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Allen really fucked up!

James Martin

George Allen must resign from all his leadership posts like Trent Lott did when he made racist comments... This is gross, really gross

Fan of Integrity

Said it twice with a smile- and added in Welcome to America for the cherry on top.
Allen's ego is too big for either an apology or a resignation. He'll just continue to lie and lie like his buddy W.
How many people will buy the lie?

Not Dick Wadham

You'll get neither and like it! All your Senate seats are belongs to us!

Rob at Raising Kaine

Ben - did you see the real LS's comments? It usually takes a lot for the Prof to see a serious scandal - and looks like he sees it here.

Mason Conservative

"a significant day in Virginia Political History." ????

What about Willis Robertson losing to William Spong, ending the Byrd Machine?

What about Doug Wilder becoming the first black man in the country's history to become govenror?

What about Linwood Holton's vicotry?

What about secession?

A little hyberole, maybe? Come on, if you are going to demand Allen resign over this, then you should do the same for Hillary Clinton when she joked that Ghandi worked in a gas station, or Joe Biden's crack about Indians working at 7-11 in Deleware. Come on now. Its stupid, he needs to apoligize, but I think your getting too jazzed becaue this is the only way you all can win this race. Gotcha politics at its best. Webb has brought nothing of signifigence or value to this race, and he still hasn't.

Great picutre btw

Not Chuck Robb

Here's the angle Jarding/Mudcat and team Webb need to emphasize as they seek to grow some legs for this story:

Sen. George Allen obviously and outrageously racially slurred one of HIS OWN CONSTITUENTS, someone whom he represents at the highest level of legislative government and someone who has full rights as a citizen to vote in this election. Can we risk continuing to let him represent Virginia?

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

The Washington Post has changed the story on their website.

The Post story now includes an apology from Allen and a statement from him that he didn't know what it meant.

They also noted that Wadams initially dismissed the story "with an expletive and insisted the senator has "nothing to apologize for. . . ."

Maybe its time for Wadams to go. Not very good at spinning.

Fan of Integrity

Clinton and Biden did not hurl racial epithets twice to one specific person, while adding Welcome to America for additional shock value.

Not Mason Conservative

Gotcha politics? Please - George Allen has nobody to blame but himself. Can you blame Jim Webb for going to the mat for their staffer? Heck, the man is a boxer and a decorated marine, I'd expect nothing less.

Allen's political career is about to get bloodied - he slurred the wrong man's campaign staffer.

Mason Conservative

Not Harry F. Byrd,

About Wadhams, you might be right. Allen has never needed him before to win statewide. Someone might have to fall for this, and it could be him. Wadhams latched on to Allen because he wants to be a presidential kingmaker, but like Jarding, he really gets nasty.

Ben - did you see the real LS's comments? It usually takes a lot for the Prof to see a serious scandal - and looks like he sees it here.

What are they? Can you give us a link?


But allen "must" be lying, because NLS just claimed to have PROOF that Allen knew exactly what they word meant, because Allen's mother is from Tunisia and therefore would have taught him her racist words......

Of course Allen apologized -- he used a term that some people apparently have been taught means something if you say it differently, and good people always apologize for offense given, even when the offense is contrived and the act unintended.

Wadhams is a campaign guy who got ahead of his boss -- maybe he'll be hung out because of it, probably not. I don't care if he goes, he's not the guy I'm voting for -- I'm voting for the guy with the class to apologize when someone claims offense.

Quite unlike Webb's reaction when Miller said Webb offended him.

Now, let's dig up old friends of the family who will insist that Allen's mother was a racist who regularly used offensive foreign racial slurs and taught them to her son.

After all, NLS insists that since "his mother grew up in the very area this slang comes from", it is "damning evidence that he knew exactly what he was saying."

I'm still trying to grasp the seeming fact that Webb supporters are stupid enough to believe Allen would purposely use a racist term nobody knows because it would "appeal to his base".

Because I'll tell you -- whatever else you want to use to smear the republican party, don't suggest we like people who speak french.

Mason Conservative

Washington Post has Allen's apology:

An interesting nugget from the article:

Steve Mukherjee, a spokesman for the Washington chapter of the Association of Indians in America, said Allen's comments were "hurtful," and he chided the senator for not being more sensitive.
. . . .

Asked what macaca means, Mukherjee said: "What it means, I don't know. But it's going to cause him some grief."

So SPOKESMAN for the Association of Indians in America doesn't know what the word means, but the leftwing blogosphere does, apparently.

This story will be over in a week. Then its back to finding Jim Webb. I bet he's somewhere with Carmen San Diego.


To the comment that Allen smeared the guy twice --

If Allen had used a DIFFERENT name the 2nd time, it might actually provide a shred of evidence that Allen meant to smear the guy.

As it is, using the same name twice when Allen thought that was the guy's name makes perfect sense if it WASN'T a racial epithet, and makes no sense if it was.

Of course, since Allen didn't even use the word people are blaming him for (macaca is not Makaque, and has a different number of syllables) the whoe thing seems contrived. Like "nigardly" being confused for a racist word by people who have an insufficient grasp of words.

Here's my new "Webb" theory: They had no idea about Macaque when they started. They actually planned to say that Allen was using the word "ca-ca", meaning "poop", to slur the guy. But when they looked up the word they found a word similar to it that in a foreign language meant something, and found the tunisia connection, and off they went with what they thought was an even better smear.

After all, that's why they paid this guy to follow Allen around and videotape him -- to get SOMETHING, ANYTHING, they could use to resurrect their campaign.

The Washington Post online seemed to be willing to help out, linking the video provided by the Webb campaign, and the story of "how" it went down as provided by the Webb campaign staffer -- to the point of accepting the Webb staffer's edit of the tape, rather than linking to the entire tape so we could get the whole context of the speech.

Not Charles

"I don't care if he goes, he's not the guy I'm voting for -- I'm voting for the guy with the class to apologize when someone claims offense.

Quite unlike Webb's reaction when Miller said Webb offended him."

Do you get tired of being wrong all the time? Look at this link.


If you're too lazy, here's the important part.

Webb said he did not think the ad was anti-Semitic but added that "if anyone views in any way that ad as being anti-Semitic, they certainly have my apologies, because that was certainly not my intent."

Not Mason Conservative

MC - stop being lame. If someone purposefully picks you out for your color and makes fun of you for it, does it really matter if you know the dictionary definition of the word they used?

No. You should get on the right side of the scandal or stay silent, like the rest of the conservative blogosphere. Right now, you're digging a hole for yourself.


I'm sorry, "Not Charles", I was talking about the "Anti-Christ" comment, not the plagerized ad.

Did Webb apologize for calling Miller the "anti-christ"? I don't think so, because in the next debate he used it again.

But to answer your other question, I don't get tired of being wrong, when it occasionally happens I am happy to be corrected.

Not Larry Sabato

Mason Conservative, It is a European Slur used against Africans.

Why would an American from India know about it?

