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LaVar Arrington

Go Giants!

Virginia Centrist

Ha. I can agree with Policy Soup on this one.

Not Larry Sabato


Policy Soup is from the NY metro area, and a Giants fan. His nomination was only meant to inflame!


First for stalking Jim Webb and second for running like a school girl when the police were called.

The above reference is in no way meant to malign or otherwise inflame schoolgirls


Just having some fun, Ben. Unnatural alliances formed to rip me apart when I picked the Giants to beat the Redskins in December (I was wrong on that one).

Enjoy your weekends everyone.

Not Larry Sabato

Soup, you have every reason to gloat. A certain "Ghost of Henry Howell" needs to get rid of his Lavar jersey ASAP.

Virginia Centrist

No, I know he loves the Giants.

I thought he was offering a good will gesture - the Giants take Lavar, and we give him Weenie of the Week.

Anyway, we don't need him and his massive contract...

Virginia Centrist

Good call buying that jersey, Ghost of Henry Howell!

I'm still enjoying my Champ Bailey and Patrick Ramsey jerseys...

not gretchen bulova

All Redskins jersey's need to be burned.

Baskerville Lover

I nominate Chap Petersen for his stupid new newsletter called Ox Road South. What is that? Is it actually a road?

Not Jack Herrity

Mudcat Sanders definitely deserves it this week for his inability to goad Harris Miller into fisticuffs.

Or, you could always do Gerry Connolly again. But I think he's been hiding under his desk since the last time.




This is pretty funny. I got to agree with Libertas. It's not a scandal or anything, I just think it's a funny situation.

J.C. Wilmore

Gotta go with Mr. Pickels for not bothering to learn the unofficial rules of being a tracker; one of which is "thou art not invited into a private event just because the candidate is." You only get to go to public events and events you are invited to.

Looks like Mr. Pickels will face some kind of misdemeanor trespass charge. Of course, the Republicans will just take it out on the poor slob who is tasked to follow George Allen around.

I nominate Greg Scanlon.

J.C. Wilmore

I nominate Greg Scanlon for Allen tracker, that is, not Weenie.

Mr. Pickels is the Weenie.

James E. Martin

House Republicans who are trying to hold up the budget for a record number of months...


I nominate the woman on the Metro this morning who proclaimed very loudly to the person sitting next to her about the National Anthem being sung in Spanish,

"I think it's disgusting. We don't go into Mexico and sing thier songs in Spanish. It's an insult to me as an American. They shouldn't be allowed to do that."

You know, because her parents were Native Americans. Of the rare and never even heard of "old, blonde haired blue eyed nazi" tribe.

That Hunter guy is doing his job. Being a candidate tracker is not a lot of fun at times. People who have worked in many campaigns understand this.

It's been a slow week but I probably have to go with Mudcat. There are very few reason to start swearing at people, especially at opposing candidates. We expect a lot out of our candidates, we should expect more than this out of their staff.

Like I said, it's been a slow week.

Will Vehrs

I wish Bubby would nominate me.


I'd nominate George Allen for dragging his sister up the stairs by her hair; with a close second to all the Democratic Senators who did a news conference in front of an Exxon about gas prices and then hopped in their SUV's to their offices A BLOCK AWAY.

George Templeton

It's late but I will nominate Not Gretchen Bulova for her comment at 1:24 p.m.

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