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Are they making the switch from transfat for it? Like Wendy's and KFC?

NGB you have it all wrong. Not only is the McRib disgusting but so is Webb. Attacking Allen's past and family. Despicable and Virginia will see through it.

not gretchen bulova

No idea Doug. Honestly, I'm just glad it's back after a 10 year hiatus.

Actually, Allens family attacks Allens family.


And Allens past attacks Allens past.


Have a blessed day.


Ew, NGB, McDonald's will kill you. My friend used to tell me that even though he was a vegetarian, he could eat there, because it wasn't really meat (joke, they use real meat. Real grade E and F meat).

Please, we don't wish to see you in the hospital.


McRib discussion-


Not Ben

You realize that most of the McRib comes from crippled circus animals, right?

One of the few things I like less than James Webb, is the McRib.

Speaking of McDonalds and politics, the first letter writing campaign I ever worked on was to get McDonalds to change the price of the Dbl. Cheese Burger back to $1. The campaign worked and my faith in grass roots politics was restored.

not gretchen bulova

See, I would argue the McRib is better than any American politician.


I call for McDonald's to bring back "Mighty Wings".

Man, love me some McRibs. Best sandwich they ever made...

Anyone remember the Simpsons episode where the Krusy Burger has the McRib equivalent?

As long as they don't bring back that "McBreakfast Taco" or whatever it was. That'd be as scary as re-electing Allen.


I'm not allowed to bring up my dog eating cat poo here, am I?

not gretchen bulova

Finally, some McRib love!

chris saxman

Like the McRib. Sonic is the best however!


I prefer the Big Kahuna Burger.

I hear they're taking omega-3 fatty acid synthesis genes from algae and putting them into hogzillas to make the new mc-rib.


The McRib is definitely the best thing McDonalds has ever sold.
I dont know why those idiots dont make it part of the permanent menu.

Maybe Dick Wadhams runs McDonalds when hes not ruining campaigns.

NGB - Have you tried the re-emerged McRib yet?

I used to have fond memories of Big Macs and other tasty McD's. Past few times I've eaten there, their food sucked.

Quality is down or I'm suffering from pleasant childhood memories. Either way, I don't visit McD's anymore.

Hope it goes better for you.


I actually really enjoy Mickey D's all white meat chicken nuggets. But, their food is disgusting, and leaves a giant ball of grease and McDonald's poo inside of you.

Doug-probably not, but I appreciate the question.

The best "junk food" is a big fat burrito from qdoba or baja fresh or chipotle.


Not Ben

Rowhey, Big Kahuna Burger? That's that Hawaiian burger joint. I heard they got some tasty burgers. I ain't never had one myself, how are they?


Someone kick typepad in the cluster again, a little birdy has screwed up their clocks.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Kudos to GOPHokie for the honesty.

Never had a McRib. McDonald's is EVIL! Look at for that child blood-sucking fiend, Ronald, tonight. He's SCARY!!

Doug in Mount Vernon

look at = look out


Ben typepad is all fucked up again.

not gretchen bulova

I didn't know there was a "new mcrib". Mine tastes the same as it did 10 years ago. Delicious!

Del. Saxman -

Sonic is good, except I hate the drive up style.

Ted Nugent

Has anyone every noticed that if you leave the empty McDonald's bag in your car after you are finished eating, you car smells like a fart for several days?

I have two hypothesese on this:

A) McDonald's makes you pass gas; it is your own gas you are smelling,

2) That McDonald's is disgusting and made of ass.

Please let me know what you think.


I think that "Ted Nugent" is hilarious. I also think that it is bc everything McDonalds does is made of ass.

The guy who created McDonalds was a FREAK, btw. If you read Fast Food Nation, it will take you a while to ever frequent a MickeyD's again.


Oh I hope she still visits!

JMU Duke

McRib's are pretty money...a sure path to a dirt nap, but they taste good.

I'm in the 'Jane disappears' column.


McDLT, wasn't that the one they used Chupacabra meat for (or was that the Arch Deluxe, I forget)?

The best thing McDonalds serves isn't even on the menu-- Ask for the Chicken McGriddle (add the egg, hold the cheese). They'll charge you the same as the Sausage Mcgriddle (or may add a buck for the substitution).

Either way, its like they sprinkle crack on it, its quite addictive.

Not Jack Herrity

Gotta agree with Saxman. Sonic has great burgers. Too bad they haven't ventured further north or I'd have no reason to travel to other parts of the state.

Checkers is supposedly owned by the same company but they're just not quite as good.

Love those trans-fats....


JMU Duke

Weird..i posted 2 minutes ago, and my comment is up the thread...does this have something to do with the time chance?


