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Those twins are hot. There should be a list of 10 hottest twin/triplets in the D.C. area for reference. They would be top 5, I'm sure.

WS Alum

Nice girls, but they can do better than a mid twenties Tom Davis intern.

Josh Chernila

I hope the trend of more women bloggers continues. This is a democratic medium, women's voices should be heard.

Virginia Centrist


I agree. For...uhhh...those reasons. Yeah.

Rtwng Extrmst

I have not read much of her stuff, but...

"The bill I’m sponsoring addresses lobbying reform. Other bills include proposals to legalize marijuana, prostitution, gay marriage, and assisted suicide, lift the trade embargo on Cuba, switch to the metric system, and give statehood to D.C."

If her views on lobbying reform are anything like the rest above, I find it hard to believe her place on the political spectrum is actually "left of center" as she states. The "mock congress" she attended sounds more like the agenda for the Supreme Soviet.

Not Larry Sabato

I think she was going over all the bills- the rest were not hers.


Nick Meads sucks

Miss Conservative

Nick Meads is hot! He's quite the eligible bachelor in NOVA political circles.


Domo arigato, Not Larry Sabato...Domo! Domo!

republitarian's wife

I was almost jealous that you said Virginia Pundette was the best looking blogger till I realized she is 10 years younger than me and doesn't wear a burka.

Miss Conservative

Maybe Nick should meet Virginia Pundette?

Too Conservative

Who's this Beiter twins?

Ben-can you throw up a picture?

Nick Meads learned how to get women from me..it's just a fact.


nick dumped katie fritz*he's an idiot

Miss Conservative

Maybe Nick deserves another chance?


i know nick VERY well. hes quite a catch. but he's no ryan kelly! now HE is the hottest GOPer in NOVA


TC- most of the eligible bachelors around NOVA could learn a thing or two about women from you, from what i hear.

Too Conservative

I know neocon...it's true.


this is bens' cousin referred to in the above posting, attempting to clear the air a bit. although my cousin has informed me that the further down the page it gets the less people will read it and my attempt here is futile, as you will see throughout this post: it doesn't really matter to me.

to what i have a problem with: the fact that people may think that i had ill things to say about Mr. Nick, although my words in the post do not clearly reflect this sentiment it was in fact a statement in jest. when i met nick on friday night he was polite, engaging and as i said, a decent enough guy. the fact of me mentioning his political affiliation is a joke i picked up in the past and the few words about interest, well allow me here: i say this about most people, lightheartedly yet true at the same time, any given point, any given place, my beverage is more exciting then most people. some may find a problem with that fact, or even deem it as one has, "pathetic". hey, that's the way i am, i am okay with it, i am okay with people thinking that (and i certainly don't care if people think less of me b/c of that), if you are my friend, you should have been aware of that already. nick if you ever do see this, although my cousin told me he spoke to you this morning and that you enjoyed this whole thing, regardless if that was a brush off or not, if you took offense by that, i apologize. otherwise to everyone, i don't know why i have to be such a miserable bastard all the time, but i can't apologize for it.

the part about my twin-friends, this, my cousin wrote on his own accord. i can't really stop him from finding certain women attractive (no one can do that to anybody for that matter), and therefore can only apologize if anyone was offended/embarassed by it. at the same time, i want to say LIGHTEN UP and expand on that thought, but i think i would be out of line. so i'll leave it at that.

so what am i saying? two things: the first being that my cousin ben is phenomenal at exposing the idiocies of being brilliant which this whole thing is a clear example of. And 2, if you were under the impression that I gave a damn you are quite wrong, I don't even know what a damn is to give it.

I'm the gorilla.
-noah (The cousin)-

Doug in Mount Vernon

When did NLS become the high-schoolized dating & gossip forum for young NoVA conservatives?

How bizarre.

Styx, you get my nomination for FUNNIEST COMMENT OF THE WEEK. Domo!

How about it, Ben, that would be better than "Weenie of the Week".

Mr. Log Cabin

noah, when are you and yor cousin ben coming to our next meeting? All the guys loved you!


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noah, when are you and yor cousin ben coming to our next meeting? All the guys loved you!

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