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It is certainly courageous, as well as completely believable, that this doctor is coming forward 30 years later to share this story.

The fact that he's a democratic party activist and democratic donor doesn't diminish from his credibility at all. That's why this is in Salon and not, say, the Washington Post.

What a joke.

He is not, you idiot. Nice spin. Go read it again, he has voted for all three parties. Go back to your crappy A-Team blog, it looks like a 4 year old designed it. Oh, and you are all inciting anti-semitism with your disgusting use of that cartoon, you racist bigot.

Virginia Liberal

Ok, this is insanity. To call anyone who disagrees with you a racist is just ignorant.


anon 10:35, you are just pathetic. You are flat out lying in your post.

Ben, the city of Bumpass would have a record of this happening. It should have been in the local papers, and there should definitely be a way to find this out as a matter of public record, unless Allen has already bribed the city to keep their mouths shut and case files locked up. Keep digging.

Sheldon gave money to a Republican candidate for Sheriff!

Anon 10:35am is a moron!

George Allen opposes hate crimes legislation that protects gays and lesbians. Does that mean he favors the insertion of deer heads in Boy George's mailbox?

Not Larry Sabato

Jaime- Bumpass is not a City, what County is it in?


Salon.com, now there's a middle of the road publication if I ever saw one.

NLS, good question to jaime regarding the location of Bumpass.

Severed deer heads in mailboxes....let's just say the statute of limitations has run on that one.

Give me a break.


I'm not a prosecutor, but an unconfirmed allegation during the heat of a competitive campaign about events longer than 30 years in the past does not seem like it is prosecutable.

Ben, I think you are going a bit far with this.

Reading the story, one of the anonymous witnesses (who is afraid of retribution, in this day and age when his name would be in the press and any retribution would clearly backgire on Allen?) says he remembers thinking Allen might say these words but can't actually recall a specific time when he did.

So now one of the accusations is that 30 years ago someone thought he might be racist.

And why were none of these accusations made or substantiated when Allen last ran - or even first ran? These men (who did not object at the time or quit the team or take any other action according to the Salon article for 30 years) felt it was OK for the Allen they did not like or respect to serve as Governor of Virginia and in Congress and as a Senator and now they only raise it when he is running against Webb? I am having a hard time understanding this reasoning or plan.


When ogors like Allen use racial slurs to describe black people, it's like getting abused. Sometimes you just want to forget about it, or let it pass. The pain recedes for a while.

But eventually, the pain returns, and it's time to confront the horrible memories. It's time to heal the wounds and confront the perpetrator.

That's what's happening here.



Bumpass is in Louisa. And I'm guessing that between toney Lake Anna development and the Nuke plant - the victim has been displaced.


Yeah, this isn't really prosecutable. It's gross and sickening, and it makes me feel horrified that this guy is my Senator, but I think it's been too long.

I bet these men finally stood up when they heard about Allen's presidential hopes. That's when it became a serious problem.

When will George Allen apologize for his hate crime?

Find The Deer Head


OK everyone! Cancel your canvassing this weekend of all Northern Virginia and Richmond precincts! To Bumpass we go!

Break out your protractors, circle a 15 mile radius, and start combing for black people’s houses! Sure, it’s been 35 years since this alleged incident occurred, but don’t let the facts get in the way of a fantastic scandal!

Find that deer head! That will be the smoking gun, err, smoking deer head! Find, interview, and promote the black family that had to endure this alleged hate crime. They are the new poster children of this campaign!


Again, Salon.com, there's a disinterested, non-partisan publication.


Southwest Dave

You have lost what little credibility you may have had. You are a joke. Shut the site down once and for all.

Not Ted Stevens

Damn you liberal media..

George Allen was one of our up-and-comers

But there you go, having to show your truth, with its well known liberal bias.

I stick polar bear heads in mail boxes all the time up here in Alaska..

I also run over poor people and blow up animal sanctuaries for fun...

