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Jesus! This looks like the Kate Griffith's outlook.

Republicans picking up seats? My word.

Mason Conservative

Anon 10:56

Manouli Loupassi (sp?) is favored to take down Waddell.


Vivian Paige's information on Paula Miller's opponent might change. Friends of Hank Giffin has said that he is reconsidering running. Maybe because Hank and the Republican Party have looked at the numbers. It will be very hard to beat Miller in a district that Phil Kellam, Jim Webb and Tim Kaine carried. Paula won the district handily last time with 2 opponents. She won all of the Republican precincts except for one which she only lost by 8 votes and it happened to be her Republican opponent's home precinct. The district has changed in demographics since it was redrawn in 2000.

PWC Voter

You forgot to factor in Fredrick's fundraising. He is consistently a top-5 fundraiser, notwithstanding he's a junior member of the house.


With McQuigg's in play and targeted by the Dems, I would not move Frederick into the advantage. The single factor possibly holding the Dems back is recruiting. If they get a top flight candidate, I'd move the race to leans-Democrat, Frederick's fundraising and organization notwithstanding!

PWC Voter

With McQuigg's seat now open, the D's would be dumb to put another half-mil into Fredrick's race when he keeps winning, raises lots of money, and the neighboring district is such a great opportunity for them. Anything they put into Fredrick's race, they can't put into McQuigg's seat.

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