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No 20 toupees, but I'll take it.


Oh, 4 just appeared. My bad.

Lo Scrivano

Wow, does Webb want to lose??



Our politcal talk has become so sissified that we can't speak honestly anymore. Webb speaks a truth that can only be communicated effectively using sincere language. Rednecks and towel-heads are the cartoon villians in Hollywood. How else can you say this without sounding like a namby pamby?


Well, George Allen and Jim Webb appear to have something in common:
neither of them know how to watch what they say.


I do think you need the two proceeding paragraphs here Ben:

In a recent interview in the back of his campaign RV, Webb talks about how Hollywood has lampooned the Scotch-Irish. He says he is sick of this story line. For too long, he says, poor Southern whites have been one of the few groups it's still safe to make fun of.

"Every movie needs a villain," Webb says. He could let the statement end there, but instead, he does a strange thing. In the midst of a Senate race marked by accusations of racial insensitivity on both sides, he says this:


The article is actually pretty favorable to him.


and it's "Scots-Irish"

Me thinks that your posting of this material is an attempt to deflect the allegations that Webb had extra-marital relations with a female midshipman while a professor at the Naval Academy.

Didn't today's LA Times out Dick Wadhams as gay?

the article as a whole is beneficial.

the use of the phrase "towel-heads" is just dumb. I can't even figure out what he means (seems like he probably is taking the side of Middle easterners who are mindlessly portrayed as villains in hollywood)...but you don't say that word...

Anon 2:14 - which is a deflection away from accusations that Allen beat his first wife. Why are those divorce records sealed? No one seals "irreconcilable differences"...

The Best the A-Team can come up with :

Webb likes females and defends rednecks against Hollywood stereotypes.

It's official, Webb's going to win.


Smoooooooooth. 215 anon, I agree, he probably meant it in a good way in that Middle Easterners are being unfairly portrayed, but to use that term? Oops.


Ano 2:14
The chances of the media picking up on that are about as good as the the chances that the medias picks up on the liberal charges that Allen beat his first wife. This campaign has finally started to turn to the issues, and I think the media wants to focus there for as long as possible.

Note that the WaPo endorsement of Webb didn't mention any of the scandals in this race. It's all about the issues. And I think the media is going to want to keep it that way.


Wow, quite a contrast between NLS's reaction to this and the posts here after macaca.

Freakin' hypocrite.

Lo Scrivano

Whatever spin you want to put on this story, the fact remains, Webb made a very stupid remark, and it may cost him big.


I'm with Jason, actually. The intentions appeared good, but he ended up screwing up those intentions by using a stupid choice of words.


217 anon - Webb dropped the terms and it was published by the Washington Post. No spin needed by the A-Team on this quote. I doubt the fallout with be much. Dannyboy was right, both of these guys have got to watch what they say.

"Sen. George Allen (R-Va.), a staunch opponent of same-sex marriage, has a campaign manager who is gay. Sen. Rick Santorum (R-Pa.), who linked gay sex to bestiality, has a press secretary who is gay. Both senators are in perilous races for reelection, and neither staffer would comment."

Not Larry Sabato

Wow, I missed that also. Wadhams is gay?


Huh? Wadhams is gay? What? I completely missed that one. Of course, it shouldn't matter in the slightest. But it may to certain people. That is, if it is true. I'm not quite sure it is.

I.Pub - how is it that you can be so wrong so often? That takes real talent.

Comparing Webb's questionable word, a word he used while defending two slighted groups, to Allen's racist intimidation of the only non-white in a crowd is preposterous.

Should Webb have said it? Probably not. But there is no comparison. Get a clue.


If it's in the LATimes then provide a link. Otherwise you're making accusations that don't need to be made.

Not Larry Sabato

anon, can you please link to this article?

Jane Oldham

After 2+ months of negative ads about Allen, over 220 WaPo articles about Macaca, the WaPo is now going positive with articles about Jim Webb. Three today alone. What a REAL guy, according to the Post. So what if he's a bit 'fuzzy headed' on free trade and calls people 'towel heads'. He dips snuff too! Admitted it that to Tim Russert, but He's our guy, we love him, so we think these little quirks are endearing. Heck, we even did a piece on the front of Style today with a HUGE picture of Webb, and his combat boots. Then we also had a funny little piece on the same page comparing Virginia Rednecks to those of us in the educated, elite, part of Virginia, NOVA. We're SOOOOOO much better than the rest of the state and we're SOOOOO glad that Webb is one of us! He's left the darkside of redneck Virginia to join the elite,nose-in-the-air snobs, northern Virginias.