Hell it should all be oil fields anyways..

Now look, George Allen might have said some silly things, but the message, no matter what he says is the same, he cares:

He cares about puppies
He cares about kitty kats
He cares about sunshine and smiles
He cares about rainbows and lollipops



Hmm.I'm hungry for some godiva chocolate allova sudden.

Well i'm gonna hop in my tube over there and get some..


-Emporer Ted Stevens-
"I'm an honorary member of the Alaskan Macaca Indians"

When will Allen apologize for his comments? Or will he just deny them?

Not Don Rumsfeld

Golly Ted, I was wondering where I got that "gift" in my mailbox from. You prankster! Oh, that bear head was still attached to the rest of the bear and he was alive!


No one could have anticipated he would bite my arm off. I'm afraid our squash match will have to be delayed.

Ted, you rapscallion, I understand our secret "Macacas of the East" meeting has been delayed because they can't find the flag pole again- don't think I don't know what you've done with it. There are known knowns, and you are one when it comes to flag poles.


First of all, I support Webb, but I am disgusted at the level the A-Team, RK, and NLS are lowering the campaign to.

That said, I think a couple points are in order here:
1)Bruce, I don't think that Allen's team mate not beign able to recall a specific instance of Allen using the N word is quite as crazy as it sounds. For instance, You probably know that your mechanic said "alternator" at some point, but can't recall the actual quote. I work with a man who I have heard use the N word, but can't give you his exact quote either.

2)Just about every southern Redneck (and before you call me an elitest or some similar crap, those who know me would probably call me something of a redneck), has used the N word at one time or another. While that's no excuse for using it, my guess is that Californian Allen was trying a misguided attempt to "fit in" when he used the N word.

3)Whether or not Allen is a racist, NLS needs to take a chill pill and return to the analysis that made this site so good. The size 70 headlines are uncalled for, as are his unsubstianted claims that the A-Team is threatening him.

4)The A-Team is made up of folks who should know better than to try to peddle BS about Webb's flyers being knock-offs of Nazi propoganda. I also have a VERY hard time imagining Chad Dotson intentionally going around with the Hitler Youth logo on his lapel. Lightning bolts have long been used as a symbol of strength, and I'm sure that's the symbolism here.

5)Raising Kaine can do the Webb campaign, the blogosphere, and Virginia a favor by going back to more articles to get peopel involved in the political process and factual news reporting. I respect Lowell, but he needs to realize how his comments can backfire on Webb, and make him, RK, Webb, and just about eveyone else involved look bad.

Not quite. Actually, they don't think it's as funny as Macaca. It's tragic, really.

Mister Mailbox

I was violated.

But now it's time to heal.

We're All Macacas

This is not offensive. Allen used the N-word 25 years ago, when that was perfectly ok.

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Mr. Anon 10:35 - the guy is hardly an activist. Tell Wadams/LaCivita to check the background on his talking points.

Marco - Most states don't have statutes of limitation for felonies. Civil suit is one thing.

Phriendly - many minorities didn't and don't report hate crimes, especially in the southern countryside in the 1970s. I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't report finding a deer head in their mailbox.

Everyone - I love it how the GOP says that because a bunch of people don't remember Allen using a word, that means it didn't happen. You know, in my experience, most racists publically flaunt it in front of everyone they know.... (yeah that's the ticket)

Salon has corroboration for the elements of the story they printed.

Fact - They confirmed/corroborated his use of the N word with multiple people.

Fact - They confirmed/corroborated Shelton was given the nickname "Wizard" and there was a Shelton was a KK Wizard.

Fact - There were 3 people on the deer hunting trip. George, Shelton, & Lanahan. Lanahan is dead. The farm location was confirmed/corroborated.

Fact - Allen's campaign refused to comment or rebut the allegations.

