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Not Larry Sabato

This is a weird choice. Based on the rankings? NLS (i.e. me) ranked this "Slight Lean Republican" at the start, and now ranks it as "Leans Republican". Who are you going to believe?

I believe Cook

I will go with Cook.

I thought the Warner of the Week went to someone who did something positive for VA in the form of advocating sound policy or performing outstanding public service.

Getting Thelma Drake out of Congress IS outstanding public service.

This is a weird one. Better to not give it away. This is crap.


Kellam did not out raise Drake. Someone does not know how to use the FEC website. Drake has more than one campaign committee. You have to add all the numbers TOGETHER. And, oh by the way, Drake has about a $200,000 cash on hand advantage. That's a lot of tv ads.


Don't forget to add in the fraudulent use of taxpayer funds for printing and franking campaign mail to targeted lists with pieces angled to audiences she used taxpayer funds to survey.


Inexplicable choice, given the previously advertised criteria for this award.

You may be immune to flames, but in your heart you know this was a mail-it-in partisan piece of cheerleading. You could do better.


So now we give out Warners simply for being in a competitive race?

What did Kellum DO that makes him comparable to Warner?

It is now clear that the Warner and the Weenie have both been hijacked by a partisan hack. No wonder Ben wants nothing to do with them anymore.

Not Ken Stolle

We can all face facts here. Phil deserves this award for having the courage and conviction in his heart to spend $80,000 to run an ad where he (I swear to God this is true) comes out against children looking at porn on the Internet. Now I don't know about you, but I've read more articles than I care to read about how this nation is praying that Congress will take up this issue to protect our children... Oh ya, that's right, they already did. Kellam rubberstamp'd Drake's votes. And for this he gets the prestigious Warner Award?

Not Larry Sabato's Lawnboy

Kellam is going to screw up and next week or two weeks from now will be the weenie of the week

Not Jack Herrity

This is mystifying, but it's your decision. :)

Remember: Kellam only wins if Webb can hold the 2nd. Otherwise, Drake has the race sewn up.


No more Dannyboy

Let's get serious. You have given away so many of these Warner/Weenie Awards to awful recipients. Early on, you gave Weenie to Thelma every week even sometimes undeserved, and now you continue to blow smoke up Kellam's tail.

BTW, that list of House races most likely to change, came out BEFORE the debate debacle.

It's time you go. I nominate Dannyboy for Weenie of the Week for next week!!!

No more Dannyboy

Maybe you think you are starting to become immune to it, but realize that no one takes what you say worth anything now. It's time Ben starts doing these awards on his own again so we actually have something of substance to read.


Ben is outpolling Dannyboy. Siren alert!


Did you forget or not notice that a big chuck of Kellam's money came from his own pocket? He gave his campaign more money last period. That doesn't show strength--it shows he has to make up the fundraising gap with his own $$$.

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