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Virginia Centrist

Ahhh - or did the FEC deadline miss Webb? See, depends how you look at it.

Good point.

Jim Webb's FEC report was filed on time, however, because of Antrax screening in the Senate building, it did not reach the appropriate person on the same day. There is no fine for this.

No story here. Oh well.


As I said below, in all likelihood this won't be a finable or punishable offense. But that isn't what it's about. It's about a campaign being ready for the bigtime. Hopefully the Webb folks will learn from this...and quickly.

Riley, Not O'Reilly

If you don't know that mail has to be screened going into the senate office buildings, you've got issues.

Perhaps the campaign won't be fined for missing the deadline. They're just lucky they can't be fined for being stupid.

Kudos to Ben for giving this at least a one toupe alert.


I guess Ingrid, as Arlington County Commissioner of Revenue, will now need to expand the grace period for fines, fees and taxes in Arlington.

Harris Miller IS Arlington

Dont you forget it!

Not John Battle

Why isn't Webb submitting his stuff electronically, or is this not permitted for Senate races? I ask as the FEC site shows numerous Virginia House candidates of both parties who have submitted FEC reports electronically, but am having trouble finding info submitted electronically for Allen, Miller, or Webb...



If you read the regulations online it has to be hand delivered on the 1st of june (can't be postmarked that day). Amazing they got their petitions in ontime.


Booooo, Ben, bad boy: you only gave us a one-hour toupe alert. And there I was thinking you'd turned the corner. Next time I'll fill my request early and electronically.

I was hanging out with Larry Sabato the other day, and the toupee started bouncing up and down. I swished my hand under it every time it went up.

That was fun.

So, then, Sabato must be resonsible for BOTH the Webb late filing and the Miller "Pew" poll, eh? Or, is the postman secretly aligned with Allen? Or did Ingrid outsource the entire project to a friend of Miller's in India? Hmmmmm...


Has anyone here ever been late for work? Same phreakin thing and the FEC doesn't consider it big crime. Jim's gang outraised Harris'. Miller always varishes over his weaknesses and attacks Jim's strengths.

George Templeton

It's small, but doesn't this hit a larger point that you have complained about in the past NLS, good candidates who are not good campaigners?

Not John Battle

demo...which naturally leads to the question of why House candidates can file electronically, while senate candidates cannot or will not...

Late4Work is an example of the problems within the Webb campaign. The FEC does takes this seriously. It is a key tenet of the underlying statute creating the FEC -- timely reports on campaign contributions. Public right to know. Mandatory. Every campaign knows it. Every good campaign plans for it. And every Campaign Treasurer knows that they can be held personally liable.


I've worked on dozens of campaigns. While this is a situation that we want like hell to avoid, sometimes it can't be. Really, this is not a very big deal. Embarrasing, yes, but catastrophic, no. It's just a big deal in the blogosphere now, and will be forgotten by this time tomorrow.


Hey I agree that they would allow senate candidates to file online. I talked to a friend that has done compliance on campaigns and they say webb will prob be fined $500 to 1K. The point is this is the big time... Everyone else got their stuff in ontime but it should be ok for webb to do it late? Late4work- everything that the webb campaign fucks up on is the fault of the miller campaign. This time I think it was the FEC. These things don't make good storys in the press... Webb camp get it together!

Too Conservative

Where's the flashing signs?

too late. You missed the one-hour toupe alert.


I know this is a blog run by a webb suporter so I tip my hat to ben for putting this up. I won't expect to see it on RK. If this had happened to miller I bet they would have a picture of miller and whoever his treasurer is, in legirons.


No, every start up campaign struggles with the paper work. Filling it in is a bitch and and if you mess up, it's a disaster. If it's not EXACTLY right after spending days on it, then you keep working and hand it in a day late. The rules were designed to to help the fat cats and incumbents. Jim has thousands of small supporters, Harris has a few high dollar business executives scratching his back. Hell (oops,sorry ... 666 and all that), Harris only has few lines to fill in. His campaign is almost entirely self financed: he only has to fill in one line. Whooo. That was tough to write in. My arm is tired, I think I'll go take some quotes out of context and send it to all the primes.

