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You can't be serious, Ben. Of course, this was a tounge-in- cheek joke by Lowell.

Lighten up a bit, man. Sheez.

And hey, why don't you give yourself a Weenie of the Week for keeping us up all night with your most trivial Mucat-Miller alert episode. You deserve the Weenie status for that.

Not Larry Sabato

Actually, he was challenged on a couple of these points on email by James Martin and never said it was a joke- in fact he defended them with more information.

Fan of Integrity

You've got to be kidding.

Here's my vote. 67+ dead US soldiers so far this month in Iraq. Let's pick Miss Thelma Drake for saying how security is so much better in Iraq. Tell that to the families.


I've to agree with Fan of Integrity. Over 2200 US soldiers dead, very high gas prices, rampant corruption in high places, a suffering middle class, and the Weenie goes to Lowell? Looks like the Weenie award and this blog are all becoming too trivial.

I guess its time to move on.


Uh, that was a joke, Ben.


He also called David Lat and Alex Pareene disrespectful idiots.

Now, I know that I totally instigated that incident, but I also didn't expect that kind of reaction from Lowell. You don't talk about David and Alex that way. No way. :)

Seriously, I (heart) Lowell, he's so funny when he gets worked up about stuff. I had a blast working with him last election day. I would have picked someone else for this week, but it is your blog...

Lowell- what is funny about this?

Person with a Sense of Humor

Get a damn sense of humor, all of you, geez

Lelie Byrne is ben Tribbet's Hand Puppet

I couldn't agree more, take this email away from Lowell and you still have sycophant little weasel who is most happy when he is metaphorically touching himself.

Lowell has blown so much sunshine up Jim Webb's ass that Webb now glows in the dark. To what end?

That kind of blatant pandering and lack of all bearing demeans the truth that Jim Webb speaks.

Thanks to NLS and here is to Lowell--the "Just Jack" of the blogosphere--for being weenie of the week.


WOW, I was thinking of a comment then saw the one above. Anyone got a good pic of Lowell, whether I agree or not it would be fun to illustrate Lelie's comment!


Geez...lighten up, folks...


how about all 535 members of Congress. for taking away are rights laid out in the Bill of Rights

not not not not not Ken Cuccinelli

I can't believe I am saying this, but I love what Leslie has to say!

James Young

Great choice, Ben!

not Xenu

How about George Allen's sister for "Weenie of the Week"?

Not George Allen's Sister

what makes you sick about this? That these are things that George Allen did or that someone is going to call and ask him about it?

Unlike, say Sen. Lindsey Graham who was also responsible for raising his sister, George Allen doesn't seem to be the sort of sibling I would like to have. For that matter, I suspect he isn't the sort of parent I would like to see either....


Haven't been on the blogs for a while, but it seems like NLS (Ben) has lost his sense of humor. I know things are bad, Ben. But even in times such as these, we need to lighten up a bit. Surely you don't think Lowell meant to ask those questions literally!

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