The reason Allen used it against him was not because he knew the guy was Indian, but because he was dark skinned.

Mason Conservative

"Webb said he did not think the ad was anti-Semitic but added that "if anyone views in any way that ad as being anti-Semitic, they certainly have my apologies, because that was certainly not my intent."

Sounds similar too:

"I would never want to demean him as an individual. I do apologize if he's offended by that. That was no way the point."

Both points hold. Wadhams was retarded to bring up the Jewish thing, since Jim Webb is NOT an anti-Semite and it was a depserate ploy by Team Miller to try and win.

Within hours of the comment, Allen has apologized, said he didn't mean to hurt the kids feelinsg, and apparently was trying to say a word he didn't even know.


Allen apologized--see the WaPost article that's running in tomorrow's edition.

Politically, this is a smart move. However, Allen claims that he didn't really know what the French epithet meant--which is highly questionable given the fact that his mother was a native speaker--so the damage control is not complete.

Given Allen's past, no apology can really undo the damage.

How this plays out in Virginia remains to be seen. However, Allen is finished on a national level. As president you have to deal with a multi-ethnic nation that does business internationally. I would not at all be surprised to see large international corporations--which have been strong supporters of Allen--back off. If there are alternatives big business will look elsewhere.

What makes Allen's remarks especially indefensible is that, unlike Trent Lott, Allen singled out a non-white person in a room full of white people for humiliation. I think this will resonate very deeply with educated voters and minorities. His comments ARE deeply troubling and there will be a serious fallout.

I expect we will hear some interesting spin from some of the conservative media--e.g. Fox News. Given Allen's history there's only so much spin that can be done. If there was any doubt that Allen is a racist that doubt disappeared earlier today.

Not Charles

I appreciate your acknowledgement of your previous error. I am completely unaware of Miller taking offense to Webb using the anti-christ comment, since some I.T. group had already used it. He reserved his gripes for the flyer; I could be the one who's wrong here, but I don't think Miller ever took offense to the anti-christ comment because he knew it was an over the top analogy that was an attack on his service as a lobbyist and not on his race.

Charles - I've never seen such upside down logic. So, if he had not said "mucaca" twice, it would be evidence that he meant to use it as a slur?

Here's what a logical argument looks like: He used the exact same word twice, showing that he wasn't struggling for a misremembered name. He knew exactly what he was saying.

I especially love how your write the same word using different letters, and claim them to be totally different. Of course, we're not talking about WRITTEN words here - we're talking about spoken words. And Allen nailed the slur's pronunciation perfectly.

Sorry, hope that didn't make your brain hurt.


Anyone have the real Larry Sabato's comments? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

"Welcome to america" says I all. Brown skin in a pasty white audience, "must be one a them immigrents."

Also interesting is the word "Macaca."
- It really sounds like the joining of the words "Macaque" and "Kaka," which refer (in french) to a monkey and shit, respectively.

Mason Conservative

SWEET! I have a Not Mason Conservative!!!! My blogging career can end!

First of all, my colors ROCK. Secondly, I already know I'm lame. I'm sitting here on a monday night doing THIS. Thirdly, I have said over and over that Allen should apologize, and he has. I JUST said Wadhams was retarded. But why should I roll over becuase you guys say so.

NLS, so let me get this striaght. The guy is Indian, Allen his half Tunisian, and the slur is European. This is getting wacky. So Allen knows this is a slur because he's half Tunisian, which means there's a bit of French in there, but the slur is European--but the guy is of Indian decent, but from Fairfax County. I think this "scandal" needs a map. You think maybe it wasn't his skin color that Allen pointed him out, but rahter he has seen him AT EVERY EVENT HE'S BEEN AT? Just saying, that could also be true.


"Welcome to america" says I all. Brown skin in a pasty white audience, "must be one a them immigrents."

Also interesting is the word "Macaca."
- It really sounds like the joining of the words "Macaque" and "Kaka," which refer (in french) to a monkey and shit, respectively.


For what it's worth, I saw the Webb staffer in question two times on Friday (at two separate events), and he certainly did have a mohawk haircut. No question about it. It looked like it was beginning to grow out, but it didn't look like the picture you linked to.

I was also at the Breaks event, but (un?)fortunately arrived after Allen's remarks.

Not Mason Conservative

It's pretty simple. It's a French Tunisian slur for people of color (esp. Africans and Arabs). Allen's mom is French Tunisian. So Allen picked out the word to use against a person of color.

Don't need a map for all that - unless you need to figure out where Tunisia is.

Chad - please. Look at the picture. A mohawk is a shaved strip down the middle of the head. There's no way he grew a full head of hair so quickly.

Embrace reality and think for a momeny.

I Trust Webb

I must admit, I guessed by tomorrow afternoon that Allen would have to issue an apology. I wrote earlier in the day that he should apologize, and I am glad he did.

Surprised that it came this evening, and the nearly sympathetic Allen story will run on Tuesday morning's front page of the Washington Post. The blogs and the Webb campaign went full throttle on this one issue today to see if it had any legs, and Allen himself (with some help from the Washington Post) just cut out the legs. To me, the Post story makes the issue seem almost innocuous, as though, “oh, that’s just George…been this way for a long time…we already knew…”

Sure, this issue will be helpful for little jabs along the way, but not enough to count unless Allen makes another mistake or two. I hope I'm wrong.

NLS -- I do not agree with the strategy of connecting Allen’s mother with an ethnic slur. You are quietly insinuating that Allen’s mother must be racist. While I have no love for Allen, insinuating that Allen’s mother is racist without direct proof is wrong. Very wrong. She is not running for office, Allen is.

As far as Wadhams, as much as I would love to see him sneak out of town, that will not happen. 84 days to go. The election is too close for that.

Oops - mistyped - a mohawk is a strip of hair down the middle of the head, the rest being shaved.



It is clear from the videotape that Allen picked the guy out because he was a paid Webb staffer with a videocamera at a republican event.

It's only the DEMOCRATS who insist on pointing out the guys ethnicity and color. Allen never mentioned it.

Good catch about Muckherjee. Sounds like a democrat "I have no idea what it means, but it offends me to hear Allen say it, and it's going to hurt him".

Facts don't matter, it's all about feelings and reactions for democrats.


Please explain how Allen's mother being a "native speaker" would somehow be passed to Allen -- language is not genetic, you know.

Allen's comments to the man were not offensive on the face of it. Nobody in the audience laughed at the guy, and Allen was pleasant in speech. He didn't get the guy's name right, and he apologized for that, but when you are a campaign staff for the opposing candidate filming at a campaign event and standing where everybody can see you it isn't surprising that the candidate might point you out.

And it isn't the candidate's fault that you happen to be a person hung up on your color.

BTW, do we have independent confirmation that there were no other people of other races or nationalities in the audience? I can certainly believe it COULD be so, but has anybody other than the Webb staffer made that claim?

The Washington Post doesn't attempt to confirm it, they just report that Sadarth said it. In fact, they also just report that Sadarth was offended, and in fact the story seems based on Sadarth calling the Washington Post to claim offense and offer his videotape to them.

