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Still waiting for Chap to make it official, though. I'd say this is the #1 race until Chap is officially in.

Too Conservative

Janet is a great lady...

this race will be intense

Jonathan Mark

"""Janet is a great lady...

this race will be intense"""

Too, I am surprised at you. What have you been drinking down there in Texas?

She is a Moran enabler. She refuses to criticize Moran borrowing $25K from a Schering-Plough lobbyist, refuses to criticize Moran co-sponsoring that lobbyist's legislation a few days later, AND refuses to rule out borrowing money from lobbyists herself if she ever makes it to Richmond, which I doubt.

Janet Oleszek is an influence-peddler on the make, and she will remain one until she is willing to criticize her ally Moran's money-borrowing behavior.

Hans Bader

I hope Cuccinelli wins.

Unlike many legislators, he is extremely knowledgeable and responsive to constituents.

If you send an e-mail to many legislators, they and their staff never respond.

Cuccinelli and his staff respond quickly.

If you ask some other legislators for their position on a thorny issue, they will give you a deliberately vague or evasive answer.

Cuccinelli will give you a straightforward, honest answer.

Many other lawyer-legislators are so mediocre and lazy that it's a wonder that they ever passed the bar exam.

Cuccinelli has a genuine record of accomplishment as a lawyer, with broad knowledge in areas ranging from constitutional law to intellectual property.

beatrice donnelly

Senator Cuccinelli is the Fairfax County version of Loudoun's Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio and is proud of the association and similiarity. The only difference is that Senator Cuccinelli has a law degree and a bit more polish.

Alex P. Keaton

This race will not even be close. The democratic party in Fairfax can't stand Janet (I know we all still remember what she tried to pull on Sharon Bulova's son). Has anyone looked at some of the things she has done while on the school board? No one on the school board likes or wants to work with her. If the democratic party doesn't have a primary opponent for her (which I'd be surprised) and is the only way Janet gets into the general, I will save you time and pick this one for you Ben 70- 30 Cuccinelli wins.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Alex, with all due respect, I think this one's going to be way closer than that.

For one thing, Janet Oleszk's not the pariah within the Democratic Party that you seem to think. In fact, both she and David Bulova (Sharon's son) both won respect for running class act campaigns that remained positive throughout the primary.

And few mainstream NOVA Democrats are going to be offended by Janet for supporting Jim Moran.

I still think this one's going to be an interesting race.

Because I like Ken Cuccinelli, I hope it remains positive, classy, and focused on real issues. I think Janet can do that and still be formidable.

And I'm sticking by my remarks that Ken's district is just not as conservative as he is. I think a lot of people respect him, but they also respectfully disagree with a lot of his positions on the issues.

Anyway, it's going to be a lively 2007.


Cooch will win this hands down. Can't the liberals find a legitimate opponent for my boy Cooch? t PROUDLY endorses Cooch.


I think Sen. Cuccinelli may be too conservative for his district.

That being said, I think Ms. Oleszk is too liberal for this district. She ran to the left of Bulova in her House primary and did very poorly for a woman who had won county-wide elections previously.

This may be close, but I need to see Ms. Oleszk actually run a strong local campaign against entrenched opponents before I would put it high on the list.

Alex P. Keaton

Anon is a Woman: I am not sure where you are getting your information, but Janet attempted to trash David's name during that race. By no means is Ken the party's favorite person, but fact remains Ken has much more of a base than Janet ever will. I stand by my statement Cuccinelli wins 70-30.

Whoever said that district is too conservative for Ken is right and wrong. Cuccinelli finds his strength in the fact that he has a base of people that respect and will do anything to help him, whereas most northern Virginia R's do not. Plus a sizeable number of catholic churches in Northern Virginia are in that district. Our next AG is an amazing rep, and we should all be thankful we have at least six decent people in the senate.

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