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What does this say for the Harris miller/James Webb contest.

Get J.C. Wilmore to talk about his "wunderkinds" in these parts as opposed to the Jarding/Mudcat team....

Could get interesting!

George Templeton

Says a lot about how poor a candidate Kilgore is. And how good a candidate Mark Warner was. So how does Ward Armstrong keep hanginig in there?

Conaway Haskins


I wouldn't lump Danville in with Martinsville on economic issues. While the Danville/Pittsylvania and Halifax areas have had issues the last few years, they don't have the deep-seated troubles that Martinsville/Henry County have had. That colors the politics within the localities a bit differently. In general, Southside tends to trend certain common ways, but if you look locally - the high-tech center in Danville, the cultural uptick in South Boston/Halifax, etc. - you'll find that the anger and despair are not quite on the level that exists in Martinsville/Henry, where frankly, the bottom fell out. Plus, Whitt Clement did a great job of bring home state bacon to Danville and surroundings before he left the GA.


I'll be interested in the voter growth in Hampton Roads and NoVA, in particular Chesapeake, and Va Beach.

The Kaine campaign tried to hold the line in Southside, to make sure they had a presence so Kilgore couldn't run the table. They did a good job of getting their vote out, even though it wasn't as good as what Warner did.

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