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Hmmm. George Allen is favored 99 to 1 to be re-elected and Go on to be elected President of the Unites States, so of course he utters a racial slur, doesn’t apologize, and ruins it.

George Allen is elected to the Senate beating an incumbent Democrat, so of course he gets bored and forgets that to be a Senator, one must actually work (but writing all those bills is so hard, WAAAA!!!)

George Allen is elected Governor with a real mandate for reform and instead uses it to keep Black people in prison.

George Allen sits on the Board of prosperous Tech Company and...

Matt in VA

I would recommend that Webb supporters not get 'scandal add'... the media can't move fast enough to keep up with the blogosphere's news cycle and if we don't slow down to suit the media that most voters consume, we're going to end up wasting our opportunities to really give Allen a good thrashing for each individual thing he's done. If we move from racism to corporate crime too soon, nobody's going to be able to hear enough about either to make it stick.

James Martin

I sorta agree with Matt, but there just so much!!!

Let Allen continue to bleed on racism...the guy is just too sleazy...people are gonna start to think we're making this stuff up

They already think that. "inside the beltway" is a racial slur. You street cred is 0.

Virginia Centrist

"They alread think that"

Who? The people who read this blog? Or the people who are bombarded with media stories for the last few days? Give me a break.

NLS - I would also caution people to slow down here.

The Huffington Post had a column yesterday about what Allen's has said - dentist -glass door etc.

I bet Allen would welcome a discussion about corporate boards as opposed to what is happening right now.


Essentially wasn't GW Bush involved in about half a dozen or so similar shady corporate dealings/scandals similar to this one during his time as a "business man" in Texas?

To the corporatecentric repulican elite this is how business is suppose to work, they see nothing wrong with it, and have rarely paid a poltical price for doing so..

this is just how things are suppose to work...

George Allen is 4 to 1 favored over Webb, not 99 to 1.

Anon 9:36,
What website are you seeing those odds on?

Virginia Centrist

I'm assuming it's Tradesports.com

Not Ted Stevens




Brains...must eat brains...



series of tubes...
Not a truck...no..no



Who dares awake the great and powerful Ted Stevens...

That young whippersnapper Allen you say...

Financial impropriety...
A senator...
A REPUBLICAN senator???

No...clearly you don't know how things work here.
First you get elected by the people, then you get to stay there for life, just ask Joe Leiberman, rules don't apply to anything. Even election rules.

There's no such thing as rules, per se, for us...they're more like guidelines...

Well It's breakfast time here in Alaska, time to eat some Polar Be...errr

Emporer Ted Stevens..
"Where there's a tube, there's a way..."

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