It was a good campaign trick for Webb -- he got Sidarth quoted in the paper saying "I hope Allen realized Virginian's come in all colors", without the paper providing ANY response by the Allen camp to that patently rediculous assertion.

It's like the first good thing Webb did, and it wasn't him, it was some 20-year-old college student.


Mason Conservative:
Where do a lot of bigots learn their slurs...why from their parents. Now we have a term that appears to be used as a slur in French (and in Tunisia) for dark skinned people. It doesn't take a giant leap to figure out one possible source of where Allen's term was picked up.

I certainly heard racists terms in the company of some people I have been close to without endorsing such behavior. I certainly never took pleasure in using offensive terms.

Let's just for a moment imagine that allen just made up this word on the spot, not knowing it had any meaning. ....What about "Welcome to America." That one tops my list of foot-in-the mouth statements.

If it were Webb, I wouldn't be defending him right now. Why do you defend such obvious insults....?

Mason Conservative

"It's pretty simple. It's a French Tunisian slur for people of color (esp. Africans and Arabs). Allen's mom is French Tunisian. So Allen picked out the word to use against a person of color."

This is awfully presumptious of you that the lovely Mrs. Allen would teach her children racial slurs in French. Are you saying that Mrs. Allen was racist? Can you source for me this information? Can you read minds? You know, FOR SURE 10000% that George Allen's MOTHER taught him racial slurs in french. Thats a pretty horrible thing to accuse someones mother.

All cheeckiness aside, it is presumption and speculation. You actually have not proof that Allen knew what this mean, you have no proof that his mother taught him this. This sounds like grasping me to me. Allen has apologized, this little racial card is not working, and now you are going after his mother. Nice work.

Btw, your name is totally awesome.

I Trust Webb - No one is calling his mother a racist. It's just why he knows the language. Who knows how he was exposed to the word - a trip to the motherland, some French movie mom rented, an uncle's crazy friend. The point is that this is a French Tunisian slur, and Allen has had a closeness to that language since birth. Where this word bled into his brain is between him and God.


I looked at the picture. And I saw the guy twice on the day in question, within about six hours, including at the Breaks event. As a matter of fact, I was told by the campaign, before the event earlier in the day, that a guy with a mohawk was following them around.

At least three other people in attendance at the first event -- not affiliated with the campaign -- asked me about "the guy with the mohawk." He kinda stood out because of the bizarre hair.

His hair was longish on top, but shaved on the sides...really looked as if he had a mohawk at one time, but hadn't had it trimmed in a while.

Mason Conservative

"Welcome to America." if you watch the whole thing, Allen corrects himself and says welcome to Virginia, its more a comment about the red state v. blue state divide. Allen had just finished talking about Webb on his hands and knees begging Hollywood bigshots for money. I actually think this was really more about red state v. blue state. But since I support Allen, naturally that makes me a racist, so i'm probably wrong.

Moderate 5-19

What George Allen wants us to believe is that he is calling another person a name and he does not know what the word means. Let us assume (for the sake of argument) that Allen really did not know the meaning to this word. Either Allen is calling a name he does not himself understand the meaning to, (how ridiculous would that be); or he did know what he was saying a chose to use this word anyway. I can’t see how it matters. Either way it was ignorant and wrong.

And BTW how can one really believe Allen did not know what he was saying when he followed it with the “welcome to America” comment.

Come on people stop drinking the kool- aid


I did not mean to say that Allen's mom is anything. But Allen must have some contact with the french/Tunisian world. Perhaps he picked it up there.

I still think "Welcome to America" takes the cake.

Does this thing have legs? Who cares. This just shows Allen for what he is... remeber no one forced him to say what he said.

Not Mason Conservative

I refer you to anon's comments at 12:01. He said better than I ever would.

No one is going after his mother. I'm sure she'd be appalled that he learned this word from her language and used it as a grown man during a Senatorial campaign. Allen made this mistake, this is his burden to bear.


See, I just said I thought Webb's campaign might have been meaning to say ALlen meant 'ka-ka", and sure enough, an anonymous poster says exactly that.

Meanwhile, over at Wikopedia, the guys that try to keep that thing in line are struggling to find ANY reference to the slang term "macaque" that uses a 3-syllable pronunciation. The references all say it's two syllables.

So the anon poster who claimed Allen pronounced it perfectly, well since nobody knows what the word macaca means, I guess we can't argue over how it's pronounced.

Now I'm beginning to suspect Webb purposely chose a minority for this job hoping that Allen would make ANY reference to him at all.

Note that in the post article, there's a lot of complaint about simply "singling out" the guy because he was not white. That claim would have "held up" even if Allen had used the guys actual name. It sounds like Webb's camp was hoping Allen would reference the guy, and had a press release ready to go claiming he "singled him out because of his race".

The words they taped him saying were just extra fluff for them to use.

Allen's mother doesn't have to be a racist for Allen to learn the words. Most slurs are reserved for certain parts of the world;

Play hypothetical with me. If a candidate called out a kid who had tatoos on his calves a "caffir", it would seem innocent. But lets say this candidate's mother comes from South Africa Those who know the area or do a little research would know 'kaffir' to be an offensive and demeaning word.

To use a word and claim ignorance of it when the area in which it is used is your mother's native country is a pretty big coincidence.

Mason Conservative

Well folks, I'm putting my Allen Kool Aid down for the night and going to bed. This has been a good night's entertainment. I am especially throwing a shout out to Not Mason Conservative. Its nice knowing someone doesn't want to be me. Having a "Not" makes me feel like a real blooger now!

I fully expect the liberal intelligensia to crank up this story, it'll be on the websites and in the papers. By when Allen's celebrating victory in Novemeber, this will all mean nothing.

Have a good night, friends!


I will say that the mohawk guy didn't cause a stir at either event I attended. He stood quietly in the back, taping everything. Never heard him say a word.

As a matter of fact, I guess the Webb campaign has some good video of me introducing the Senator. When will NLS air that video???


Actually, someone today told me about talking to Mrs. Allen (the mother) several years back.

My friend said, on this occasion, she was quite unpleasant after my friend failed to know who she was and treat her accordingly. "(She) was the wife of George Allen! The coach of the Washington Redskins. Don't you know who I am?!!!"

My friend: "No"

Mrs. Allen: started "spitting vinegar and bullets."

(Maybe Mrs. Allen was just having a bad day, bless her heart.)


This story will be over in a week. Then its back to finding Jim Webb. I bet he's somewhere with Carmen San Diego.

Posted by: Mason Conservative | August 14, 2006 at 11:35 PM

Oh, Mason, I have a feeling a lot of people know Webb's name now. And it was nice and free. Thanks for screwing up again, Allen!


Anon 12;08, you still have the problem that "macaca" isn't a slur in french/tunisia.

There is a word with two syllables that IS a slur, but it isn't the 3-syllable word Allen used.

