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Not Don Rumsfeld

Were mistakes made? Sure. Could we have known Allen would slip up? Maybe. Could he have been reaching for the French equivalent of "Stretch"? Probably not. Is he a latte sipping, cheese eating surrender bunny? Mais oui!


I find it funny that the GOP shills think it's so reasonable that he was saying Macaca as a "variation on mohawk" but couldn't have been saying "Macaca" as a variation on "Macaque" a word much more closely related.

I mean, how does one accidentally mispronounce mohawk two times?

William Jackson

It must be hard for people who constantly say how dumb George Allen is to admit he speaks French.


Well, he grew up hearing french right? He'd have to be near retarded not to have picked up something. Not exactly evidence of genius.

Wait- George Allen is FRENCH?

Willy Jack - trying to make lemonade, I see.


Allen is an idiot for saying it -- for someone of his political stature, to even let that slide (intentionally or unintentially) is completely inappropriate. But, at the end of the day, we can get all up in arms about it, but it's not going to effect the senate race. He was making trying to make the point (in a very, very, very poor way) that Webb is staying inside the Beltway and doesn't know the concerns of "real Virginia" -- of course this isn't true. It's much harder to attack him on this as it is for them to defend and spin. Lets focus on the issues where we all know he's most vulnerable. We can bring him down, but unfortunately because of politics today and the general lack of knowledge of most voters, this stupid and amatuer stunt on his part will go largely forgotten by next week and isn't going to do it.

Carl - it's not like this is good news for Allen. It'll hurt him with independents and moderates, NoVa voters (who he's now said don't live in the Real Virginia), and certainly the Indian-American (and perhaps other minority) communities.

Of course, there are plenty of other negatives, which will be focused on as well. But this scandal is meaningful for many Virginians, and it will motivate them to vote against Allen.

Virginia Centrist

carl -

Ummm. Webb got a negative press hit on Allen in more than 10 Virginia papers. This issue will surely be featured in nearly every newspaper endorsement of Webb in October and November. And it will be replayed over and over by pundits, direct mail, phone calls, tv ads, etc, etc, etc.

Nice try.


I'm not trying anything -- i honestly don't think this is going to effect voters the way it seems like it will the day after. Unfortunately it will eventually fade away.

Carl -

You don't beat an incumbent like George Allen by playing nice with some issues like medicare and the war in iraq.

You beat an incumbent by thrashing them and tearing their character apart. The webb campaign has legitimate evidence that Allen is a racist dolt. And it's part of a pattern...it's part of the arc of his life story. it fits, the MSM buys it, etc.

Why not use that? Why sit on your hands and say, "gee...can we get back to medicare and our impotent attempts to tie allen to big oil and bush?"


I don't think it works with a guy like Allen in a state like Virginia. Yes, he has a history ... thats he's beaten back before. He'll drop a few points in the polls for it, get hit on it for a little while, but eventually be able to bounce back b/c Webb doesn't have the funds mount a steady attack on him for it. Nobody's saying play nice, but to think this alone will bring him down is dead out wrong.


I have posted a picture of Sidarth WITH a mohawk on NOVA TH. You really think because he cut his hair for a recent picture (before or after the event really doesn't matter if he was given the mohawk nickname earlier and it stuck) discredits that response?

And now you folks are calling criticism of beltway elites racism?

Grasping at straws... and its only August! I didn't expect this kind of desperation until October.


Oh, just link the pic and stop whining, soph.

How does one with a mohawk get a haircut that gives them more hair?

Not A Fancy Greek Name


George Allen
George Alles
Oger Alles
Uber Alles

Yes, yes, my secret cheeto sense says it is the hair. We make fun of the hair. Get it, like toupees! Get it?

Is George Allen really French?

Not A Fancy Greek Name



Here's my additional question:

Sidarth was so upset with this slur spoken directly to him that his response was:

a. To speak loudly and say "Sir, I am insulted by that racist slur."

b. To do nothing. Say nothing. Until talking to a WaPost reporter.

c. To run back to the Webb office and ask what he should do when addressed directly. Then, when a dictionary was consulted, to claim he was insulted.