Webb has now decided that he hates the term 'redneck' but has no problem with towel heads.

What a maroon. The elite can have him. He's another Kerry. Neither of them have an ounce of sense.

Not Wadhams

Lends new meaning to Big Tent

Maybe thats how he got his lateral lisp

Jane Oldham

The WaPo will only focus on the issues if they can't dig up anymore dirt on Allen. Dirt on Webb is off limits.

I see no contradictions in hiring gay people and those gay people being opposed to the marriage amendment. Or they may even support it. I know quite a number of Black people who are very much opposed to affirmative action.

Republicans don't hire people based on their sexual orientation or their race or their religion. Republicans hire based on merit. How novel.


Ben, I just sent you the Wadhams e-mail article via e-mail. It's an interesting read.

Feeling just a tad insecure Jane?

Had to pull out the Big Book of Republican Buzz Words in order to get a ding on Webb?

Keep trying, you're doing fine. Now work in "liberal", "flip-flop", "cut and run" and you'll get a gold star for the day. Good luck, those are the tough ones.


Wow, so Ben Tribbett has decided to try and derail the Webb campaign single-handedly.

Mr. Tribbett is looking to nail down the title of most-hated man in the blogosphere.

Do you know what a "pariah" is Mr. Tribbett?


oh yeah, thanks mr/ms anon, for stating the ONLY excuse you Dems could possibly have on this one.

Allen, using a word that nobody's ever heard of, is much MUCH worse than Webb referring to (who? Arabs? South Asians? Turks? All of the above?) as Towel-heads.

Yeah, keep spinning it, sport. I know you won't let us down.


There is always the more simple answer- Webb is a better man, a better candidate and it is obvious, talking to both men, that he's just, well, better.


I meant that as an answer to Jane- for all the positive press Webb is getting. I think it was dumb for him to say what he did.


re: LATimes article: if "neither staffer would comment", where are they getting their information? Sloppy and irresponsible journalism, IMO.


You know that old phrase that only guilty men plead the fifth? I guess the LA Times is kind of using that in the reporting. Wadhams sexuality shouldn't matter regardless.


I Pubs:
You got another day to see if the media picks it up. You'll just have to see.


Dannyboy - Agreed, but you know certain people are going to take this and run with it. The number of comments about "asking Allen's gay staffers" about stuff tells me there are people chomping at the bit of this one. Horrible state of affairs...


Jason- don't they go over things like that on background, then can publish actual facts but not attribute them? I'm not a journalist and don't know, but I don't think they would just publish that without facts behind it. But it doesn't actually use anyone's name.

JMU Duke

I don't want to distract from the topic of the thread, but I just wanted to say that reading that LA Times article made me want to vomit. I would like to formally suggest that we set aside a chunk of Alaska, rope it off and give it to these people who have destroyed the Republican party with their fear-laden propaganda. Let them run their Puritanical igloo village how they please and the rest of us will go back to living our lives. The party of individual rights and small government is now the party of "if I don't agree with what you do behind closed doors, you can't work for me." END RANT, my apologies.


Ahoy Dick Wadhams: When I challenged you to a wrestling match for charity, and said I was going to teach you the Navy Ride...I didn't mean THAT Navy Ride.

That explains the Allen-Foley connection.


Republican officials are trying to project confidence about keeping the Senate by spending heavily, and forcing Democrats to do the same, in blue states like Michigan, Maryland and New Jersey. But: Florida in 2000. Ohio in '04. Virginia in '06?

Strategists in both parties tell TIME that they now believe control of the Senate could turn on a race that wasn't on anyone's toss-up list two months ago -- the Democratic challenge by former Navy Secretary Jim Webb (D) to Senator George Allen, a once-popular Republican who has suffered an epidemic of self-inflicted wounds.

Top GOP officials deny they are depending on any one state, or that an implosion in any particular state such as Ohio necessarily means disaster on Nov. 7. "We've always had a couple of scenarios for keeping the Senate -- I think that's the best way to play it," said a Republican Party decision-maker who spoke on condition of anonymity in order to be more candid. "I'm not saying this is a great year. It is possible."

The National Republican Senatorial Committee, which had once hoped the son of the legendary Washington Redskins coach would be able to fend for himself, is having to spend $900,000 on radio ads and mailings in Virginia to try to shore up Allen, a boot-wearing, tobacco-dipping conservative who once hoped to fill the Ronald Reagan niche in the '08 presidential field. The committee had already spent $450,000 there, but decided this week that it would have to spend the maximum it can, doubling its investment.