7 guys who "did not know Allen well" not remembering whether Allen used a word in front of them or not is meaningless. That simply corroborates that their memory isn't clear or that Allen never used the word in front of them. Ok, so we've maybe corroborated he didn't have a good relationship with them.

Allen/Wadams/LaCivita have really dug a nice hole for themselves. If they deny this and starts accusing people of "casting aspersions," it looks like the boy who cried wolf.

If they admits it, it's checkmate.

I expect his handlers and bloggers to go on a full court press after Shelton without answering any questions about this. That's the only logical line of attack for them at this point.

It's already started - calling him a Democratic activist when it's hardly clear that he's much of anything.

Maybe if Allen/Wadams/LaCivita had told the truth last week and apologized right after his macaca quote, they'd be able to deny this more effectively.

Now, no one believes any of them. For good reason.

Hate Crime PI

It's a good thing Allen didn't put the deer's head in a gay couple's mailbox...otherwise, this wouldn't be committing a hate crime, he'd just be protecting the institution of marriage.

Mister Mailbox

Sure, everyone is feeling bad for the black family.

But what about me? Where do I fit in?

Murder is murder.
Vandalism is vandalism.
Hate crime is stupid concept.
If you kill a guy in bar fight, is it worse if the victim is gay or another race?

Hate Crime PI

Did Allen commit a hate crime?

I don't know.

Did he commit a stupid crime?


Too Conservative

your site has gone more webbcentric than raising kaine.

this is heresay at best.

Not H.F.B -- please learn to read before you post.

"7 guys who "did not know Allen well" not remembering whether Allen used a word in front of them or not is meaningless."

If it's too tough for you do it yourself, get someone to re-read the piece to you:

A separate seven teammates and friends said they knew Allen well and did not believe he held racist views. "I don't believe he was insensitive," said Paul Ryczek, who played center in Allen's year before joining the Atlanta Falcons. "He had no prejudices, biases or anything else."

Not Bob Gibson

I learned of Allen’s Jewish family roots years ago from Jewish friends, who knew of them from Southern California, where Allen grew up. His sister’s book intimated the family’s Jewish connections. I respect Allen for embracing them.

Stark: Have you ever used the word ‘nigger’?”

Allen: “Oh, c’mon… sheesh…”

Campaign staff: “Who are you - I need to ask you to leave…”

Stark: “it’s a simple question that deserves an answer - and it’s easy to answer”

Allen: “no… no…”

Stark: “Well, can you explain why you kept a confederate flag and a noose in your office?”



OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, I was wondering what Stark has been up to lately....he's the same guy that stood right behind Hannity with the sign that read "Hannity sucks ass!" I forgot that he did that to Allen a few weeks ago...


Ben, that is a very cute picture of a baby deer.

And that is the best campaign video I have ever seen. Much better than Allen's goofball "my child is too big for me to hold" commercial.


Fantastic video. Really moving.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA...this is so telling of how little chance Webb has of winning.....i love it, stuffing dear heads in mailboxes, using the "n-word" a billion years ago..hey, NLS and EVERYONE out there, i'm sure someone in your history you made an insesitive comment along the line...not condoning what if he said it, but to compare someone who said something when there were 20, and now are 50+, come on now..lets get back to the issues...oh wait, Webb cant speak on those, thats right....

Virginia Centrist

Jon -

The online money folks disagree. Webb has just pulled even with Allen on tradesports...that's as of a few hours ago...


Jon-we would love to get back to the issues, but Allen keeps screwing up. Oh, and maybe our ancestors said some hateful things, but they aren't planning a presidential run.

Centrist, is that bid/ask or last ?


The right wing defense of this is just pathetic. At least have the courage to call Ken Shleton a liar instead of attacking the source of the information.

