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JMU Duke

Interesting...I called the PWC Democratic Committee today just out of curiosity and they fellow on the phone hinted strongly that Porta is taking a good look at running again, as we all might expect.

not porta

Well he did run for mayor to give himself the electoral experience so that he could come back at McQuig -- now that its an open seat definitely look for him to run, and dare i say win?

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Didn't Brickley express some interest in taking his seat back at one point?

Not Jack Herrity

Lucy Beauchamp's going to run too? This is going to be a fun cat fight - er - I mean race.*


*For those of you who think I'm being sexist, I'm not. It's just that those two are particularly egregious in their bad treatment of others, and I can't wait to see them pick each other apart. It would be like Gerry Connolly and Harris Miller running against each other.

Brickley does not live in this district. In fact he ran against Lingamfelter in 2003. Brickley would have to move and that is just not going to happen.

Porta would obviously be a great candidate and his candidacy would come along at the right time as the Republicans do not have a sitting Supervisor to move up.

My guess is the best Republican candidates, Gray, May etc, would prefer to run for Supervisor as opposed to running against Porta.

What everyone should be on the look out for is what the Richmond Republicans do to determine the ticket. They will interfere with the local Republicans by trying to get who they want to run for Delegate. There are going to be some big power plays and bruised feelings.

JMU Duke

I don't think John Gray can beat Porta, he's going to have a tough time beating Dion...

Where's they Friday morning gossip?


If school board member Julie Lucas jumps in the race and wins the nomination the seat stays R.


Who is Julie Lucas, and why would she be more electable than Porta in a seat that is clearly trending Democratic?

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