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And so....

The circle is complete

Webb works for Reagan,

and now Reagan works for Webb...

be it may that they aren't the SAME Reagan's...but bahh..petty details...

and Eileen Manning has been going around saying Tim Kaine told her that Paul Reagan was running against Cookenelli. HAHAHAHA. She's wrong again!

Thank God.

I feel a hell of a lot better now.

Paul has exceptional aptitude for Commonwealth issues and is highly trusted within Virginia Democratic political circles.

As a former Miller supporter who bent over backwards to help "the Webb team" (I was always treated as an outsider after the primary), I am very relieved that Paul got the job.

Constituent Services, Richmond-DC policy issues, NoVA v. RoVA -- all of these hot topics just got more manageable with Paul's hiring.

As a former Miller supporter who bent over backwards to help "the Webb team" (I was always treated as an outsider after the primary), I am very relieved that Paul got the job.

God, what a baby.

"and Eileen Manning has been going around saying Tim Kaine told her that Paul Reagan was running against Cookenelli. HAHAHAHA. She's wrong again!"

I spoke with Eileen at least four times since November 7th, mostly about FCDC internal management for the upcoming 2007 election.

Not once did she ever say that Paul might run for State Senate. Many of us knew that he "might" be in the running for Webb's COS. Thankfully, that rumor seems to be true.

Anon 3:47pm--

No crying here. I'm very happy.

As for the campaign, many of us who were for Miller were not well received in the Webb camp. Some walked out and chose not to participate. A few of us looked beyond petty bickering and juvenille behavior (like yours) to focus on beating Allen.

I stayed, I fought, I contributed -- so go suck your thumb!

Right now I'm on my way out the door to the patio to smoke a cigar, drink a beer, and toast to Paul!

Not Larry Sabato

Hey guys, no need to fight. There are plenty of STAFF positions available for the establishment Democrats- we just won't be nominating them for the big jobs anymore.


Isn't Paul one of those "establishment" Democrats?


Paul Reagan has worked for both Owen Pickett and Mark Warner. Definitely played ball with some of the big guys.


Anon 4:07: "There are plenty of STAFF positions available for the establishment Democrats- "

what part of STAFF wasn't clear?


Paul has political aspirations. You don't actually think that serving as Webb's COS will be Paul's twilight job, do you?


Anonie- I didn't say that. I don't really care. But I agree with NLS- we won't be nominating them for big things anymore. Boo hoo.


Anon at 3:46 p.m., how was the Webb campaign not welcoming to you? Did they rebuff you when you came to the office or called them? What could they have done to make you feel less like an outsider? Who was it, specifically, who made you feel so unwelcomed?

I was a volunteer in that office and out in the field, and I just didn't see all that petty bickering and juvenile behavior aimed at Miller supporters you are talking about. (Is it possible you meant comments posted on a blog?)

When volunteers came in/called, we didn't ask them to pass a loyalty test--very few of us knew who had supported whom in the primary (unless we were there before the primary, obviously) Hell, a lot of our volunteers weren't even regular Democrats--who cared? Everybody seemed united in defeating Allen--I honestly haven't heard Miller even mentioned since the primary. This was a very focused group.

Now, if you are talking about the people at a higher level, obviously I wouldn't know about your dealings with them. But if you have specific complaints, it seems to me you ought to let us know--so we can improve for the next campaign!

pete lawson

There is not a more knowledgeable, honest, hard-working, choice that the Senator could have made. Paul knows Virginia politics inside and out and has impeccable judgement.

Congratulations to Paul and to Sen. Elect Webb!

First of All, I am a republican so I know nothing of inter-party democratic power struggles.

WHY the fighting? You guys won, we lost! Is there really that much hatred between the two wings of the democratic party? Do some Dems still not trust the Webb folks?


As a former staffer under Paul, I can attest to his abilities. He will be a fine chief of staff, as well as a great guy for whom to work!

Kris Amundson

This is a first-rate choice. Paul has always been a class act. I know elected officials at all levels (and in both parties) will be delighted -- he is famous for ALWAYS returning phone calls. Jim Webb hit a home run with this one.


I say awesome choice.

Anyone know if the rumors about Mac coming back are true?

Bryan J. Scrafford

I think Paul will make a great COS for Webb and judging by the tone of the previous comments, so do many others. When you combine Reagan's appointment with the fact that Webb has a vast amount of knowledge on the particular topics that will be discussed during the first few weeks the Senate is in session, I imagine that his term will start off with a bang.

Wait, so what's the problem with nominating "establishment" candidates? Mark Warner was certainly one. Come to think of it, many, if not most, of our most recent successful candidates have been insiders.

Anyone want to provide a bio?

J. Sarge

Excellent choice. Reagan has just the kind of Hill experience from which an outsider like Webb can really benefit.

Great choice! Paul works across party lines and is a real asset to Webb. Thank goodness it wasn't anyone from the RK Enquirer.

Paul Reagan is a great choice -- and an "insider" and a "party establishment" type. Interesting how these things work themselves out, no?


Incredible choice. Pitch perfect.

Anonymous Is A Woman

I'll raise my voice as part of the chorus of those praising Paul Reagan. He is an excellent choice for Jim Webb's Chief of Staff, who can work with all the different elements in the Democratic Party. He's respectful, intelligent and a consumate professional.

When he was Jim Moran's chief of staff and later Mark Warner's director of communications, he reached out to Virginia's organized labor and won a lot of respect from labor leaders.

He may be a party insider but he's also a party uniter. I wish him all the best. Jim Webb couldn't have picked a better COS.

Jim Hoeft

Great, an establishment Cemocrat who reaches out to organized labor. I'm so releived.

Adam Ebbin

Paul Reagan is a great choice! He has worked for a wide range of VA Democrats from Boucher to Moran and Mark Warner. He knows Virginia, knows Capitol Hill and knows how to run a Congressional office.

Senator-elect Webb is setting a great tone with this announcement. He is going to run a first rate office that will serve all Virginians well.

It's great to see that McGwire Woods will continue their insider status with the VA Junior Senator's Office. The outgoing Junior Senator used to work there between political offices and now one of their paid lobbyists will serve as Chief of Staff to the incoming Junior Senator. The more things change...

Anonymous Is A Woman

Like it or not Jim, labor is as much part of the Dems' base as Right to Lifers are part of the Republicans base. Any Republican who couldn't work with them wouldn't be very successful at the big tent either.


Webb came to our FCDC (Fairfax County dems) meeting tonight and spoke very glowingly of his choice. It seems this particular Reagan has quite a resume and lots of experience with various elected officials throughout Virginia. He should be of enormous help to Webb during the next six years.


Gee, all we need is another lobbyist in DC. I supported Jim because he said he was going to clean up Washington, and now he does this.


Perhaps this new hire can teach Webb how to speak respectfully to OUR President.

t speaks

Emilie MIller

Great choice. I have known Paul for many years, since he was a Young Dem. He did a wonderful job in the Warner administration and will do the same for Webb. Congratulations Paul.

Emilie Miller

Looks like McGuireWoods Consulting is becoming quite a farm system: Susan Swecker, Chris Peace, Paul Reagan... LF for Governor?


Do any of you by chance know where Senator-elect Webb and Mr. Reagan are in the staffing process? I.e. have they selected a LD or CD, started interviewing prospective LAs, LCs etc?

Thanks much

B. Hart

Congratulations and fond wishes, Paul! Watching your career from afar continually confirms my unassailable wisdom in hiring you to be OP's press secretary back in the day. Good luck and good health to you and your family.

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