Just curious.

Virginia Centrist


Yeah! That's right! And all of those black people who got lynched way back when? They should have complained louder! We can't blame the lynchers!

Bruce - so, you're suprised that the only brown guy there didn't voice displeasure to a white crowd laughing at a racial slur just hurled at him by their hero?

There are many options you've omitted in your little convenient list there. Like not wanting to get his ass kicked in the parking lot.

Not Don Rumsfeld

Should Sidarth have shouted out that he was offended in a crowd of 90 chuckling white Republicans? Maybe. Would he have been scorned and attacked? Sure. Should we blame the victem of an attacked? Of course, that's in the proceedures.

See our SOP for rape, riots or union busting. It's all pretty clear. I just can't believe he was so gosh darned uppity, doing his job for Webb and standing there calmly when he was obviously not welcomed.

Am Dick Wadhams

I hope you all don't mind my interns over here trying out our counter-arguments, one by one. Keep up the debate - it's helping us figure out the winners and losers.

Not David Duke

I'm sure that the thought in the minds of many of those in attendance, 1 second after George made his comment was, "I was wondering who that nigger in the back of the room was".

Do you think I'm right?

Not Ted Stevens


My staff sent me the movie of this salacious accusation the other day, and I just received it today!!! Clearly the tubes are full. I demand we close the internets down, so that we may do construction on said tubes, for the purpose of clearing it up. And where's my damn bridge, that's it...I quit the senate. Wahhhhhhhh!

P.S.: Are we on for shuttlecock tommorrow. Sorry if this message gets to you late dues to traffic jam in the tubes


The Emporer of Alaska


I love how people still act like Allen singled out Sidarth b/c of the color of his skin and not because he was TAPING FOR WEBB. Thus the beltway-mentality, welcome to red-state America comments.

Seriously... this race card tactic only shows how desperate Jim Webb is. I guess it was the only option given an inexperienced one-issue candidate and the fact that the DSCC passed Virginia by. This is just an attempt to make folks think Webb has a chance by trumping up absurd racism arguments. I can't believe you guys are now going so far as to argue that criticizing "Inside the Beltway" elites is tantamount to racism!

Keep up the good work.

Not Sophrosyne

i hear all of george allen's $100+ donors get a free noose compliments of the campaign.

Fan of Integrity

Racist is as racist does.

The only voters this will NOT affect are people who don't mind calling people of color a racist name.

And whoever is blaming Sidarth for not taking on Allen in the middle of his hate rhetoric -- shame on you.

Webb's been tracked for months and months -- he can handle it. Allen resorts to racist hate comments to try to fit in in SWVA (where Webb's family is from). What an angry hateful man.

Hi, I don't mean to but in here but could someone give me directions to the Allen for Senate headquarters?
I'm with a dry cleaning service and we're working up a bid proposal to clean and maintain silk robes and hoods with elaborate red trim.

Not Don Rumsfeld

Dear Emporer Ted,

Shuttlecock at 1 as planned, just after my high colonic. I see you've made the liberal media again with your sage description of tubes. Oddly, it is available on you tube. Please don't quit on America, you know I never would.




Clearly my tubes aren't working properly, because I can't watch that tube stop you sent me. As I said before, I believe the tubes are full. Good luck cleaning your tubes before shuttlecock, I hope these tubes get clean before yours, so that I may use my internets. So many internets to recieve, so little time. Hmm...where's my bridge...I QUIT!!!!...
I have to go, I've gotten into the licquor cabernut ergain and erm gonna go speek on the flour of the Senutt


Emporurr of Olaskahh

Spank That Donkey

Way to go Ben, anyone who dares display a confederate flag is a racist.

Seems like you have a "predisposed opinion" of "those people".

I think you be prejudiced.


I'm just going to say the same things over and over again - pretend this is just a Webb campaign story when every news outlet in the country has picked this up AND Allen has apologized.

Ignore all that. Webb's just super sad and lashing out! Yeah, that's all this is!