I guess you are saying he tried to use a french racial slur he learned as a kid from his mother, but didn't get it right.

BTW, does anybody still insist Allen PURPOSELY chose this word? If you do, you must believe that he wanted to slur the guy, but didn't want anybody in attendance to know, but wanted the WORLD to know later so he did it on tape so people could look up the word and fault him for it.

That, my friend, is totally unbelievable.

If, on the other hand, it just "slipped out" because he knew the word from childhood, realise that such words don't just slip out once -- show me one other time in Allen's HISTORY where he used the same word.

HOWEVER, if you mistakenly use such a word because it just "slips out", there's no way you are going to use it a SECOND time. You are going to stammer and make SURE you don't say anything bad again.

Allen said it twice, so he meant to say it. So we are back to either Allen thought that was the name they were using for the guy, or he purposely used a slang racial term that he knew nobody in attendance would recognize, but that someone watching his opponent's videotape would look up and use against him later.

And Allen wouldn't do that. It is completely outside the bounds of a rational theory. "Hey, Wadhams, I know what we should do -- let's use an obscure french racial slur against that guy following us around, and make sure he gets it on tape so the media can castigate me for it later. But just to be funny, let's MISPRONOUNCE IT".

Oh, the things people will believe.

NLS: The only reason this is a "better managed" scandal than Davis v. Hurst is because people like you decide what to promote and what not to promote.

I guess you decided this scandal was sexy enough for you, huh?

I'm sorry, "Not Charles", I was talking about the "Anti-Christ" comment, not the plagerized ad.

Did Webb apologize for calling Miller the "anti-christ"? I don't think so, because in the next debate he used it again.

But to answer your other question, I don't get tired of being wrong, when it occasionally happens I am happy to be corrected.

Posted by: charles | August 14, 2006 at 11:41 PM

OOOOOOOOOOOO, I am shocked. Another Republican with a big ego and a small penis. Hot.


You know, that's what a lot of people think, I get these e-mails all the time offering to "correct" that problem for me.....


No, Charles. I think his snotty little college republican staff used the word, I think Allen repeated it, and I think it doesn't matter if he knew what it meant. If he was going to be a pompous as and introduce him insincerely, he could have used his real name, or called him out by calling him a Webb head, or some other name that Reps think we actually have the time to get offended by. THIS is offensive, bc of the Welcome to AMerica comment. I notice no Reps want to talk about that bc that know that is the real issue.


Yes, Charles, it's all a coincidence, and no doubt if the guy with the video camera had been white, Allen would have called him Macaca and welcomed him to America too.

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

The Post now has an editorial up.


It's gonna have legs. Here comes the ads and mail pieces.

Allen just lost 30,000 votes in NOVA.

I Trust Webb

Yep. That has some legs. How far? Who knows. No doubt, Tuesday will not be a good day for Allen/Wadhams.


Good. I'm glad to see that the editorial board got the point. What Allen did by attempting to use that young man's skin color to mock him and score political points was hideous. Happy to see they're taking him to task.


Wizbang Politics is a conservative blog but doesn't like the incident:

"Dammit, man, you are a politician in the 21st Century. You've been elected to statewide office twice, you're no neophyte. Your opponent has a man with a video camera in the crowd, taping everything. So you choose this moment to single him out for taunting? To get a cheap laugh?

Sorry, Senator. If I lived in Virginia, I would probably hold my nose and vote for you anyway, knowing who your opponent is. But you talk about running for President, and show this sort of judgement?

Take my advice and open a barbeque restaurant chain, instead. Everyone will be happier."


Not Jimmy "The Greek" Snyder

From the Post article:

"House Majority Leader H. Morgan Griffith (R-Salem), who represents southwest Virginia, said the Webb campaign is just "grabbing for stuff" to gain traction against Allen. Griffith said he doubts anyone at the rally even picked up on Allen's use of the word macaca.

"Not many people in southwest Virginia would think it is derogatory," Griffith said. "I didn't have a clue what it meant, and I doubt Allen did, either."

Ok, he's in one of the whitest, poorest and most rural parts of the state. While they might not have known that "macaca" is an insult - it's monkey in Portugues as well and is a major racial insult - they certainly knew that G. Felix was making fun of the guy. Gotta love rednecks, as long as you can make fun of someone you're better than them, never mind that you yourself are semi-illiterate and poor.

If G Felix didn't know what he meant when he said it, is Griffen saying that G. Felix is stupid and that it's ok? I don't understand that at all.

Alex F

Most people in VA certainly wouldn't recognize it as a slur - I didn't. It really isn't American; it's European and North African - used to refer mostly to blacks but perhaps also dark-skinned people in general.

The word 'macaque' in English isn't pronounced 'macaca' according to any dictionary I've seen. It sounds more like 'makakak'. And the accent is on the final syllable; Allen clearly accents the 2nd. But Allen's pronounciation sounds very much like how the same word might be spoken in French.

Somebody should do some reporting here. We know that Allen has a sister who has written about him critically; it would be interesting to contact her and see if this word was in use in the Allen household.


The story's been picked up by the Indo-Asian News Service now and is starting to appear at places like indiaenews.com, indianmuslims.info, and dailyindia.com.


Most of us conservatives aren't talking much about the "welcome to america" comment because even the people attacking Allen admit that the "welcome to america" was meant as "welcome to the real america", which is clear if you watch the video rather than read the transcript.

I've looked at the guy's picture, and there's no way anybody is going to assume the guy isn't from america. He doesn't look that foreign.

I see a subtle shift in the complaint -- a smart shift which would have played better if it had been used from the start.

If you presume that Allen was simply making up a funny name for the guy, then you can argue that Allen singled out the guy to make fun of, which makes some sense because the guy was an operative from the opponent's campaign and its normal to make fun of the other campaign staff, especially if they are crashing your party.

And if the guy was really the only non-white in the room, he probably DID feel some angst, and therefore being singled out would have felt uncomfortable for him no matter WHAT Allen actually said to him.

and while it is clear to me that Allen was addressing him as an opposition staffer taping the event for his boss, I can see how he might have interpreted things differently being the "odd man out" both in color and in political viewpoint.

Given that some campaigns have attacked opponents videotaping their events, or had them arrested, he may have been wary of the attention for that reason as well.

The washington Post editorial, and a few pundits on both sides, address the issue assuming the purposeful use of a racial slur, probably because they are behind the curve, or underestimate the degree to which reporters will allow themselves to be spun on a story like this.

Wadham doesn't help much in this case either. As I've said before, I often find that having a campaign guy speak first is a bad thing, as they almost always say something stupid.

Given that Wadhams KNOWS Allen didn't mean anything by the comment, he of course dismissed the complaint being made by an operative of the other campaign.

In fact, it amazes me that the Post ran so hard and fast with a story that was essentially generated by a political campaign, using their own paid people as the foils for their own "gotcha" game.

