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Whitt currently lives in Richmond and practices at Hunton & Williams.

Not Larry Sabato

and I don't believe there is a residency requirement for any period of time in the district before running.

I should have mentioned in the main post- Robert Hurt is the likely GOP nominee if Hawkins steps down, but I'm not sure if he has it totally locked up yet.

No way Hawkins is stepping down. He will probably keep running for re-election forever. He LIVES for politics and probably wouldn't know what to do w/himself if he wasn't in the General Assembly.



Whitt is not going to leave Richmond, per my last conversation with him.

Here's a rumor for this district that's circulating. Some have said that if Robert Hurt is the GOP nominee that Eric Ferguson may challenge him for the Senate rather than run for Delegate against Dudley.

This comes from a group of political BSers in the district, so I don't know how reliable it is. You might want to check with any sources you have that are close to Ferguson.

What about Danny Marshall? He seems more vulnerable in his House seat than does Robert Hurt, so it seems likely the RPV could push for him to run instead (being that the Senate seat contains more rural votes than does his House seat, which centers largely on Danville).
I also wonder if Hurt might have his eyes on bigger things (AG) than just that Senate seat.

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