(Wait ... where are you going ... please don't check Google news ...


... Nooooooooooooo!!!!!)


Spank- Are you ignoring the noose for any particular reason? Or is strawman the best you got?


The story has hit CNN complete with screen shots of Not Larry Sabato and RaisingKaine but no mention of the websites by name and a short interview with Siddarth. They mention the slur, explain that it is racists and infer that he did do in his presidential ambitions and hurt his current campain.

Fan of Integrity

Also heard Allen's explanation that he was (through Sidarth) welcoming Webb to that part of VA.
Ahhh hahahaha. If that weren't such a lie I'd laugh.
It's easily fact-checked that Webb's family settled in SWVA after the Revolutionary War.
Buzzzzz. Try again Allen.

Spanky - take each thing in that list and post about it individually. Nice tactic.

Next up: so is every man with a lynching noose in his office a racist? Say it ain't so!

Not Don Rumsfeld

Sophrostupid- listing facts and content and things "actually" "happening" in the "real" "world" will only embolden our enemies. Please leave the Internets facts to Emporer Ted Stevens.

J.C. Wilmore

John McCain is supposed to appear with George Allen in Norfolk tomorrow.

Bridget McCain is of Bangladeshi origin. McCain and his wife adopted her from an orphanage run by Mother Teresa.
I wonder if George Allen will call McCain's adopted daughter a "Macaca"?

McCain's straight talk express e-mail is: [email protected]


The Collective has seen strong segments about George Felix Allen (Locutious) insulting some non-collected individual the Collective cannot see on camera. We pronounce this story has now jumped the shark because the know nothing media has picked it up and keeps playing it again and again.

Resistance is fundamental.

tradesports.com has Webb up $5 for the day. Botton line: slight bump up for a way behind Webb. Webb needs another boost to be taken as a serious challenge.

Monkey/Anti-Christ, the list goes on.

The fact is:


Time to find a new party...

Anonymous Blowhard


Where is Charles and his boringly long, ponderous, turgid, and ego-boosting comments? He is missed by all.


I wonder if Allen is done as far as 2008 goes. While he could certainly survive this in Virginia on sheer momentum (plus, Webb's screechy band of amatuers might end up taking it too far in trying to milk it), there are many important electoral states where this just would not fly, and in a national campaign it would no doubt get played the heck out of in a way that would be just slightly too effective to ward off.

A.Blowhard: Beats being a nasty scumbag koolaide slurping party beast!

Face it, most of America hates you and your kind.

Fact is, nobody gives a rat's ass about this race except the junkies, and they already have their noses browning up their plastic heros while 95% of VA, if they even vote at all, will vote their party.

Webb will barely break 40% even with his latest dribble of cash from Soros.

It's so cute to watch the newbies believe they know politics.

Anonymous Blowhard


I'm going to get Not Don Rumsfeld back in here, and his buddy Ted. Crap, where is Ted?


Y'now 9:08, you're right. It is fun to watch the newbies believe they know politics. On the other hand, you've offered no indication that you could find your ass with two hands and a flashlight.

This has been a fun debate, with generous stereotyping on both sides. Personally, I'm inclined to favor the theory that this will win Webb votes, since Virginians, even when they're unreconstructed bigots, are typically polite. At least, ummm, downstate, here.

If you're from NOVA, your argument is absurd, since that's the region where this will do Webb the most good. If you're from elsewhere, you underestimate the distaste that traditional Virginia votes have for the unseemly. That's a phenomenon which isn't going to help me in the statewide election *I'm* following, but it'll help Webb on this issue.

Ralph Nader

Here here, 9:08 anon. I do nothing to build a real party, like win local elections, get involved with real problems, build consensus, build a presence in congress and federal government. But at least I can find my ass with my hands... wheeze...

And I may not know politics, but I know a native born American after I've met him and talked with him .. wheeze...

David Weintraub

Sophrosyne, are you Charles' replacement?