BTW, I'd love to see Allen as President, but if he doesn't make it, I won't be sad because then he'll be our Senator for another 4 years -- and I'm not looking forward to Tim Kaine getting to appoint Webb (or much more likely some liberal democrat) to the position in 2008, at the same time we might lose Warner's seat to the other Warner.

The thought of having two democrat Senators sends shivers down my spine, and I'll give up the Allen presidency to prevent it.


charles: "you still have the problem that 'macaca' isn't a slur in french/tunisia. There is a word with two syllables [macaque] that IS a slur, but it isn't the 3-syllable word Allen used."

You're suggesting that because Allen said three syllables ("macaca"), that means he wasn't using a slur. Nice try, but the two words (macaque and macaca) are interchangeable. The latter is a variation on the former. They both mean monkey.

The word Allen actually used, twice ("macaca," with three syllables), is clearly defined as "monkey" in a variety of references, such as these (none of which are wikipedia):









Therefore, one of the following must be true:

A) Allen taunted a dark-skinned person by using a word that means "monkey."

B) Allen has a speech impediment, and his mouth makes the sound "macaca" when he is trying to say "Mohawk" (which would mean that Allen is perhaps not racist, but merely a classless, bullying, speech-impaired jerk who thinks that it's cool to publicly ridicule someone's haircut, and is idiotic enough to do this while being filmed).

"But just to be funny, let's MISPRONOUNCE IT"

Trouble is, he didn't "MISPRONOUNCE IT." He pronounced it perfectly (http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/macaca).

"If you presume that Allen was simply making up a funny name for the guy"

And it's hysterically funny that the name Allen made up to describe this dark-skinned person is a word that means "monkey." Quite an accident, or coincidence.

"Oh, the things people will believe."


Alex: "The word 'macaque' in English isn't pronounced 'macaca' according to any dictionary I've seen."

What's abundantly clear (via the numerous references I cited above) is that "macaca," exactly the way Allen pronounced it, is simply a variation on "macaque." In other words, you're dead wrong.

"Most people in VA certainly wouldn't recognize it as a slur"

It's sort of a dog-whistle technique. Hard-core racists would know the reference, or be able to figure it out. Allen thought he could send these folks an appealing message, a message that most folks would simply not notice.

Allen has a compound problem. He's been outed as a racist (for saying it), and an idiot (for saying it while being filmed), and a liar (for attempting an utterly bogus, transparent, knee-jerk coverup based on a highly remote alleged phonetic resemblance between "mohawk" and "macaca").


But the word "monkey" is not the french/tunisian slur everybody is claiming Allen learned from his mother.

So now we have Allen learning a 2-syllable slur from his racist mother, but then looking up its real meaning,and then it genus, and using THAT word instead, I guess just to be clever.

On the WP editorial, we can see exactly what i was saying about them jumping the gun without all the evidence. It is clear they just accept the young man's interpretation of events as the truth:

"a University of Virginia student from Fairfax County who was apparently the only person of color present -- and proceeded to ridicule him."

He wasn't ridiculed -- watching the actual video shows none of the racaous laughter the editorial SUPPOSES happened. The editorial even has to ASSUME that the man was the only person of color present -- hence the word "apparently".

It's rare to see a major newspaper put so much credence and stock on the "hurt feelings" of a campaign operative sent to spy on the opposition who gets called out at the opponent's meetings.

The only thing that makes this a story is the suggestion that a racial slur was used. The Post editorial tries to assert that, but obviously realises it's a thin reed because they base most of their editorial on the "hurt feelings" of the campaign staffer.

But a campaign staffer's "hurt feelings" would never of itself be a news story. And the entire "cry me a river" tone to their editorial, about how this really smart kid who might be a lawyer will now have this horrible memory of his week spent stalking an opponent for a political campaign -- surely anybody involved in politics can see that for the laughably rediculous assertion that it is.

The WP tone is that which you'd expect if, say, a candidate had sent a young woman to stalk the opponent campaign and she had been sexually assaulted by the security folks -- NOT that he was just pointe out for taping the event while his boss was in Hollywood.

I remember when Al Gore called me an "extra-chromosone" human. That didn't seem to hurt his bid for President in 2000.

We can expect the democrats to be saying this apparently racially insulting word continuously between now and November 7th.

I still don't think Allen has said anywhere that he was trying to SAY Mohawk and it came out Macaca.

In the Post article, he makes mention of his staff calling the guy Mohawk, and suggests that in overhearing them he adopted the name "macaca".

I can't think of any way "mohawk" could become "macaca" except by mis-hearing and misunderstanding on Allen's part, but he gave no clue in the Post article as to exactly what the connection was. Until he says otherwise, I still think he misheard his staffers and got the name "macaca" stuck in his head as the guy's name and so when he pointed the guy out, and then realised he should at least address the guy by name, he tried to "remember" the name and said "macaca" but noted that he wasn't sure that was his name.

I can't entirely discount that "macaca" was instead a concoction that started with "mohawk" but that Allen thought would be funny -- but the fact that he repeated it lessens that chance, and suggests that Allen really thought that was a close approximation of the guy's name.

And of course, Allen apologized for getting the guy's name wrong, and for using a word that could be mistaken for a word that is offensive in some foreign language nobody around those part speaks. Which is exactly what you should do if you mess up a guy's name.

Because it's not really nice to make fun of a guy's name.

Let me repeat that -- nothing I have said tonight should be construed as condoning getting the guy's name wrong, and I fully support apologizing for that mistake. I think Allen should have learned the guys name, and I'm glad he apologized.

Because making fun of someone's name, even unintentionally, isn't really funny and has no place in politics.

I think we all agreed on that point when Black kept mis-stating his opponent's name.


"Paid for by Webb for Senate"

Apparently, this goes for more than the ad.


Charles--I admire your spin. The problem with the "honest mistake" defense is that Allen has a history. This isn't a Harry F. Byrd Jr. history either--where Byrd can make the defense that this was something that he did decades ago and now regrets. This is in your face less than 24 hours ago bigotted comment.

This is still good news bad news.

Good news: 35% of the Virginia electorate will likely still support an unapologetic openly racist Senator. Doubly good news an additional 7-10% will probably feel comfortable supporting an APOLOGETIC openly racist Senator. That means that Allen has to make up about 5-8% points, which is still very possible.

Allen will no doubt go on the attack--which politically is one damage control option. He might want to focus on ways to supress turnout--which is another less strong option.

Allen is toast as a presidential contender, but he still has some life in this race.

Allen also has a lot of money that he can focus on this election now that the presidential ambitions are essentially shot.

Bad news: Allen's major fundraisers--who predicated their support in part on Allen's presidential bid--are unlikely to want to pour more money into the race. Also, some of the donors might have some qualms about donating to an openly racist Senator. Some might request a refund of their contributions.

The x-factor: how will this play out in the mainstream press?

Partial good news is that this story is hitting at a time when a lot of people aren't paying attention. Also, there's a chance that the MSM won't pick up on this story. Although it is big news when a Senator with a history of racism makes an openly racists remark. A lot of this is out of Allen's control right now.

