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Will Vehrs

Congressman Goodlatte might be the quietest, most low profile member of the Virginia delegation, yet he seems to be the safest. Interesting.


Hard to get lower profile than Frank Wolf, but the difference is: he is in NoVA and Goodlatte is in the middle Shenandoah Valley. Democrats barely exist there.

Adam Sharp

As a resident of the Sixth, and a member of the Democratic Sixth District committee last year, I would like to offer the following defense of why Goodlatte has no competition:


Valleyite there are some state Democrats in the 6th, after all Tim Kaine won Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, Staunton, Buena Vista, Lexington, Alleghany, Covington, and came close in Rockbridge.


asmith, Kilgore got 53% in the 6th in the poorest performance by a GOP in recent history.
Thats also a state election year.
Federal automatically jacks up the GOP numbers.


That may be true, but there are some Democrats there. That's all i'm saying. Tim did win those localities. Did you check out my responses to your redistricting stuff?

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