Here's another point:


The Webb campaign has now had about 4 months to work this position out. This is no longer a Miller issue, this is being developed by reporters doing their own research.

Not ready for prime time.


You can file electronically but I think many campaigns don't because the results are posted faster in that case. By filing in paper and by hand you delay the posting of your finances and can hide any weaknesses it may present until it's too late.


Late4Work - Start up campaigns may have issues, sure, but ideally they've hired people who pay attention to these things. There are lawyers and staffers paid to watch the dates and make sure this gets done properly.

Virginia Centrist

Anon 2:13pm:

I hate to point this out over and over and over and over........

But if Miller wins this primary, Allen flies back to Iowa and starts campaigning for President again. The Senate race is officially OVER on June 14th is Miller wins on the 13th.

Does the Webb campaign have some small flaws? Yes.

Affirmative action is a completely irrelevant issue in a race against Allen....unless you Miller hacks went around spreading it that Webb was racist...

As a Miller support, my first reaction to this was, "Well, these things happen. It is probably in the mail and postmarked accordingly. No big deal." A little embarrassing, kind of funny, but no big deal.

Then I had some time this afternoon to look at FEC.gov and found this:


OK, Megan Beyer and company seem to have things organized.

Then this:


Which leads to all sorts of questions regarding the May 30th letter from FEC to Ingrid Morroy:


So, the second filing of this year is in question, and the first (and only) filing for the Webb campaign is in serious question?

This is not good. Filing FEC reports do require effort, but they are successfully completed all the time if the instructions are read and the procedures are followed.

What happened?

VC -- You may point your opinion out over and over and over and over again until hell freezes over, but that will not make it any less mistaken in my view. I'm sure you're convinced of your assessment of the general election. I disagree.

Thank you for now including me among the ranks of those with "hacknicity."


VC - I think Affirmative Action will play bigger in the Primary than the General Election, but it will have an impact in both if Webb gets smeared by it. The African American vote could go more Miller in the Primary and just stay home come General should Webb win. It's something he's got to address in an accurate way and I think Dem's lining up behind him should he win might help but who knows. To say it's a non-issue, though, is dangerous.

Riley, Not O'Reilly

Senate rules dictate that the reports are filed in the Senate, so that's why they're not filed electronically. They need to bring Senate reporting in line with what they have for the House where electronic filing is required.

Not every start up campaign struggles with FEC paperwork -- only bad ones do. Heck, I thought that Webb had Jarding looking out for him. Jarding should have been able to have found a competent person to handle this.

One word. Pathetic.


"Request for additional information" could be as simple as a request to list a donor's work address or title. Stuff like that is pretty common, especially if there are lots of individual donors. I have filed many of these reports to the SBE, and it's not uncommon for them to ask for additional information.

Really, it may be easy to lodge the criticism that Webb et all are not ready for prime time, but unless there are more serious "sins" in their filing paperwork, this is a non story. This has happened to most canidates one time or another.

Siosal -- this is not a discussion about "sins," it's about competency. FEC filings are just about as basic in a campaign as you can get. You plan for it; you organize your data collection around it; you don't screw up. And the filing is not exactly complicated, either. Either you have the data organized and can follow simple instructions or you can't. It's about compentency.


Chapman was mocked for missing a filing deadline some of the same people who are defending Webb for missing an FEC deadline. Huh.

J.C. Wilmore

Mountain out of a mole hill. I'll be glad when the primary is over so we don't have to spend so much time staring at our belly buttons and can start talking about issues again . . . unless Miller wins the primary, in which case the mid-term elections in Virginia are over and we can start working on the 2007 General Assembly races.


All Harris has to do is fill in two lines: 666 for campaign ID and $500,000 for self funding.

Piece of cake.