As a side not, Real Clear Politics cahnged its rating of the Virginia Senate race to Toss-up from Leans Republicans today. I dont know how much of it has to do with this latest revelation but its a clear indication that Allen has a tough battle on his hand.


i love you webb guys...so funny, you know full well you are dying NOT to talk about the issues..all you want to say is "he is a racist" bla bla bla, and the one time they talk about issues, Webb looks stupid (i.e. first debate) Now, i didn't see second debate, so cant comment on that one..and phriendlyjaime, you are telling me you have NEVER, EVER said anything wrong or insensitive?? crap...Allen wins 56-44....
And finally, I am dissapointed in NLS, this used to be a blog where reality set in every now and then..now it is just a breeding ground for webb ilks and Allen bashing, and unfortunately, nothing more....


translation: Allenites are super pissed about Webb's awesome video.

After news surfaces that Allen put a dead deer head in a black family's mailbox, a conservative analyzes the race and decides that Allen wins by 12 points.

That's great analysis.


nice response phriendlyjamie....oh wait, didn't see one in there....


"i love you webb guys...so funny, you know full well you are dying NOT to talk about the issues..all you want to say is "he is a racist" bla bla bla, and the one time they talk about issues, Webb looks stupid (i.e. first debate) Now, i didn't see second debate, so cant comment on that one..and phriendlyjaime, you are telling me you have NEVER, EVER said anything wrong or insensitive?? crap...Allen wins 56-44...."

What an idiot. Were you all so quick to talk about the issues a few weeks ago when you brung up an article Webb wrote 30 years ago? As far as the debate goes. Independent sources say Webb clearly wrong. Also, though racism may not seem like a big deal to you, I would say it is a noteworthy issue, especially when your state is 20% Black. W

doe, a deer, a female deer.

jon, he was dropped when he was young

macaca, a name, felix calls siddarth

forest, a kkk name for son


ano 12:49..my point is that it is sooooooooooooo STUPID, that no one except for those in NoVa gives us a hoot...if Webb actually visited other parts of the state he would understand that most probably find this shit funny and a "boys will be boys" type thing...what is a dumb prank/joke sure, hello he was in college at the time apparently...

and again ANO (by the way, why dont you back up your comments with a name) people are going to realize Webb isnt talking about ANYTHING!!!!

If I am wrong about my prediction, I will be the first one to come on here and say I was wrong..however, i suspect you will come on here and tell us how Allen stole the election, right ano 12:49?

Virginia Centrist


You supplant Keith for the dumbest comments yet on this situation.

1. "it is sooooooooooooo STUPID, that no one except for those in NoVa gives us a hoot"

Your implication is that people from Southern Virginia a racist rednecks. That's absolutely outrageous.

2. "Boys will be boys".

This doesn't need any counterargument...

Not Pam Anderson

Jon honey; mommy said no playing with the computer. Now go study your vocabulary assignment.


Actually Jon... you should watch the news more often. When Webb was asked about Allen's personal issues he refused to take the bait on the Chris Mathews show. He only wanted to talk about the issues. In fact I cant remember an interview where Webb focused more on Allen's stupidity than the issues.

Not Huey Long

Jon, do you actually believe most people in the State would find thiat behavior acceptable?!? If so, then you're a complete moron. And frankly, I find your stereotype about down-state people quite repugnant and insulting.

George Allen Responds:



I think it is fair to say that this would have been a major story of biblical proportion if no one came to Allen's immediate defense. But the opposite happened today, and I wonder if our good luck with the media's character assassination of Allen has finally run its course?

Can we now get back to the issues? Dumb question, I know.


Va Centrist,
I am hardly calling myself a racist redneck, and guarantee I have seen more of the "south" than you have...

As always, your partisanship is blinding all of you...but thats fine, i can't wait to see you all on election day..you all were probably the same folks bouncing up and down when you saw the early returns for Kerry back in 04...man, i wish i would have been in the same room as you when Bush gave his victory speech

and UVA 08, of course not when he has folks like NLS to do his dirty work...