For damage control he might want to line up support from sympathetic minority voters. I think he's probably effectively burned a lot of bridges that he built during the past few months although there still may be some support out there for him.

Long-term Virginia's GOP might want to consider forwarding candidates who are less openly racists. Alternatively, they might want to consider fielding more moderate center-right candidates that a moderate such as myself might consider supporting. Allen's biggest strength with his core support is his socially conservative record. A candidate with a strong military background and/or economic credentials would be an improvement. I'm not thinking about Oliver North.


charles: "the word 'monkey' is not the french/tunisian slur everybody is claiming Allen learned from his mother."

Macaque, macaca, monkey. Different words that mean the same thing. As a French-speaker with a (white) Tunisian mother, there is every reason to believe Allen is quite familiar with all those words.

"So now we have Allen learning a 2-syllable slur from his racist mother"

It is not necessary to believe Mom is a racist to believe that Allen learned certain words (macaque/macaca) from Mom. Mom could have said something like this: "if you ever hear my Tunisian friends or relatives use words like this in a certain manner, you should know to never repeat them."

Also, it would have been sufficient for Mom to simply say this, perhaps while visiting a zoo, or watching Animal Planet: "where I come from, macaque/macaca are words for monkey."

Also, you are still unaccountably trying to hang your hat on the idea that there's some big difference between the two words (macaque/macaca). Trouble is, I've shown there isn't. Nice job ignoring the proof, though.

"but then looking up its real meaning,and then it genus, and using THAT word instead, I guess just to be clever."

It is only on your own fantasy planet that one word (macaque) is a slur, and the other word (macaca) is not a slur, but is rather only an obscure "genus." On planet Earth, the words are interchangeable, and they both mean monkey, and therefore they both can be used as slurs.

"He wasn't ridiculed"

Addressing a dark-skinned person with a word that means "monkey" is definitely a form of ridicule, and worse. If you can't see that, that's your problem.

"a campaign operative sent to spy on the opposition"

It's fair to describe Sidarth as a "spy" only if he was behaving surreptitiously. As far as I know, he wasn't. Why are you making things up?

"he misheard his staffers and got the name 'macaca' stuck in his head as the guy's name"

I get it now. You're not claiming that Allen's speech is impaired (and that his mouth makes the sound "macaca" when his brain is thinking "Mohawk"). You're claiming that Allen's hearing is impaired, and that he hears "macaca" when his staff says the word "Mohawk." And you're claiming that it's just a coincidence that Allen's hearing impairment turned the word "Mohawk," when used to describe a dark-skinned person, into a word that happens to mean "monkey." And that this peculiar hearing impairment is in no way connected with Allen's long track record as a lover of the confederacy.

Anyway, I don't understand why you think ascribing the problem to his ears is less absurd than ascribing the problem to his larynx.

"Allen really thought that was a close approximation of the guy's name."

That makes a lot of sense, if Allen believes that all dark-skinned people should be generically addressed as "monkey."

"a word that is offensive in some foreign language nobody around those part speaks."

Nice job ignoring the fact that Allen speaks French.

Julius Streicher

Ha ha ha... this is f***ing hilarious! Allen just got my vote. Out with terrorist macacas!


Senator Allen called upon then Senate Majority Leader Trent Lott to resign his Majority Leader position a few years back when Lott made a remark on
Strom Thurmmond's birthday that went something like: "If Strom would have won [the Office of U.S. President during an independent bid in the 60's]...we'd all be better off." If you recall, Sen. Allen had a press conference then with Sen. John Warner where Sen. Allen specifically called for Lott to resign his leadership position due to an insensative racial comment that harkend back to the days of the old confederacy. Now the spotlight is on him for doing the same thing and the best this hippocryte can do is offer a half hearted apology instead of offering his resignation like he demaned from Lott in a similiar situation? This is getting smellier by the second...Allen is now a true hippocyte...NLS...see if you can find that video of Allen with Sen. Warner where Allen called for Lott's resignation for talking good about Strom Thurmmond....This contrast in do as I say, not as I do is striking and unworthy of a sitting United States Senator.

Bottom line... I looked up Macaca in the thesauras. First two meanings were Rhesus monkey, and Black monkey..... To the Allen supporters: Please find a way to spin that one to your favor... George Felix Allen, for all intent and purpose, said:

Welcome to America Black Monkey........

Webb needs money and all he got was monkey.

not gretchen bulova

Webb needs a 3rd party group, a Move-on or ACT type group to swoop in, run 3 million dollars of TV across the state, including NOVA, focused on this issue. This could tighten the race significantly but I dont' think Webb can do it himself. He needs a group to take a chance on him.


From Bidabunch on Daily Kos, 8/15:

"According to the Washington Post story, Allen says he doesn't know what the word "Macaca" means. He actually wants us to believe that as he pointed to a person of color and used the French word for monkey, twice, that he doesn't know what it means.

He's lying. And anyone who speaks French knows what a Macaque is. "Macaque" is French for monkey. And George Allen speaks French.
Here is a quote from the president of the University of Virginia, Patricia Cormier at UVA's commencement exercises in Spring 2005 introducing Senator George Allen: "A little known fact about Senator Allen is that his undergraduate education was enhanced substantially by his excellent performance in French class, taught by none other than Dr. Raymond Cormier, visiting professor of French at Longwood, and my husband! I have up here on the podium the gradebook, and he got a very good grade. No wonder the senator can applaud his superior education."

And not only is it the French word for monkey, it is a known racial slur in his mother's home country of Tunisia...I am from Louisiana and unfortunately I have heard it much too often in reference to blacks amongst my French-speaking relatives...
Anyone who speaks French knows what macaque means... both in context of the animal and the slur. And we know now, thanks to Dr. Cornier, George Allen speaks French."

Charles - As my first comment on this subject I have to say your efforts at spin are hilariously twisted. Every time I hear or see the phrase "thinking critically" I am going to laugh my a** off.

Your credibilty is lower than Allen's right now. You should stop now because whoever you are debating is killing you. Also, stop and think who is probably on the other end of that keyboard - probably some freshman college summer intern. You big guy, are getting crushed by some neophyte and that is funny.

Charles, I would feel sorry for you but you can be so pompous that you probably can't see how badly you look.


Not surprisingly the Richmond Times-Dispatch is incoherent in telling the story. There's no explanation that "macaque" is a French slur or that Allen's mother is Tunisian. There's a gratuitous mention of the "antisemitic" cartoon of Miller, but no mention of Allen's fetish for Confederate flags and nooses. The Roanoke Times is similar.

I Trust Webb


I think the person who made the quote at Kos is a little off. Well intended, but off.

I looked up the pronunciation, and two dictionaries both read \me΄kak, -΄käk\ and it should be pronounced Mecaq (the 'e' should be reversed, but typepad does not seem to accept it). I spoke with a neighbor about it this morning as we were salivating over the Washington Post editorial. He speaks fluent French. He could be wrong, the dictionaries could be wrong. Language is an ever-changing discipline, so we will see as the “real” world reads about this issue all over the world.