"Senator Allen has to make sure his margins are high in Southwest Virginia, and then he has to neutralize somewhat Northern Virginia," the Republican official said. "He's focused on both of those, but the environment's tough." President George W. Bush is appearing Thursday at a fund-raising reception at the Science Museum of Virginia, in Richmond -- a telling sign of how critical the race has become.

Republican officials say they budgeted money for Virginia, and deny that it's a hardship. But that IS $900,000 that can't help transfuse Sen. Mike DeWine in Ohio -- a race that some GOP officials believe is lost but that others insist remains a top priority. And it's $900,000 that can't help Republicans pull off a coup in New Jersey, where even Democrats concede that Sen. Robert Menendez is vulnerable to Tom Kean Jr., a Republican whose father was Governor, because of continuing revelations about Menendez links to corruption. "We're optimistic about New Jersey," the GOP official said. "People see him as a crook. It's on the front page of the newspaper all the time. It's in these people's minds." On the other side, a new ad from the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee (DSCC) says Kean "sided with George Bush" on Iraq and concludes: "Tom Kean Junior. Wrong on Bush. Wrong on Iraq. Wrong for New Jersey."

The political world went into a tizzy on Monday after the lead story of The New York Times, based on authoritative sourcing, said party officials had decided "to effectively write off" DeWine's seat. Several polls since then have showed the Democrat, Sherrod Brown, opening up a sizeable lead over DeWine. Phil Singer, the DSCC communications director, gleefully issued a memo accusing Republicans of a "Cut & Run" strategy in Ohio. Republican National Committee Chairman Ken Mehlman held a conference call with Ohio reporters to say that DeWine remains an "incredibly top priority."

"We're putting our money where our mouth is," Mehlman said on the call. "No state will receive more resources from the Republican National Committee than Ohio. From this point forward, we will spend millions more on turnout and millions more on message. We have a huge staff. And intend and have right now a very aggressive program." A national party committee on Tuesday launched a new television ad campaign attacking Brown.

Another Republican official said the party is banking on the message that Brown is "incredibly liberal, and the state just isn't that liberal, and there's time for people to learn a lot more about Brown."

As proof that they are not limiting themselves to a few firewall states, NRSC officials say they are spending $650,000 in Maryland, where Lt. Gov. Michael Steele once was one of the party's greatest hopes to pick up a Democratic seat, but finds himself struggling against Democrat Ben Cardin in an overwhelmingly Democratic state.

Republican officials now concede they could lose a net of 23 to 27 seats in the House, that higher figure being close to twice the 15 Democrats would need to take control. Democrats would need six seats to take control of the Senate, and Republican officials tell TIME they see several scenarios for warding that off. One Republican strategist close to the White House gave this forecast: "We're going to lose Pennsylvania, Ohio and Rhode Island. That's three. Virginia, I think we hold. Tennessee, I think we hold. I'm less certain we're going to hold Missouri and I'm least certain we hold Montana. But to take control, Democrats have to win three of those four, and that's unlikely." If Democrats picked up five, the chamber would be 50-50, guaranteeing frequent appearances by Vice President Cheney as President of the Senate.

Some White House officials became convinced that the House might be lost after they saw polls showing the page scandal had brutalized Republican approval ratings, and one senior party official says that's also part of the reason that the party's hold on the Senate is in such peril. "I kind of see the Foley thing as the tipping point," the official said. "People are just unhappy already and that just did it."

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.


I've got to hand it to you. I think that's the first time I've heard someone use the word "maroon" in that context since I was watching some vintage Buggs Bunny/Daffy Duck. You're straight out of the 40's/50's.


Will everyone please take a breath and read the whole context of the statements?

It's pretty clear from the context that Webb was trying to say that the movies have villainized two groups in particular, Arabs and white southerners. He was giving an example of how they're perceived. They're demonized and turned into "towel heads" and "rednecks".

Now, don't we all feel better?


Didn't Lacivita replace Wadhams.

Could they be talking about him?

Let's not jump to conclusions about which Allen staffer the LA Times says is spending their nights with a full anus.


Is that a pork joke?

Dick Wadhams : Hollywood Hero.

George Allen will stand firmly behind his campaign manager.

Why is it that Bubby wants to wrestle Wadhams so much?

JMU Duke

Is it the rule that intolerant jokes are acceptable and funny if they're about someone you don't like? That's pretty annoying.


Bubby is a lettered Wrestler, trained in the manly art of unarmed hand to hand combat. It is an ancient and storied sport. And I excell.