Not Pam Anderson, my apologies, thanks for highlighting the errors, will try and review in the future

and I maintain right now, if Webb is the better man and wins, so be it...i will offer my congrats and move on...how many of you would be willing to say that, probably none..and when Allens wins, for the next 2 years all we will here is how Allen stole the election bla bla bla bla bla bla bla...i could just save myself time and watch Cynthia McKinney clips..

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Anon 12:12.

Point taken.


Jon.... See the following transcript.... Chris Matthews gave Webb ample opportunity to bash Allen personally but he refused.



Ano 1:03, THANK YOU..this is the only point i am trying to make it..and see how easily the Dems bash...i know, its their background, but still cant we all just get along and let the 2 candidates talk about how to move VA forward...Allen has 1 view, Webb another...let them bash it out over that, and not how Allen is a racist, or how dare Webb use footage of Reagan...enough already

Virginia Centrist

Jon -

You guarantee you've seen more of the south than me? I grew up in the capitol of the confederacy....I'm a proud southerner, and I find faux racist Californians like George Allen highly offensive.

Now stop casting aspersions and get back to your spin.


LOL.... oh now that people are willing to say that Allen may have used the n-word we want to get back to the issues. Nevermind the fact the Allen campaign just put four women up on a stage to talk about Webb's article 30 years ago, or the fact that you all just got finish raising pitchforks and tourches at Webb for using Reagan footage. I say lets get back to the issues if that's what you want: Iraq, the deficit, education, health care, eliminating terrorist rather than creating them..... and despite what you may think racism is a HUGE issue once you become the victim of it.

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

What a wacky press release.

"We have a lot of evidence that it is false" ?!?

Why not say: Senator Allen denies X, Y & Z???

What it does not say is:

A - George Allen has never used the N-bomb.

B - George Allen did not nickname Shelton "The Wizard" for his KKK position.

C - George Allen (i) did not go hunting with Shelton, and/or (ii) did not put a deer's head in a mailbox of a black family

All its says is that 3 guys don't remember George ever using the N-bomb, these 3 guys think his nickname was because he was a good athlete (I'm sure he was bragging to his teammates he was nicknamed after a KKK wizard), and he said he wanted to come to UVA to be close to his family.

If it's false Senator, say it's false. Go on the record and say it.

Until then, this is all spin, spin, spin.


look, i need to run...but we all know, the best thing to talk about are the issues..and i dont know the last time NLS had a story on issues...might be 1 or 2, but nothing compared to the attack ones..am i condonding this alledged dear head stuffing, NO, of course not (but to prosecute him as NLS suggested is absurd (not to mention, i am fairly certain the statute of limitations has prob run out) my point is it was 30 years ago...if he did it last week, then sure we have issues...but lets get off this and have a substantive convo on how to best move VA forward...is that a lot to ask for? i dont believe so....

and let me re-iterate this. If Allen loses, I will come on here Wednesday morning and say I was wrong and congrats to Webb, I challenge the Webb fans to do the same...

im out..

Damn thats a powerful video!


Love the responses from the Allen campaign. So, these guys actually talked to Allen, and he didn't use the n-word to them. The next time I'm pulled over, my defense will be the many times I didn't speed.

Is the Senator available to deny these allegations? "It's not true" would be so elegant and simple.

anon 1:03pm.

who knew Mel Gibson was anti-Semite? Some of Mel's friends were shocked to hear his comments.

These are the weakest statements from camp Allen. they don't absolve Allen at all. There's more coming out on this story.

Now, I ain't sayin' you a gold digga, ....

James Young

Of course, TMU demonstrates the wonderful utility of these charges. Allen will never disprove them to the satisfaction of the far Left. The complete and utter lack of evidence in the public record doesn't mean a thing, 'cause in your heart, you know he's a racist.

Which is OK. In our guts, we know you're nuts.