We both agreed on what I wrote on an earlier NLS blog. Forget the race issue, it is too difficult to prove and any argument for it sounds more like reaching conspiracy theories. Just like what the Washington Post editorial did, the netroots and the Webb campaign should not focus on the racism issue, but instead focus on George Allen’s lack of judgment and sensitivity, and outright foolishness.
Insinuating that a sitting United States Senator is racist could mobilize a stronger base for Webb as a challenger, BUT it could also galvanize Allen’s supporters throughout the Commonwealth.

Virginia Centrist

I trust Webb:

You're so off it's not even funny.

Allen has a history of race problems. This basically seals the deal.

Allen coming across as a cowboy boot clad tobacco spitting redneck racist "could also galvanize Allen’s supporters throughout the Commonwealth"???

Of course it will, that is his base.


Allen's Racist Troubles:

1. Suspended for graffiti on the walls at his southern California high school (VERY wealthy suburban clientele). He says remarks were just against a rival sports team. Others say the graffiti was racist.
2. High school senior yearbook picture taken with a Confederate flag pin in his lapel. This in California and with Allen having no "heritage" to honor or ancestors in the fight to remember.
3. Allen called out for his huge Confederate flag in his home. Said it was just part of his "historical" flag collection.
4. Allen called out for the hangman's noose he kept in his law office. Allen said it was just part of the Western "decor."
5. Allen declares a special week as governor to honor confederates in the Civil War. Never mentions slavery in the proclamation.
6. Allen vehemently opposes making Martin Luther King, Jr.'s, birthday a holiday.

Maybe the boy is not a racist. Heck, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt, even though it is a real stretch to do that. Maybe he is just a case of arrested development, having never gotten over his adolescent bullying behavior (see sister's autobiography for apecifics). Well, grow up, George, you are in the Big Leagues now...and you have an opponent this year who is a grown man who acts like an adult.

Virginia Centrist

Roanoker -

Whos whether he's racist, in his heart? Who really knows? It's hard to know, though the evidence points towards some racist tendencies.

I propose an online forum for discussion of allen's race problem. We'll do it over the next 3 months on our blogs, and we'll get to the bottom of this.

The truth shall set us free.

Not Brad Marrs

All you Webb heads, keep exercising your whiny throats. There's no way a summer scandal can have any affect on the outcome of an election in the fall. There's no way that a guy like George who won convincingly last time will be hurt just becuase he made some insensitive bigoted remark. There's no way that widespread reporting of such a small matter will change the voters' minds. And I can guarantee you there's no way that otherwise loyal members of his party will abandon him to support someone who's never held elected office.


A real leader, a good Senator, would never exhort his followers by taunting a man of color. Even if Allen was annoyed that he was being recorded, his slurs were unacceptable. What Virginians need to ask themselves is - should George Allen continue to represent our Commonwealth. The answer is clear, NO! Our road back from segregation, and racial violence requires a higher standard. Virginia is better than this. The nation watches to see which way Virginia will go - forward to tolerance, or backwards to prejudice.

I Trust Webb

VC (and now Roanoker),

I know he has a history of race problems. VC, I must be at least twice your age. Trust me, I know the guy has race problems. But ask yourself, with someone who has a LONG history of race problems, why does he keep getting elected to higher office? Allen has a very strong following. A real cult-like following.

I volunteered for Robb's campaign back in 2000 (Tidewater area), and I volunteered for MST back in 1993 (albeit just in Arlington). Those were tough days. And we all knew about Allen’s personality and prejudices because old classmates (UVA) and former associates came into the campaign to tell-all and volunteer. Even today, there is a guy (coincidentally named George) who walks along our street and he often speaks ill about Allen because they were college “friends.”

The racism issue is nothing new. The trick is to chip away at Allen’s overall character, taking away vote by vote who blindly supported him in the past while gaining votes from people who may not have voted at all. Insensitive, judgmental, foolish, misinformed – we can prove all of those attributes without any doubt. Allen will make a mistake again in the coming weeks and the Webb campaign, the netroots, AND THE MSM can easily pull out those attributes as though they are physically attached to Allen himself. We (including the MSM) will all be on the same sheet of music. That, I believe, is how you can easily win the needed 100K gap in NoVA.


Has anyone thought to ask the Southern Poverty Law Center about what they think about the term "macaca"? They have a very tight handle on who the white supremist groups are and what they are up to.

Having spent the last 24 hours on the blogs and reading the MSM accounts I'm sorry to say that I think this particular incident has a very short shelf life.

There is simply no way the VA MSM will continue to discuss this unless something else happens which allows this to come back up. Thankfully, with Allen that's always a possibility. Barring that though, I think this ends up being an August blip with no impact on THIS race. 2008 is a different story.

I trust webb -

You're understanding of what it takes to beat Allen was strongly undermined earlier this year when you participated in a race bating, anti-semite bating campaign against Webb.

Better than all the Webbsterbating that goes on around here. Buckle down and raise some money, kids.

McCain Feingold

Anyone notice how "I TRUST WEBB" volunteers in Tidewater but is an expert in NoVA.

He is like herpes. Every time you think you've seen the last of him he breaks out again.


The End of Racist George

Damn! This is IT for racist George. Check this out. http://www.cafepress.com/macaca


Here's an interesting part of this story, not yet covered much, that I might comment on in my blog tonight.

On August 13, NLS published a then-empty post with flashing lights saying "What George Allen just did, sent a chill down my spine".

Note the date. August 13th, Sunday. The story finally broke monday.

But the supposed "offense" took place on FRIDAY, at a public event, attended by reporters.

So on Sunday it wasn't what Allen "just did". Webb knew what had been said Friday, but waited until Sunday to get his people started on spreading the story.

But to keep the illusion of "breaking news", this 48-hour-old story included "updates" supposedly "learning" things like what the name "macaca" might mean, things that could be searched on the web in 5 seconds, and most certainly were back on Friday.

But oddly, this man, who was supposedly "offended" by his treatment, said nothing to reporters on Friday. No reporter thought there was anything odd about Allen noticing the guy, or what allen SAID to the guy.

So, in spite of what people are saying now about how it doesn't matter whether Allen knew Webb could misconstrue his statements, the fact is that until Webb's camp made the false tie to a "racial slur", political reporters knew there was NO STORY in Allen poking fun at a guy from the opposing camp.

It wasn't until the Webb campaign spun up their machine and got a couple of reporters on board that there was suddenly a "story".

BTW, this isn't like the Trent Lott story (which was also largely contrived) -- in that case, the "offense" was of people who were NOT at the event but who heard of the event later, so it at least made SOME sense that the offense would be called out later.

But in this case, the object of the supposed "offense" was standing right there, and by all accounts was smiling and not at all disturbed by the attention, and gave no indication of any problem to anybody there, including reporters. Nor did he realise just after the fact what had happened.

