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James E. Martin

Oh Boy, this will be fun:)

I see a blue county, and I want to paint it Black!

Dick Black got 48 with Tim Kaine sweeping Loudoun- is Darrell Green enough to bring him back? I think so!

The Jaded JD

Maybe he didn't get the memo that Bill Mims is taking over the AG slot when McDonnell runs for governor?

What about Darrel Green? Is this for real? I have a hard time believing Darell Green wants to spend Monday night at the South Riding HOA meeting, Tuesday night at the senior center bingo night, Wednesday night at a Dulles Area citizens meeting about residential development etc etc etc.

Also, why would Darrel Green want people looking into his personal life and the finances of his charities? He is a wealthy HOFer who can dictate his own schedule. I am not sure someone of his stature/wealth/free time would be interested in Virginia State Senate.


Agreed. I'm not sure that Darrell Green will ultimate have the stomach for the race. He'll find out, quickly, that a lot of bromides about "family" and "it's all for the kids" probably won't get him there. Could he win? Sure. Name recog and "burgundy-and-gold" goes a long way around here, but I just don't think he'll do it.

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