Since in can’t nominate Jon for Dumbass of the Week, I’ll go ahead and nominate him for weenie of the week. Seriously, some of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard.
Fact Check:
1. Allen had a press conference for women who claimed that Webb’s article caused their harassment at the Naval Academy almost 30 years ago.
2. Allen keeps crying about Webb’s ad with Reagan in it, but lord knows that if he had a clip of Reagan saying such things about him he would run it in a second.
3. Allen’s campaign manager has attacked Webb for having anti-Semitic bloggers work for his campaign but wait those bloggers happen to be Jewish!?
4. Every time Jim Webb gets a Question that does not have to deal with the “issues” he turns it back to the issues and every time Allen gets a question about the issues he cries about Webb’s Reagan ad.
5. The only thing the Webb campaign has had to do with the attacks on Allen’s racism is to send a native Virginian who happened to be of India decent to film Allen at a campaign stop and then let people see the video of Allen using a racial slur.

And by the way I’ve noticed at some conservative blogs that now they want people to stop being partisan and think that this campaign should be run without attacks. Funny how that happens when an avalanche of evidence of racism comes down on their candidate.

Severed Deer Head

All I know is I got stuffed in mailbox and the guy who did it wouldn't stop talking about surfing and macacas knowing their place.


Jon-we would love to get back to the issues, but Allen keeps screwing up. Oh, and maybe our ancestors said some hateful things, but they aren't planning a presidential run.

Posted by: phriendlyjaime | September 25, 2006 at 12:41 PM

As you can see, "Jon", I did respond to you.

That Allen response is classic and hilarious. Nice try. Guess what? The Dr. will go on TV, good luck trying to find refuters who will also go on TV.


"and let me re-iterate this. If Allen loses, I will come on here Wednesday morning and say I was wrong and congrats to Webb, I challenge the Webb fans to do the same..."

I'll go ahead and tell you now that I will not do the same. If Allen wins I will express dismay and disappointment with the Virginia electorate. This stuff is intolerable. I'd be tempted to ignore his past if for one he acknowledged it and apologized and two showed that he has changed. Being that he just called an ethnic minority a slur a month ago and acted like he was insulted when someone asked him if he was Jewish, I don't believe he has changed much.


If Allen wins, after all that has been revealed, I will be ashamed for Virginia.

The deer incident bothers me the most. It takes a lot of hate to sever the head of a deer and shove it into a black person's mailbox. Hate that isn't even rational. I also don't think such a story could me made up.

It's really sick and no explanation or trying to diminish it will suffice.

This story gives women voters - probably the one set of voters that perhaps have been looking at Webb twice -the impetus to glady vote for Webb. We don't take kindly to Bambi beheaders sending bloody, horrific messages to rural black families. Imagine a child going out to check the mail that next day?


to those of you from the whiny right who can't handle your own medicine- get used to it. you have been playing this for a generation- its time you realize that there is an opposing force. i imagine the allen team is feeling like a deer in the a mailbox right now.



Tragically, such allegations may not be provable or disprovable. However, wouldn't Allen want to actually DENY them if they're not true? I mean, right now, we don't even have he said/he said. We have "he said/former acquaintances of the other guy said."

GA can just say, "Not true". THEN you've got "He said/he said."


Centrist is on board!

George Allen's Noose

"i imagine the allen team is feeling like a deer in the a mailbox right now." - akaison

Nice one!


Nothing is funnier than seeing Republicans begging to talk issues. Of course, it's all talk: any time Allen is given space to talk issues, he brings up this or that supposedly nasty thing about Webb anyway, despite all the begging.


Virginia Centrist: Not a chance. Ever heard of Nixon? He was heart-shot, stagging around the oval office talking to the portraits. He was dead-to-rights GUILTY and it was on tape, and STILL they couldn't pry him from office.

When corruption and lies reach this level, and this amount of aging there are no honest men left in the room. They are all hired flaks and they know who signs their check. Perhaps if Pat Robertson would hold a prayer vigil with George, side by side on their knees begging God and Virginia for forgiveness it could be made right. But Pat is no Billy Graham. Pat has assets to guard, and Allen is one of them. He'll let his chit ride.

