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» George Allen, racist from Ersatz Express
Anyone who didnt know that George Allen is a virulent racist should see this latest video: The person he keeps referring to is a twenty-year-old Webb volunteer named Saddarth. Allen repeatedly calls him something like Macaca and w... [Read More]

» Sen. Allen (R-VA) Plays to the Republican Base... from Mike the Mad Biologist
and calls a dark-skinned man of Indian descent a monkey. [Read More]

» Senate Allen (R-VA) Sounds Like A Racist from Tennessee Guerilla Women
Gee, is Sen. George Allen (R) guilty of the grossest racism? Or is he just an incredibly ignorant and ill mannered good old boy who likes to insult and laugh at brown people? [Read More]

» Oh, fer pete's sake! from CatHouse Chat
Implying that Sen. George Allen a racist for this? At a campaign rally in southwest Virginia on Friday, Allen repeatedly called a volunteer for Democrat James Webb "macaca." During the speech in Breaks, near the Kentucky border, Allen began by [Read More]

» Oh, fer pete's sake! from CatHouse Chat
Implying that Sen. George Allen a racist for this? At a campaign rally in southwest Virginia on Friday, Allen repeatedly called a volunteer for Democrat James Webb "macaca." During the speech in Breaks, near the Kentucky border, Allen began by [Read More]

» Oh, fer pete's sake! from CatHouse Chat
Implying that Sen. George Allen a racist for this? At a campaign rally in southwest Virginia on Friday, Allen repeatedly called a volunteer for Democrat James Webb "macaca." During the speech in Breaks, near the Kentucky border, Allen began by [Read More]

» George Allen Only Pretending To Be Stupid from Jon Swift
Using an apparent racial slur against his opponent's operative actually shows how smart George Allen really is. [Read More]


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Live boy or dead girl?

J.C. Wilmore

It's only two toupees: wake me up when it gets to four.


You used to break some newsworthy stuff. But now almost all your alerts are fluff.

Please. spare us.

How major is this shakeup?


OK...so it has something to do with Cantor? Or Shaun Kenney? Or does the toupee icon always link to Perseverando?

Anon 5:30 - agreed.

I bet NLS will be reporting that Dick Saslaw also goes to Alexandria Bubbles.

Only two toupees?


Come on... what's the action!? I NEED to know now NLS. I NEED my fix.

Whats the news. Did someone get fired?

Greg Bouchillon

I vote dead boy.

Johnny Longtorso

Jim Webb and George Allen got into a fistfight because they were double-booked at Bubbles.


Anyone think NLS just says this to stir stuff up and make a non issue an issue?

Greg Bouchillon

Ben's a bit lonely today probably.


Yes. NLS, like zogby, was discredited years ago.

"Yes. NLS, like zogby, was discredited years ago."

The key difference between Ben and Zogby is that Zogby actually once HAD credibility.


Interesting how fast Ben says George Allen did somethng bad after he announces he is paid by the Webb campaign to advertise Jim Webb. Anyone think Ben is just trying to get more money?

J.C. Wilmore

Okay, four toupees, I'm awake.


NLS bashing George Allen is about as surprising as Rush Limbaugh bashing Hillary Clinton.

How much longer?!

Yea how much longer till we have to hear your lies?


One thing I learned in my career is that video doesn't lie. Ask my good friend, the male prostitute Jeff Gannon/Jim Guckert.


What, did Allen buy more stock in that abortion company, Barr?

J.C. Wilmore

No my friends, it's much bigger, and I believe Ben may have video.

I can't wait to see.

Shaun Kenney

What'd I do now? :)

A four toupee alert... not bad. Is this like a code yellow terrorism alert?


Okay. So he's got video. And it doesn't show Allen in a very good light? Is that the deal, JC?

J.C. Wilmore

Apparently . . . I'm in the same boat as the rest of you, waiting to see what the deal is.


Ben, c'mon! Please?


OK, I spent a very hot and romantic night with Ben last night, so I totally know the details. We had a lot of wine and a lot of...well, nevermind. Point is y'all are going to be blown away.

BTW-Ben? Um...you haven't called me back. You said you loved me. Was that not true? Call me! Love you!


