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Gerry has opposed and killed the living wage law in Fairfax over and over.

This is despite the fact that Fairfax is one of the richest county's in America.

But to make it worse, he keeps two jobs (Chairman and SAIC) and probably clears close to $200,000 a year- while opposing a living wage law for people at the bottom of the ladder.

What kind of Democrat is this?

Virginia Centrist

Here are the facts:

Fairfax County has a housing shortage. We need MORE growth, not less.

Not Larry Sabato

What? Centrist did you not notice that home sales have collapsed in the past few months. People right now in Fairfax are having trouble even getting people to LOOK at homes on the market. If anything, we have a surplus at these prices.


NLS - I live in Berkeley County, WV and its the same here. Dozens if not hundreds of vacant new homes yet more and more development. They cant sell the existing homes yet they build new ones? "Maybe people didnt like the color scheme. Lets do blue this time." *forehead smack* Yeesh...


If a flower blooms in the alleyway tomorrow, NLS will have an explanation for why it's bad for Connolly. He pumps up every person who has ever HINTED at interest in the job. When Connolly's re-elected in a walk, NLS will mutter darkly about how nobody really likes Connolly. This is consistent with the general NLS principle that he doesn't much like Democrats who can actually get elected to something.

As long as the border is open, we need massive new development. Want slow growth? Close the border.

Virginia Centrist

They can't afford them at these prices - but there is a huge demand for lower scale development.

Housing starts are still far behind job creation in the region. NOw...if they keep building huge mansions, they won't sell them


This issue is really complcated. Bacons Rebellion has been wrestling with this problem forever

The main current issue is the land around here is so expensive that its impossible to build anything "normal" for less than 400k.

Additionally, there is no incentive to build a 400k place when you can build an 800k place instead and believe me there is still demand for those mansions the developers aren't stupid.

The good thing about the slowdown is that investors are not overinflating the market. People don't have to compete with flippers.

The pause is a very healthy event we have been long overdue for a correction after 5 plus years of 20% plus growth.

As far as the growth is concerned nobody wants to pony up the initial money for services. Long term growth is a win-win for everyone. The problem is the startup costs are rather high and our transportation system is anywhere from 5 to 40 years behind schedule.

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