But I'm having my doubts about Dick - I don't want him giggling while I wipe the mat with his face.


JMU Duke; you are right, there is nothing funny about a homosexual that would work for a political party that seeks to legalize homosexual discrimination. In fact it is a picture of sick, self-loathing.


Yeah. Please guys, no offensive gay jokes, okay? That's not cool. Trust me, I REALLY don't like Dick Wadhams. That doesn't mean I'm going to throw nasty jabs at him. I'll call "BS" on him when he lies (which he does frequently), but I'm not going to insult him over rumors that haven't yet been proved. Rumors that should have no impact on this campaign.

So let's get this straight ...
oops. Sorry.


Bubby- it might be LaCivita. You can't tell with the article.

But then, I think he's a small guy and it wouldn't be fair to wrestle him.

How about sort of on the edge but not too offensive jokes?


Catzmaw - Rising to their defense or not, you don't go throwing the term "towel-head" around like that. It's not cool.


Dannyboy- I think the point of the article was about conservative Christians not getting the anti-gay legislation passed that they want passed. It really doesn't have anything to do with this race. It might make some people (on the far right) not want to vote for Allen, but I think that's about it. And I doubt that will actually happen.

And what's with the no jokes? I think someone did an entire thread on Foley.

JMU Duke

I just don't understand how you guys can take saying things like that so lightly. If that had been a regular joe that had been allegedly outed, you would be through the roof reading comments like that about him. I've met Wadhams, believe it or not he's PERSONALLY a nice guy. His style of politics is disgusting and I'll be the first to tell you that, but I don't understand what the point is at which it's okay to say hateful things about gay people.

Oh Dannyboy

Where is the offensive joke in this thread? I'm not seeing it...unless you consider gay people to be offensive.


Wadhams is in my weight class.

JMU Duke

Doug--I'm fine with jokes, and I think a couple above are funny on their face. It's just inconsistency that bothers me. If you're big on gay rights and tolerance, stick to that, it shouldn't matter who the person in question is. It's the same type of thing that happened during the whole Allen Jewish thing..all of the sudden there are a bunch of arguably anti-semitic jokes about him.


"Let's not jump to conclusions about which Allen staffer the LA Times says is spending their nights with a full anus."

That was pretty vulgar, and I just wanted to let out a pre-emptive strike before the gay jokes started coming.


I find it intersting that the same people making gay jokes here are most likely the same ones who'd find the same jokes offensive if they were lobbed against someone on their side. Ultimately, are you trying to say that Allen and Santorum should practice biased hiring practices and omit gays from their staffs because of their sexual orientations? Are you saying that "hate the sin, love the sinner" should never apply? Neither of these Senators and no politician has come out and said "gays should not be allowed to work" so there is no hypocracy here.

Delta Mike

I don't pretend to be unbiased, but I agree with Catzmaw. I don't see the big deal.

Webb is saying that Hollywood villans are often Arabs and Southerners, and that in these roles they are derogatorily referred to as towel-heads and rednecks. What other conclusion can you draw? He hates Arabs (which is "obviously" why he is so interested in Middle East policy - it's because he hates them) and Southerners (i.e., he hates himself)?

Reminds me of that Colbert episode when he got that Florida congressman to say "doing cocaine is fun" because the guy was running unopposed and he made it clear it was a joke, but the next day Fox ran the clip and said "SEE! DEMOCRATS DO COCAINE!"


oh, Danny- that one was. And I shouldn't have followed it with the pork line. But Allen, pork, man, sometimes they just jump out.

And I did NOT write the anonymous post.


I think what people are claiming, Jason, is that Allen and Wadhams intentionally hid Wadhams sexuality in an attempt to protect Allen's strength among the Christian Conservative votes. Anyway, that's what I've read thus far.


Dannyboy - Still, interesting to see if the Dems or media are going to try and play the hiring of gays as a bad thing in an effort to target those votes. THAT would be hypocritical. This should be a non-issue, but like I said, some folks are rubbing their hands in anticipation of this one. October Surprise?

Allen may be down, but that doesn't mean his campaign can't come from ... oh forget it.

JMU Duke

None of it should matter! That is the central message of the gay rights movement...it should not matter what you do in your home, or who you date. If you do your job well, and otherwise remain a productive member of society, we shouldn't have anything else to talk about. It's disgraceful to abandon that over a gay Republican. As you can see in my rant above, I'm definitely not aiming this frustration solely at liberals, but it seems like they'd be the ones speaking up and saying that it shouldn't matter what Wadhams' sexuality is.


dannyboy 2:17

the media wanting to talk about the issues will be the first. It is about time. I am getting sick of hearing about the "n" word and whether or not Webb dislikes woman. However, I think Allen has gotten the most negative publicity.