Well, now, it's good to remember our history regarding mole hills, belly buttons and talking about issues:

Holy s**t, he's going to tell us that Miller sponsored a push poll against Webb . . . of course he'll make us wait thirty minutes . . . damn you Ben! You crazy genius bastard of blogging!!!

Posted by: J.C. Wilmore | March 31, 2006 at 04:01 PM

Not Larry Sabato

I dont understand the last comment.


All I'm saying is, how many of you have had to do this? Like I said, I have worked for many campaigns, and this is NOT UNCOMMON. Embarrasing, and a pain in the ass, but no big deal. You can howl about incompentency all you want to, but there are LOTS of winning campaigns that have had snafus in the filing process.

For example, there is one major candidate running this year (no names given, but who is generating lots of press and blog coverage) who almost didn't even make it into the race at all. That's was nearly a catastrophe, but averted in the end with the help of friends in high places. Again, I'm just saying that shite does happen even with good and competent candidates.

Now, if there's some illegal or unethical stuff in Webb's filings, then I'll be the first to point this out. But a "request for additional information," or being a few hours late to file is nothing.

I agree with JC. Can't wait for this to be over.


I think it's worth noting since a warning was given. It's also worth noting given that the Webb campaign has had its ability called into question quite often. Now, this could be a minor gaffe but it's one of many.

It could also be a calculated move to delay the release of Webb's numbers, as I suggested above. They know there's a grace period and even a warning. If they don't file until June 6th at the latest, then the public won't see Webb's numbers and if the they're trying to hide something from Primary voters (I don't know what, just speculating), well, there ya go.

Virginia Centrist

"VC - I think Affirmative Action will play bigger in the Primary than the General Election, but it will have an impact in both if Webb gets smeared by it. The African American vote could go more Miller in the Primary and just stay home come General should Webb win. It's something he's got to address in an accurate way and I think Dem's lining up behind him should he win might help but who knows. To say it's a non-issue, though, is dangerous."

Jason - I couldn't agree more.

That's why Miller is such a despicable figure. You don't call another Democrat racist in a primary.

Is that the same, VC, as calling Miller "Job Killer," "slime," "dispicable?"

Affirmative Action for Women?

Harris Nathan Miller's legislative agenda hurts women: "The percentage of women in the IT workforce declined from a high of 41 percent in 1996 to 32.4 percent in 2004. Meanwhile, the percentage of women in the overall workforce remained largely unchanged, from 46 to 46.5 percent, during the same period."

(source: http://techexecadvisor.com/doc/16752 which appears to be Harris Miller's own ITAA ??? the irony.)

People question the politeness of calling Miller a "Job Killer" but for Americans, especially women, it's true.


Aren't federal election papers filed at the FEC building across the street from the FBI and next to the Hard Rock Cafe?

Why would Senate anthrax scans delay? Why would they delay a hand delivered paper?

Riley, Not O'Reilly

Getting your filing in on time is one of the simplest things to do, especially when your campaign is in the same area as the place you have to file. All Webb's people had to do was drive across the Potomac, walk into the senate office building complex and file the paperwork with the Clerk. It isn't as if his campaign is in California. Heck, the FEC tells you to at least file SOMETHING so that you're on time and then you can always amend later if need be. Sloppy, sloppy campaign work.

Riley, Not O'Reilly


Senate filings are done in the Office of the Senate Clerk. House and party cmte. / political cmte. / PAC filings are mostly done electronically. The FEC is still HQed there where you indicate, though. Very little actually gets mailed these days.

Virginia Centrist

"Is that the same, VC, as calling Miller "Job Killer," "slime," "dispicable?"

Nope. none of those things hurt him in the general.

Fan of Integrity

VC is a blogger - Harris Miller is a candidate - how could it even be remotely the same?

You MillerShillerites are so arrogant!! Negative negative negative negative negative negative negative negative negative. I'm so sick of it.


Harris Miller is a Rovian fantasy. Anybody with common sense can see that.

He's about as telegenic as a toad, lobbied to outsource jobs, was for trade with China before he became against it.