Not Don Rumsfeld

Let me just say, if I might, that I can, in fact, if needed, find my ass with my hands. I think you would have a dickens of a time finding a quote where I said I could not find my hands with my ass.. and by that I mean, if there is any hands in assing, I will be there, directing the said ass in handing or some such, involving rubber glove, George Allen's mouth and assness, generally, or your ass and what passes for whatever it is you might have in your assal region.

I don't think we could have predicted that anon 9:08 would in fact lose his ass and not be able to find it with, say, his own hands.

Not Dick Cheney

It's clear, David, that Charles is in his last throes, if you will. Let me just say, for the record, any hand in ass finding is not for those who are weak on security and protection of our oil stock interests, or, if you will, our haliburtonian qualities, plan B, or BP, seals not withstanding, standing in a puddle of industrial complex free trade. Grunt.

So you see.

Not Huey Long

Is George Allen related to Zidane?? Perhaps he would have liked to head-butt that poor 'macaca'?

Glitterpark-keep your hands off my ass and try to focus on the actual public outside your koolaide pitcher.

Reality will be such a suprise for you.

And BTW, even if Webb does a bit better in NOVA, you'll be lucky to see even 30% of the real people in the real world come out to vote in this "off" election.

70% of the public is really saying "Webb who?" and care more about American Idol.

Not Huey Long

What does it feel like to be an apologist for a racist, California-bred, third-string quarterback, fake-accent, do-nothing, chump of a Senator?? Talk about blinders...sheesh.

What does it feel like to be an apologist for a Nazi style cartoon and a racist Dixiecrat campaign staff?

Oh, I forgot, hating the Jews is not really considered "racist" anymore....as long as they are all refered to as "Zionists and Anti-Christs"....

Not Huey Long

Hey Anon...get some balls and post a handle when you want to throw out an allegation of anit-semitism. Of course, anytime you would like to actually discuss facts, then that would be fine with me also.


What's amazing is Allen's performance today demonstrated that he's a rascist at heart, a blatant hypocrite and a liar to boot.

Not a pretty description for a man who has already served as a United States Senator.

He showed America what he's made of today and it's not the "right stuff."

Yeah, and your real name is "Not Huey Long"?

Those are the facts.

What happened to Lieberman and Miller is a reality.

That cartoon is a reality that will not go away.

The nasty comments made by the national blogging party beasts about Lieberman is another reality that will not go away.

Right now the donkey is making a jackass out of it's self.

Not Huey Long

Typical Rovian-response...trying to turn the tables when your back is against the wall. My information is quite accessible unlike yourself. {Insert chicken taunting sound effect}. Umm...if you would like to check out reality, then enjoy the front-page coverage tomorrow. Goodnight wimp.

So you answer in a style that you accuse of your opponent?

How Mudrat like!

Sorry, it ain't going to work.

Try again when you grow up and leave your mother's basement.

BTW- why don't you turn around and look at your friends who are screaming "Rah rah Hezbollah" while you plug their Jew hating *cough* sorry "Zionist" hating UN backed candidate?

Wake up!

Yeah, Allen is a putz and a moron, but don't blind yourself to what is happening in this country right now.


Oh, come on. JC. John McCain has already demonstrated that he doesn't care if someone attacks his daughter. His literal embrace of Bush after the disgusting attacks he was subjected to in 2000 made it crystal clear that McCain has no principles or familial loyalties that he's not ready to jettison if it's politically expedient.


Chad Dotson confirmed in yesterday's thread that the guy had a mohawk. I know democrats like to claim we are all liars, but i believe Chad is above reproach in that regard, or at least he was until yesterday.

Chad reported that several people not associated with the Allen campaign even ASKED him at an event last week "who's the guy with the mohawk". So it seems clear that this claim that the guy didn't have a mohawk is simply false.

Given that the webb supporters dismiss the "macaca/mohawk" mistaken statement idea anyway, why do they find it so important to mislead us about the guy's haircut?


I just saw the UVA student interviewed on tv. He does NOT gave a mohawk. And anyone who thinks so is just silly.

His hair is cut shorter on the side than the top - slightly. But in no way, fashion or form, is it a mohawk.

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