And when I say "the Dems" I mean "some Dems". I certainly don't think every Dem is gonig to jump on this with both feet.


Allen should hire whomever he wants to hire. The question is why would a homosexual work for a political party that bashes homosexuals to GOTV? It is sick.

William Jackson

JMU- The rule with intolerant jokes is that they're only acceptable if you're a democrat.


The rule with Republicans is; homosexuals are good as long as they step and fetch.

So. One guy running is a privledged guy of Jewish distraction with major support from lawyers and has gays on his staff. His supporters are politically correct language specialists.

The other guy is a poor white southerner type, injured war veteran who bashes Hollywood. His supporters are rabid bloggers.

Which one is in which party?

The gay issue really only matters to social conservatives. And if they want to make an issue of homosexuality, that's their right.

Allen is rumored to have the "gayest staff in Washington" and now he has a "gay campaign manager". It doesn't bother me one bit, but it sure as hell should bother social conservatives that Allen, as a social conservative himself, has such a strong affinity for homosexual staff. If I were a social conservative, I'd vote for the amendment and walk out. Neither Allen nor Webb get my vote.

Anon 3:34, cuz you live in DC?


334anon - That's the hope of those pushing this story. I'd like to think that the majority of social conservatives aren't that ignorant but, well...

William Jackson

Maybe it's an affinity for the person who can do the best job is, regardless of any other factors.


Jackson - Exactly why this should be a non-issue. Here's hoping it remains such for the next few weeks but I've got a bad feeling about this.

Jason - sadly many are that ignorant. That's why sexual orientation is an issue in our supposedly modern society.

Bergdorf Brunette

I have to agree with Jason & William Jackson. First of all, just because these politicians disagree with gay marriage, DOES not mean they hate gays. Thats something many of you liberals have either never gotten through your heads or have wanted to spin this in your favor. Secondly, the whole situation is ironic that liberals are allowed to make jokes or be "politically incorrect" and then its "oh, well he meant it in a good way", but heaven forbid a republican should say anything of the sort...the hypocrisy here is laughable.

Wadhams isn't gay -- he's been married almost as many times as Webb. The L.A. Times article should have said something along the lines of a senior Allen staffer. Campaign Manager was an incorrect description of the person's role.

And this "secret" is almost as widely known in D.C. as it was about Foley until recently and Hillary.


One party has blown a budget surplus, spent like drunken sailors, been lead by a band of former draft dodgers into a war of adventure and preach ideological purity over common sense.

The other party advocates limited government authority, strict Constitutional interpretation, fiscal responsibility, and respect for the military.

Which party is the Democratic Party and which is the Republican Party.

William Jackson

Jason-It is a non issue in the GOP circles, it's only the dems who seem to want to bring a persons sexuality into this race

JMU Duke

William.....Gay Marriage Amendment?


Bubby, honestly both parties sounds a lot like the first description

Well, we all know Jim Webb's fascination with young boys' penises from his novels.

Not Pam Anderson

Bergdorf B: The Republican Party cooked up a Constitutional Amendment to discriminate against homosexuals. That is beyond hate, it's evil. Live with it.


Webb made a weird comment. I feel that it will have no affect on the election.

As for Wadhams, I would be shocked to find out he is gay, considering his candidate's opinion of gay marriage and civil unions. Has this been proven or admitted yet?


350 anon - Uncalled for.

William Jackson

One Party throws oreo's at black candidates, makes jokes about Ghandi running a gaas station, refers to black politicians with "slavish allegiance" and refers to middle easterners as Towel Heads.

The other party abolished slavery, introduced anti lynching legislation and has received record funding for historically black colleges and universities.

Which party is the Democrat Party and which is the Republican Party.

Bergdorf Brunette

Pam Anderson - clearly you have no more intelligence than the real Pam Anderson. Its not evil. Hating people versus hating actions are two very different things. Clearly if these politicians hated gays so much they wouldnt put them in their innermost circles.

We know about Allen's fascination from his speical delivery mail.

William Jackson

JMU, I was referring to an individual basis. It's always the democrats who point out Allen's gay staffers and want to make issues of it.


William Jackson:
Don't go there, pal. Allen's record there is far worse than Webb. Every African-American in Congress is a Democrat. Every Asian in Congress is a Democrat. Over 70% of the hispanics in Congress are Democrats. Over 70% of the women in Congress are Democrats.

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