Okay Ben. Many of us have jobs to go to in the morning. Are you going to post a link to this video or what?

Is it Allen stepping in dog feces or what?

Jim Hoeft

So with this video, are you now officially a Webb-caster?


For the love of God, what are you talking about???

OK, if this is a video why does it need to be verified with the campaign? Shouldn't it speak for itself? Just post the damn thing if you've got something.


At this point it had better be truly earth-shattering, or the toupee system has lost all credibility.


I'm practically quivering with anticipation, Benjamin. Don't keep me waiting any longer.

And yes, your eager groupie is expecting something BIG.


If this story is big enough, I'm going to throw a Webb house party at my place tomorrow night to watch the video and see Allen go down. That would be a house party to remember.

Until then, I'm going to sleep. This video is too late for me.

Southern Democrat

This better be good. I hope it has nothing to do with what was in on the conference call at the house parties.


I have a feeling that this is going to be really funny.


Is it just me...or is that 6 toupees?


It is 6, but I think this story is being blown out of proportion.

Not Larry Sabato

More coming in the morning..


"More coming in the morning..."

Now that's just not fair. Give us a hint?


I think NLS is pulling our chain now. If this was big, he would put this video up even in the wee hours of the morning. Or at least say what it is.

If this is what I have heard involving Allen at a campaign stop, there might as well be a few more toupees on the alert.

Doug G-D

It's not 6 toupees, he's just happy to see you jaime.

OK Ben, it's morning...

If you have a video, what are you waiting for?

This is really getting silly. Post the thing!

Rob at Raising Kaine

I guarantee this is haircut related. Just a hunch.

So did the Webb tracker following Allen actually get some good video? Would be ironic if he did since the Webb folks (and NLS) had such a problem with Allen using a tracker.


If the rumors are true, Allen is pretty fucked, I think. We're talking national coverage, Lieberman/Lamont/Mel Gibson style....

Do we have to hit a certain number of comments before you post it ... perhaps 50??

we're almost there ...

What are the rumors Jaime?


Not sure-I have just heard some things in passing. It's not my baby....


If there is video, why all the coyness and what needs to be confirmed with his campaign insiders? Doesn't video speak for itself?


Question...if this is a campaign killer, can Allen be replaced on the republican ticket or does he have to stay on the ballot no matter what?

Webb Defeats Allen

So lovely.

It brings tears of joy to my eyes.

Webb Defeats Allen

btw, Jim Webb's tears cure cancer, but he has never cried... ever. ;)


"If the rumors are true"

Who cares it the rumors are true - what are the rumors?

An apocryphal story about LBJ says he once accused an opponent of being a pig f***er. WHen one of his aides asked if he thought it was true, he replied, "Of course not, but I want to see him deny it for the rest of the campaign."


You must be refering to the video from a campaign event where he overthrows a football and nails a little boy in the head?

Matt in VA

It's Allen making old ladies slip on ice.


All these celebrities are over 90. Will we join this list while waiting for the video?

Glenn Ford 90
Robert McNamara 90
Eli Wallach 90
Harry Morgan ("MASH") 90
Sargent Shriver (Peace Corps) 90
Richard Widmark 91
Jack LaLanne 91
Professor Irwin Corey 92
Sammy Baugh (Redskins QB) 92
Jane Wyman 92
Mark Felt ("Deep Throat" from Watergate) 92
Lady Bird Johnson 93
Gerald Ford 93
Art Linkletter 94
Studs Terkel 94
Karl Malden 94
Byron Nelson 94
Maharishi Yogi 94
Jane Wyatt ("Father Knows Best") 94
Milton Friedman (economist) 94
Buck O'Neill (baseball) 95
Mitch Miller 95
Joe Barbera (cartoonist, of Hanna-Barbera) 95
John Wooden 95
Kitty Carlisle 95
Dolores (Mrs. Bob) Hope 97
Ernest Gallo 97
Dr. Michael DeBakey 97
Albert Hofmann (invented LSD) 100


Drink wine while waiting for this video.

Matt in VA

Gol-darn it Ben, why write that something 'sent chills down your spine' if you aren't going to share it quickly? You've got me all distracted now.

There is going to be a huge collective let-down when it is posted.