And the Republican party sees the handwriting on the wall. November is going to be ugly for very good reasons. Those that aren't already in the bunker- hanging up on lobbyists, are not going to make a trip over to the Hart Building to counsel George Allen.

They have their own fights and political careers to save. No, they are simply going to give a weak nod as they pass in the fog. Like the doomed whalers that they are, it is everyman for himself. They are sailing with Ahab, and they've all read the book.

Allen stays and goes down with his crew of well paid slavers. It's karma, and it's proper. And when it finally sinks below the water on 7November taking it's stench and misery with it, we will all be better off


Count me in for seeing the Allen response as being nearly as damning as the piece itself. It doesn't actually refute any of the allegations directly. Everything it says is potentially consistent with the story: even if the real reason Allen came to UVA was to be closer to his dad, that doesn't magically prevent him from bragging about it being for racist reasons. The same goes for the rest. Allen might well have bragged and used racial epithets only to certain other players he knew it would be "safe" to do so with. People with "no memories" of something (a classic non-commital denial rather than a denial) and three Allen friends who want to keep what happened on the basketball team on the basketball team, but are unwilling to go so far as that they might be caught in a lie if more evidence comes out, is not exactly a sterling defense.

The reason Allen's team is being so measured is quite obvious: they don't know how much evidence Shelton or the other witnesses actually have. If they vehemently deny that Allen said or did anything like that, then when more evidence comes out they cannot pull the "I'm so sorry: I was young, boo hoo hoo hoo" bit.


Coming soon to a multiplex near you:

"Bambi Meets George Allen: This Time, It's Personal."

Greg Kane

A question the Feds want an asnwer to - was there postage on that deer head?







He should have used Fed Ex!

Virginia Centrist

"A question the Feds want an asnwer to - was there postage on that deer head?"



Well, there you go. GA said it's false. He also said he didn't REMEMBER ever using the n-word, and that it wasn't part of his vocabulary.

However, as we've established, what is, and isn't, in GA's vocabulary, and what those words mean, can be a shifting target.


George needs to get out and meat the voters.


The controversy is really coming to a head.


Good to see the mainstream media picking up on this.

George Allen is a little rich kid from Palos Verdes who doesn't have the brains to transcend frat-boy racism.


George Allen will continue a long line of GOP Senatorial racism: Lott, Faircloth, Thurmond, Helms, Coburn, etc etc.


The buck really does stop here!


Ok - a number of people said that Allen's lack of denial was proof it was true.

Now that we have a denial with a he said/he said situation, and 7 people have put their names to the fact it didn't happen while 2 anonymous people say it might have, are you content?

Do you now agree that it's not true - or at least admit it might not be true?

Sadly - the answer is of course not.


Please find me the person who said that Allen's lack of denial was proof that it was true.

Also, note that:

1. One NAMED person and two anonymous folks say the n-word was used by GA.

2. All the seven named folks say is that they never heard GA say the n-word. That is certainly NOT a refutation of the allegation that he did to the guys who say he did.

3. And I haven't yet seen a specific denial by GA of the Bambi allegation.



Bruce, doe we know for certain? Of course not. But one man is a Doctor with a practice. As credible as 4 female Naval officers from 2,500 or so graduated that had bad things to say about Webb. So solly.


"Like the doomed whalers that they are, it is everyman for himself. They are sailing with Ahab, and they've all read the book."

Wow. Now THAT was eloquent. Good job, Buddy. But have they really all read the book--or just seen the movie?


I can't wait to see the made for TV version of the "George Allen Story".

Opening scene--three idiot 20 somethings stuffing a deer's head in some innocent bystander's mailbox.

For dramatic effect, I would make the mailbox belong to a veteran who has just returned from Vietnam. It would make for a nice contrast.

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