No, it is clear what happened. There is someone on Webb's campaign who is paid to review every videotape to look for ANYTHING that might be used against Allen. THAT guy, or maybe it is a team, noticed Allen pointed out the kid and decided they would say he was racist because the kid was the only non-white in the room (or at least they would say that).

Then they noted that Allen didn't get the kid's name right, and then they found out that there were words that sounded LIKE what allen said that were offensive in some foreign language.

They just got lucky that one of those languages was french (well, not so lucky, aren't all racial slurs french?) and since his mother was from a french-speaking country (like a significant portion of the world, I might add), it just gave them more ammo.

So they packaged up their story, and on Monday, 3 days later, we have the story we see unfolding now.


and now "end of racist george" points out that the people supposedly "offended" by the use of the word "macaca" would now flock to wear t-shirts with the word "macaca" on them.

If you think this makes sense, where are all of your N-word shirts? Webb supporter James Martin claimed that "macaca" was just like the "n-word", so I assume democrats would happily wear "n-word" shirts.

To be clear. The very fact that democrats are saying "macaca", but use "the n-word" for a REAL racial slur proves the point.


I trust Webb: "I looked up the pronunciation, and two dictionaries both read ... and it should be pronounced Mecaq ... the dictionaries could be wrong"

Now that you've looked up "macaque," try looking up "macaca." The latter word is more relevant, since it's the exact word Allen actually used (twice). Funny how you're inclined to ignore that fact.

Nice job trying to confuse matters by spouting nonsense. Yes, every pronunciation reference you check will indicate that macaque has two syllables. Trouble is, every pronunciation reference you check will indicate that macaca has three syllables (and that Allen pronounced this word perfectly). Both are words. Both are a reference to a kind of monkey. The words are essentially interchangeable.

Yes, Allen did not say "macaque." He said "macaca." Trouble is, this distinction gets you nowhere.

charles: "at a public event, attended by reporters"

It's quite typical that you're moving to an entirely new pile of nonsense now that I've shredded your earlier pile of nonsnnse. You should at least have the integrity to take responsibility for your various earlier misstatements, which I've pointed out. Something most of us learned in kindergarten is that you're supposed to clean up after yourself, before you start making a whole new mess.

"attended by reporters"

Do you have a shred of proof that any reporters were present at this event, or is this just the latest in series of unwarranted assumptions on your part?

Aside from that, if one or more reporters decided to overlook the incident, that proves nothing, except perhaps that reporters can be ignorant or lazy.

"they packaged up their story, and on Monday, 3 days later, we have the story we see unfolding now."

There is nothing wrong with Webb taking his time deciding how he wanted to handle the situation. Webb was under no obligation to take steps sooner. For you to pretend he was is just more nonsense. But obviously nonsense is all you've got at this point.

"The very fact that democrats are saying 'macaca', but use 'the n-word' for a REAL racial slur proves the point."

The former word has a legitimate use (monkey). The latter word does not. Nice job proving, once again, that you are blind to simple distinctions.

I Trust Webb

Anon 10:34,

I cannot recall anytime that I wrote a comment on that flyer/issue. I could be wrong, and I welcome you or anyone else to correct me. If I did write something critical on that topic, then I will gladly apologize. That said, I honestly do not think that I commented on the topic because I felt that it hurt both candidates, and therefore the party. Again, I could be wrong on my past behavior – so by all means see if you can find anything. I did find this, and I made no comment.


As far as the past, no matter this subject or any other subject, I united behind Jim Webb and as you can read from above, I have a track record of volunteering on losing campaigns which Allen won. Every time I think of Allen, I think of Chuck Robb and Marry Sue Terry. I even think of Don Beyer (who lost to Gilmore while he was riding on some of Allen’s coattails, etc.). I would hate to see a guy like Allen win again and always be reminded of a Webb loss. No Democrat wants that.


Charles: Report to Allen campaign HQ and claim your extended duty pay son. You have earned it. Tell them this thing is like the 611 coming down the Bluefield grade - picking up speed.

Matt in VA

Where are the 'yawn' posts?


As a Black American I find his comments to be just as repulsive as if he had called someone a nigger. For years the Republican Party has used my race as a tool to drive up their support among White Southerners. Now they no longer JUST use Blacks they use Hispanics (in their minds all of which are Mexican) and they use Arabs. These idiots are sick and anyone who doesn't take offense to his comments is just as sick as they are. I am calling on all people with decency to denounce Allen's comments regardless of race, religion, or partisanship. Perhaps it is because my race has been used a constant tool to incite racial resentment but I think it is now time to put an end to this.


I can only imagine how degrading it is to be singled out with a racial slur by a United States Senator in front of a crowd of hooting, hollering crackers. As an embarassed white man this senate race just became personal. Allen has to go.

Virginia Centrist

"BTW, this isn't like the Trent Lott story (which was also largely contrived)"

Everyone wave goodbye charles' credibility!



Leave it to Robin Williams to come up with the perfect plan . . . what we need now is for our UN Ambassador to stand up and repeat this message.

Robin Williams' plan...(Hard to argue with this logic!)

I see a lot of people yelling for peace but I have not heard of one plan for peace. "Books, not Bombs" won't work. The head mullahs won't let anyone read them. If they do, they poke their eyes out.

Here's the plan:

1) The US will apologize to the world for our "interference" in their affairs, past &present. You know, Hitler, Mussolini and the rest of them 'good old boys'. We will never "interfere" again.

2) We will withdraw our troops from all over the world, starting with Germany, South Korea and the Philippines. They don't want us there. We would station troops at our borders. No more sneaking through holes in the fence.

3) All illegal aliens have 90 days to get their affairs together and leave. We'll give them a free trip home. After 90 days the remainder will be gathered up and deported immediately, regardless of who or where they are. France would welcome them.

4) All future visitors will be thoroughly checked and limited to 90 days unless given a special permit. No one from a terrorist nation would be allowed in. If you don't like it there, change it yourself, don't hide here. Asylum would not ever be available to anyone. We don't need any more cab drivers.

5) No "students" over age 21. The older ones are the bombers. If they don't attend classes, they get a "D" and it's back home baby.

6) The US will make a strong effort to become self sufficient energy wise. This will include developing non-polluting sources of energy but will require a temporary drilling of oil in the Alaskan wilderness. The caribou will have to cope for a while.

7) Offer Saudi Arabia and other oil producing countries $10 a barrel for their oil. If they don't like it, we go someplace else.

8) If there is a famine or other natural catastrophe in the world, we will not "interfere". They can pray to Allah or whomever, for seeds, rain, cement or whatever they need. Besides most of what we give them is stolen or given to the army. The people who need it most get very little, if any anyway.

9) Ship the UN Headquarters to an island some place. We don't need the spies and fair weather friends here. Besides, it would make a good homeless shelter or lockup for illegal aliens.

10) All Americans must go to charm and beauty school. That way, no one can call us "Ugly Americans" any longer.

Now, ain't that a winner of a plan ??

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