The collective will not be let down. Prepare to be assimilated.

if its only a football in the head thats more like americas funniest home videos and not a make or break in the campaign. at this point if the stories about allen throwing people through glass doors and keeping a noose in the office to remind him of the good old days around havent derailed him, damn near nothing will.


I don't think that Ben is reading this. I actually think he's conversing with folks and working out how to best break this story. I get the feeling that this isn't one of his fake scandals. Hmmmm...

Fingers crossed here in Tidewater. Hoping to have a reason for folks here to throw another party for Webb tonight.

Enough already! If you have something, post it.


I'm betting that it's a mighty big let-down when this actually gets posted . . . that's been the pattern in the past.

JMU Duke

I know of at least one other blogger that knows what this is all about..would someone please come and scoop NLS? Even if the video is not ready, this happened. I think Ben enjoys seeing people clamor for his information. I'm going to see if my friend will post first, if so I'll let you guys know.

I am betting that it is a HUGE let-down. Huge. Big enough to ruin the credibility of these "alerts."

Matt in VA

Is Ben really willing to let his credibility go that far down the tubes for the Webb campaign? A record six tupees preceeding a letdown after Webb buys an ad would be pretty much the end of it for me.


Patience.....I do not think anyone will be let down. In fact, I think NLS may make some MSM headlines if he breaks this and it's what I think it is. NLS-soon to be a guest on Hardball...

Or, I am totally wrong, and it's just that Allen likes peanuts better than soynuts.

It will be closer to the latter.

Next time, he should do 30 tupees.


I am going to shave my head and wear a toupee in honor of Ben.


All your toupees are belong to us. Prepare to make your time for making us wait.


Ben: You've got our attention. Now, out with it!

william jackson

So how many people are sitting at work hitting the refresh key every few minutes?

Only six toupees?


Allen in a Foghorn Leghorn get-up. Two Redskins' cheerleaders. A live boy; a dead girl; a pound and a half of macaroni salad; Bacon-BitsTM. Shredded romaine. Quart of William Weller and a twist of lime.


Bacon-Bits... the collective loves Bacon-Bits...

The inventor of LSD is 100 years old? I shoulda studied less in college ... er ah ... studied more!

Matt in VA

In the meantime, there's a new CD out called Return to Cookie Mountain by the band TV on the Radio. I like it a lot. You should listen to it.


The collective will overload this thread. The collective will make NLS pay. The collective has shopping to get done.

Matt in VA

The collective is typically a litte more subtle.

Dom Telay

The real Larry Sabato would have had the news online by now. Just sayin'


Oh please let it be a video of Allen getting an abortion!


Could it be....that Georgie Boy finally got around to castigating Conrad Burns...and did it in a way that is ass-hat stupid?

Hmm...he broke the republican 11th commandment, thou shalt not speak ill of other republicans...

J.C. Wilmore

I'm astounded by the of imagination. It's obvious if you will just take the time to think about it.


Allen searching through a dumpster behind an abortion clinic?

Matt in VA

George Allen was caught in an affair with Katherine Harris. Woah.

no, not really.

Ben Loves Barney

I love you.
You love me.
We’re a big happy family.

With a great big hug
And a kiss from me to you
Won’t you say you love me, too?

It's time to start "working" now, Ben. It’s 10:30 already. Barney has just ended, so turn off the TV and...

J.C. Wilmore

First hint: it's a video. Think about that for a little while.

Matt in VA

JC, that just isn't fair.


The BORG has assimilated J.C. Wilmore along with Tom Friedman's Moustache of Understanding ^ TM and will make all clear by explaining the purple giraffe to the left leaning klammeraffe! The answer is: 42.


It's a video, and it may dash any chances for Allen to be POTUS. What could do that?

And no, I didn't make out with Allen, even though he asked me to.

Rob at Raising Kaine

The clues are in the comments.... Read carefully.

JMU Duke

Well what is it J.C.? Do you know or do you have a good hunch?


Print Now...Retract Later...always the best plan of attack Ben...that's what you do when you insult the Webb staff why not be consistent.


Print Now...Retract Later...always the best plan of attack Ben...that's what you do when you insult the Webb staff why not be consistent.

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