Yep. Real winner there.

No wonder people keep telling me there's no difference in the parties. It's because of people like Harris Miller who have tried to rip the heart and soul out of the Democratic Party.

VC at 3:22 you indicated that Democrats shouldn't call other Democrats racist in primaries. Yet, that's what happended to Howard Dean in the Democratic primaries when Dick Gephardt, John Edwards led the public to believe that Chairman Dean was racist.

Virginia Centrist

And they shouldn't have done it. They were poisoning the well for their party.

Webb Defeats Allen

Let's see, Miller is unelectable for the reasons Paul stated, but the Miller campaign is tiresomely negative, as FoI noted.

What's Miller got? Has anyone been able to answer the question: how can Miller win?


The Miller campaign still consists of a bunch of reasons not to vote for Webb.

Show me something! Show me anything? Why should regular people vote for Miller?

Doug in Mount Vernon

Y'all need to calm down.

Miller ain't goin' nowhere. And they know it.

Why do you think they're so negative? We can all see that Jim's campaign and organization need work. Most Democratic campaigns, even the well-run ones, do.

Alice is making a big deal out of this....too funny.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Maybe she should turn some of the well-run machine oil focus onto the lack of organization and worst possible data integrity and maintenance practices knowne to politics over at the FCDC when she's finished.


Alice is laughing all the way to the bank:

"Tell us about your product or service and we will place your story where your prospects and partners will see it; whether it is television, magazines, newspapers or blogs".

"and a $5 bonus for each blog link generated as a direct result of Presto Vivace efforts".

Not Your Brother Shaun

There are some folks being inconsistent here. I will acknowledge that.

So let me be consistent in my intense dislike for Jason.

The psuedo concern he poses as speculation makes my sides hurt.

he takes any opportunity to take a shot at Jim Webb. If Jason were half the patriot he says he is, he'd be in Iraq right now taking shots at insurgents!

But no, Jason is safe in his college radio station taking potshots at the man who is going to whip George Allen's ass.

Yeah, Webb needs to clean house when he wins this primary, but that doesn't make him any less scary for hardcore cowards, I mean hardcore Repugnants!

Another sign of the worst run major state-wide campaign in Virginia in the last 20 years.

Can't these guys do anything? I fear all we are going to do is run a resume for Senate against Allen with no apparatus behind it.


Hey, I was late4work this morning because of traffic on the Teddy Roosevelt bridge. Stupid construction! 66 was backed up for miles! Gee whiz.

Virginia Centrist

Anon 9:10pm:

A resume would be better than Harris Miller. Like a straight out of college resume with some college catering on it...

I explored the different possibilities of candidates who are better than Harris, here:


"Anyone who has morphed from a Carter Democrat to a Reagan Republican to a Robb Democrat to an Allen-Bush Republican to a grunt in an army generaled by screamin' Howard Dean once again proves the adage: In politics there are no enemies, only shifting alliances."
--Richmond Times Dispatch on Jim Webb

Thomas Paine Patriot

These two late FEC filings by the Webb Campaign are the least of Webb's problems with the feds.

If only some good investigative reporter from the Post, the Times Dispatch, or the Virginian Pilot would scratch below the rhetoric and the bullshit at the surface of the Webb campaign, they would find a goldmine of controversy and illegalities...

Not Thomas Paine Patriot

You mean if only some good investigative reporter from the Post, the Times Dispatch, or the Virginian Pilot would scratch below the rhetoric and the bullshit at the surface of the MILLER campaign, they would find a goldmine of controversy and illegalities...

Virginia Centrist

TPP, aren't you the one who claimed that Lowell broke a law? Your understanding of the law is a bit shaky.


TPP, are you one of those represed sexual types. I think if you'd just look into yourself then you'd find that a lot of your anger went away. Just admit it. You'd feel a lot better. And seek professional help before you commit a violent crime. Seriously, your "serialism" could take a turn for even worse things.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Most 'phobes are only afraid of what lies within themselves....

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