assessments), it would be a good idea, as Sen. Ken Cuccinelli advocates, to increase the amount of the sales tax earmarked for the transportation fund.

Non-transportation spending in Virginia is exploding. Many newly-built public buildings in Northern Virginia look luxurious.

Yet transportation spending continues to erode, in real terms, despite the last General Assembly's increase in the sales tax, virtually none of which went to transportation.

It's hard to get to your job, or attend meetings or events at your kid's school, if the roads are clogged.

Thanks to a bad transportation system, many parents spend hours on the road that they could be spending helping their kids on their homework.

Yet school systems have millions of dollars to build unnecessary administrative buildings, while the roads are falling apart, and Metro is becoming increasingly overloaded and unreliable.

And the last legislative tax increase was used to fatten public employee pay checks, rather than fix crumbling roads and rail systems.

Hans Bader

In the above post, I discussed a bill proposed by Sen. Cuccinelli that would have earmarked more of the revenue generated by the sales tax to transportation (increasing the earmark from 0.5% to 0.75%).

That bill would not have increased the sales tax; it would just have earmarked more of the existing revenue to transportation (and less to other kinds of government spending).

That's a separate issue from the Senate Bill increasing the sales tax in Northern Virginia to match increased federal funding for Metro.

Not Larry Sabato

That's a great example of the inside baseball Leighty was playing. He probably was refering to a proceduaral vote, the type of thing that would only be funny to a 30 year government worker or people under him paid to laugh at his jokes.

Rtwng Extrmst

Good points Hans. It should also be noted that Sen. Cuccinelli has promoted bills the last two sessions to put a lock on the TTF and restore the original 0.5% of the sales tax to that fund (both were continued in a bi-partisan committee). The separate bill for the additional 0.25% would be a plus-up without a tax increase. So much for Sen. Cuccinelli being a "one issue" Senator.

I am the original February 26, 2006 at 10:05 AM Annonymous poster who first asked the question about the METRO bill/vote. I appreciate Hans and others confirming what I knew to be true -- that Sen. JMDD voted in favor of the bill. Did Leighty really say that she voted 'No'?? If so, I would like an explanation of why the Governor's chief of staff is being untruthful. Can you please explain? If this is indeed, true, then I would like to respectufully nominate Leighty for "Weenie of the Week". Thank you.

Not Ben

Apparently Leighty was wrong and sent a letter of apology to Sen. Jeannemarie Aragona Devolites Davis Whoeversheshacksupwithnext (R-Homewrecking Tramp).

Even more interesting is that it is all but certain this blog prompted the story:

"His comments about the Devolites Davis vote were first reported on an Internet blog, along with a report suggesting that Leighty had responded to a question about transportation funding by threatening that Kaine would veto bills of Republican lawmakers.

Devolites Davis, who did not attend the town hall meeting, said she understood that Leighty's comments about Republicans were tongue-in-cheek. Several comments on the blog from people who attended also indicated the comments were being taken out of context by the blogger."


The Times-Dispatch reported that Davis found out when her current husband's aide told her about the comments.

Virginia Centrist

Ehhh, no need to apologize. Bill Leighty is a badass.

Doug in Mount Vernon

This is the damn saddest thing I've ever seen. The Washington Post reporting on erroneous blog posts.

What, has the political world gone mad?

More YAWN.

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