The reason fast food hamburgers don't seem to taste as good as you remember is they are all overcooked now, to avoid food poisoning.

My fav used to be the flame broiled Whopper from Burger King. Now I think Wendy's is the best.

But I rarely ever buy fast food anymore. It's too fatty, too greasy, and (thanks to the overcooking) is not tasty enough to compensate.


Ahh, the McRib. I remember when they released it at the MCD's at Penn State back in the early 80's. Soemthing kinda weird about that invention, but did miss it when it left.

We ate a lot at Roy Rogers while in college..they had a "fixins salad bar" and we would buy the cheapest plain hamburger and then add grated cheese and stuff to it to make those spare dollars go further...used to roll coins on Friday nights to pay for booze too. Ahh, the good ole days!


There is no good reason for any Virginian to ever eat a McRib sandwich. None.

With all the true pulled pork bar-b-que establishments in the Commonwealth, why would anyone eat pressed "pork parts" from Phoenix, Arizona?

The McRib was designed to simulate the port experience for unfortunates from places like Pittsburgh, Cinncinati, and Rochester. We are more blessed. We have access to true smoked bar-b-que fresh from the pit and it is a wonderful, and nasty heathen treat.

If you had ever spent time on a hog farm, like me, you would be reluctant to eat anything porcine. What a pig will eat would disgust you. They are scavengers. They eat their young. In fact pig-eating is proof that George Allen has de-volved from his family tree to become the punk-ass redneck that he is today. It was the pork that took him down. Schmutz! Oy Vey!


"Man, love me some McRibs. Best sandwich they ever made..."

I agree that McRibs rock but I would have to say that the McDLT was the best McDonalds sandwich ever. It was served in a styrofoam container with the "hot" side in one compartment with the burger and the "cool" side with the lettuce and tomato so they wouldn't make each other lukewarm. Damn environmentalists and their disdain for styrofoam!!!!!!

Not Ben

Big Kahuna Burgers? Me, I can'tusually eat 'em 'cause my girlfriend's a vegetarian, which pretty much makes me a vegetarian, but I do love the taste of a good burger.


Oh my GOD. Since this is an open thread, please go here if you would like to see Dane Cook's impression of Tom Cruise. While Dane is overrated and annoying, this is very funny.



Speaking of Williamsburg, Jim Webb will be at the Three Olives restaurant here in Williamsburg at 6 PM tomorrow. Drop by, and after we're all done rallying...maybe a trip to the golden arches for a McRib? Mmmm....

Southern Democrat

New topic of discussion:

Who thinks Jane Oldham will be seen around these parts after November 7?

Mark me down for "Not I".

Is the McRib made with genuine Macaca meat????

not gretchen bulova

Sounds good Liberal Pi.

Email me notgretchenbulova at hotmail dot com.


Mmm...delicious crippled circus animals


OK, If you need to eat pig in Williamsburg:

Pierce's Pitt Bar B Que!

None better. A Virginia tradition. (and don't say something stupid like "This reminds me of the McRib" - they'll throw you out)


the McRib??? I must say that I am not a fan. However, I must say that I am enjoying the return of the Cheesy Gordita Crunch to Taco Bell.


"I prefer the Big Kahuna Burger."

That's that Hawaiian joint right? I hear they have some tasty burgers.

not gretchen bulova

Bubby - I eat at Pierces regularly, in fact I saw Tom Rust there a couple of weeks ago. But McRib's are faster, cheaper, and closer.

Larry Sabato's Hairpiece

Save boneless pig farming by supporting the men and women of the Boneless Pig Farmers Association of America. Because when McDonald's gives up the McRib for good, America's family boneless pig farmers are the ones who will pay the price.



"Faster, Cheaper, and Closer?" So are the Tri-Deltas. That don't make it right.

Newport News Dem

I take the BBQ package for the chicken nuggets and dump that on the McRib to drown it in BBQ!

chris saxman

Love the Sonic Super Breakfast Burrito with the tater tots and the big ol' diet coke. My whole family loves them. We call each other when one of us is dining at one. They rock! Fast, good and reasonably priced...cannot wait to have one here in the Valley!

JMU Duke

""Faster, Cheaper, and Closer?" So are the Tri-Deltas. That don't make it right."

That is really funny. I laughed out loud at my desk. Dixie Bones BBQ in Woodbridge is the best in the state, and I'll stand by that.

Not Brad Davis

When I see you eating the pressed, formed, and nuked squirrel meat McRib sandwich it makes me hot.

Guess you'll be joining the McRib Farewell Tour after the election:


not gretchen bulova

God I love the McRib.

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