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Not Pat O'Bannon

Connolly deserves the top spot for worst dressed; he looks like a total douchebag. At least Cuccinelli's drawstring getup was functional!

Not Chuck Robb

just in case we needed one more reason to keep flag burning legal...

i think it would be a heinous crime NOT to set fire to this ensemble

Not Robert Roberts

If that's not desecration of the flag, I don't know what is!

It's a cheesy shirt for a cheesy holiday.

I think Gerry looks kinda cute!

Mason Conservative

Come on, Ben, Gerry's got to be #1. Unlike Cooch, he knew he was walking in the parade. I mean, yikes.

Although when Cooch was wearing the yellow hat to go with the shorts, that might put him back over.

James Young

That shirt is either an argument for the flag amendment, as a desecration in and of itself, or against it, as a reason FOR burning it.

Ken Cuccinelli

Okay, I'm just tuning in here, and there is NO WAY that my understated, somewhat faded (i.e., quiet as far as color goes) knee-length, red and blue striped shorts come anywhere near this screaming monstrosity.

I think Ben either got a phone call from my wife suggesting my low fashion ratings to 'teach me a lesson' (she objected to the shorts, backed up by my daughters), or he was cranky b/c I mockingly pointed out that he had actually shaved to celebrate America's birthday.

William Jackson

Gotta love an elected official who can take it... Where's Connolly's response?


Whoa, Ken jumps in and darn if he isn't right. Gerry's attire was definitely worse.

James Young

Great post, Ken. And "screaming monstrosity" is a phrase worthy of Peggy Noonan.

Not Jack Herrity

I saw that shirt in the flesh. The picture doesn't come close to doing it "justice." I hope he didn't pay for it.


Bens Face

Wow Benny shaved...amazing. lol

Fan of Integrity

Great Title.
You gotta hand it to him for being "most spirited" as far as the politicians go.
Wonder what he does for Halloween, Valentine's, etc...


That is absolutely horrid. I think I like this picture less than the "Media Whore" picture!

Not Huey Long

Anon 11:24. I'm surprised no one has jumped down your throat. "A cheesy holiday"! Time for some History 101. Better yet...bite your tongue when you contemplate such idiotic statements.

NHL- Do you think if you started taking certain meds it might help kick start a sense of humour?

Hmmmmmm, probably not.....

Oh and by the way, there is such a thing as freedon of speech and expression.

You must be one of those boneheads on the Webb campaign.


That is the funniest title of anything, ever. Even if I am permanently blinded by looking at the picture.

It takes a real man and a confident politician to wear a shirt like that!

Not Huey Long

Anon 1:51. Exactly how was the first post amusing? If you find that humorous, then maybe you need a funny-bone transplant. Gerry's cute...ROFL...please.

NHL- I pity the fool who cannot see the humour in a good ribbing at the tacky fanfare of political opportunists as they wave their sweatshop manufactured flags, while selling empty promises under overly bright red whites and blues.

"Cheesy" is but a light and witty description at best.

Personally, I don't see why we don't just blend all the colours together and unite under "lavender".

Gerry does look cute, not in the Sean Connery sense, but more like a cartoon.

Not Huey Long

Mr. T is that you??

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