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J. Sarge

Here is the only quote to which you could be referring:

"Devolites Davis, who did not attend the town hall meeting, said she understood that Leighty's comments about Republicans were tongue-in-cheek. Several comments on the blog from people who attended also indicated the comments were being taken out of context by the blogger."

It doesn't seem to me that this report substantiates the claim that Leighty "[lied] about his other comments being taken out of context."

There is no indication there that Leighty said anything about his comments being taken out of context. Clearly that assertion cannot be supported by the comments from your blog.

The only support would seem to be that "[Devolites-Davis] understood that Leighty's comments about Republicans were tongue-in-cheek."

Certainly you are right on the merits about Leighty stepping over the line. Your post clearly made some ripples in the MSM. But construing Leighty's apology as "Leighty Lies" seems a bit over the top.

Not Larry Sabato

Sorry J. Sarge, but I am also hearing what he is saying behind the scenes.

I am not going to sit back and let this guy attack me behind the scenes. He's not really taking responsibility for his comments when he is attacking the source.

I will not tolerate being his latest target.

Virginia Centrist

I'm gonna have to side with Bill Leighty on this one. I think you're overreacting here, Ben.

You attacked him personally on a well-read blog, knowing that he and his associates would read it, and that you might cause him embarrassment...

I think we should all take a deep breath and refernce a Bill Janis quote from that article:

Del. William R. Janis (R-Goochland), one of the more conservative House members, played down the level of concern about Leighty's comments.

"Leighty is a Marine," Janis said, referring to Leighty's military background. "Tell Leighty Delegate Janis says, ' Semper fi .'"

End of story...

Bill Leighty is a good man and great public servant that has done more for the Commonwealth of Virginia than you can ever hope to accomplish. He was mistaken and apologized for that. You have made numerous attacks and rarely apologize for your mistakes

You should stop the personal attacks and actually show some respect to a man with a long track record of service to our great Commonwealth.

Not Larry Sabato

Let's go to the audiotape and everyone can hear for themselves.

If this is true, Leighty is unfit to remain as Chief of Staff. How can Virginian's trust what comes out of the Governor's Office at this point? We are in Virginia folks, not New Jersey. This is blatant partisanship that Leighty has engaged in during a public meeting where folks just needed facts and the TRUTH. Is this to much to ask from the Kaine Administration? The people deserve better, and we are waiting. I am sorry I voted for Tim Kaine for Governor. What a disapointment.

Virginia Centrist

Yeah. There's about a .0001% chance that the last post was legit.

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

George Bush lies about WMD, Hussein's connections to Al Queda, etc. and leads us into a $250B war premised on lies that costs every man woman and child in the US $2,000 of DEBT because we don't have the money to pay for it (Harry F. Byrd, Sr. was big into pay as you go).

Bill Leighty makes a mistake about a Senator's vote on a Metro funding bill, and you call for his head/resignation?

Let's have a little perspective here. Bill Leighty has had a long-distinguished career in Richmond.
- Senate Finance Committee Staff
- Dep. Sec. of Transportation
- Dep. Commr. of DMV
- Head of VRS
- Chief of Staff to one of the most popular and successful Governors in a long time

Demanding an end to his career because he makes a mistake a town hall meeting is like capital punishment for doing 68 in a 55. That dog don't hunt.

J. Sarge

Anon 1:20 -

Chief of Staff engaged in partisanship? What about Jay Timmons (Allen), or Boyd Marcus (Gilmore)? Political dealings are hardly off-limits for COSs. That Leighty has, by and large, remained above the fray should be to his credit. Playing politics on occasion, however, comes with the job.

Something tells me you are not being completely honest about your voting record . . .

Not Larry Sabato

Agree with both Not Harry and J. Sarge, Leighty doesn't need to resign over this.

He does need to stop lying and telling people my report was not accurate.

I would like to nominate Leighty for "Weenie of the Week." I don't think he should resign, but "Weenie of the Week" is fitting.

I agree with J. Sarge...darn I hate that. NLS references newspaper articles in which nowhere appears a quote from Leighty that his comments were taken out of context.

I do give Ben credit for covering the town hall which resulted in a newspaper story and an apology from Mr. Leighty to Sen. Devolites davis.

However the problem with this blog is that the author has publicly called someone a liar and refernces newspaper stories that do not back up his name calling.

Let's remember one thing folks. Once something is posted on the internet, it has the possibility of staying there for years if nor forever (archiving, e-mailing, cross-posting etc). Calling someone a liar with no evidence is wrong any way you look at it.

All bloggers need to be more careful when attacking someones reputation, because in the end, that is how we will be remembered.

Not Larry Sabato

Anon427- I didn't say anything in the story about Leighty lying about me in the newspapers. It's two different, yet related stories.

I am not going to tolerate him trying to discredit me behind the scenes by lying and saying that I did not correctly report his comments at the town hall meeting.

anon 4:27pm

NLS - If I am wrong then I apologize. When you called Leighty a liar in the post you did not write anything about what Leighty might be saying behind the scenes about your reporting.

You only said that after J. Sarge correctly pointed out that the newspaper stories did not have anything about Leighty denying the context of his statements.

Anyway, your reporting was pretty good but calling Leighty a "liar" in this case is too much.

I believe publicly calling someone a liar is harsh and meaningful and should not be treated as a throw away.

Not Larry Sabato

I apologize if it was unclear, but since Leighty was not quoted in either story, I assumed it was obvious.

Alice Marshall

"I am also hearing what he is saying behind the scenes. "

Pot Kettle Black

Interested Observer

I think NLS should be the Weenie of the Week. What with the "Leighty Liar" issue and the non-scandal in Loudon County, his record doesn't look so good at this time (99.3% something...)

But hey, its a blog and not held to any serious standard for "journalism". So let's just mark it all down to entertainment.

Too Conservative


You are to Ben, what the far-far-far right is to me.

Both your left of Stalin crew, and the right of Hitler crew attack people who actually get out and work in your own parties.

Ben has done a wonderful job at keeping his website commentary fairly unbiased, and has worked hard for Democrats.

Why do you attack him then?

Not Jack Herrity

Ben, why is it you can beat the living crap out of people on this web site (with stuff that is usually incorrect to some degree or another), and when they take exception they are suddenly evil?

Take your lumps and go on about your life. If you want to stay in politics, you need to let your skin thicken a little.


Not Howlin Henry

It has been disappointing to see what began as such an insightful blog with sharp commentary and compelling political analysis devolve into an "US Weekly" of Virginia government and politics.

Mr. Tribbet, your indulgences into ad hominem attacks, while they may increase readership or flatter your perceived influence, only threaten the credibility that your commentary has rightly earned among so many followers of Virginia politics.

You may certainly editorialize on your own medium as you see fit, but perhaps it would be worth considering that Mr. Leighty has built his bipartisan reputation through many years of service. As a young man yourself, you might find it prudent to use some decorum when challenging the views and behavior of your elders (which is not to say that they shouldn't be challenged at times).

This is a very small state, and the hatchet is not often so easily buried.

Doug in Mount Vernon

TC, I am really disappointed in your personal attacks. Because someone is liberal does not merit comparisons with Stalin and Hitler. I would expect much more from you, and I think you should apologize for your own attacks.

I will reiterate. It's a sad day when the Post reports an article on an erroneous blog post.

Ben, you keep stating you won't tolerate being misrepresented. Alice called it. Pot & Kettle.

Your site has a lot of value, but you continually undermine it with tripe.

I think I should just start my own blog instead of complaining.

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