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Thank god for a Senator with some cojones, I have a feeling Biden or Leiberman would be begging Bush's forgiveness and bending over




Yes, and what an amazing show of respect for the Commander-in-Chief.

Yes Ben, we all know you love Jim Webb. You made that very clear with your coverage of the senate race. Although to be fair you never denied it or indicated any fake neutrality.

Elaine in Roanoke

Jim Webb is a real man. Dubya needs to realize that. Jim was a boxer, not a cheerleader. Jim went to war; he did not spend the war chasing women and playing with jets until he got taken off flying status because he didn't pass the physical.

Give it up, Bush. You have met the man!

"Yes, and what an amazing show of respect for the Commander-in-Chief."

George Bush isn't God, nor, clearly, is he infallible. Jim Webb did the right thing by speaking his mind to the president. Bush is surrounded by far too many "yes-men" as it is.


Anon 8:45 I thought you knew already.... To dissent from your leaders is unpatriotic after all Thomas Jefferson once said "dissent is the highest form of patriotism"... Wait a minute that doesn't exactly work. Well Bill O'Rielly, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, and Anne Coulter say if you dissent then you are un-American and with all of their military service they should know best.

Not Jack Herrity

I think maybe you guys missed the undertone here - Bush asked how Webb's son was doing, not how Webb was doing. This was a personal inquiry, not a political one.



George Bush is about one of the only politicians I can think of stupid enough to say something like that.

Oh, and then there's George Allen too...


<3 means something different than you think it does in a lot of places, NLS.


While every democrat wants to think that Webb's a badass...


Saying you felt like slugging the president is also ill advised...

I've always had concerns about his temper....I hope he can continue to restrain hiself.




NJH- please. The boob in chief should know better. Well, maybe not. Should he have said, "Well, Mr. President, he's having a harder time than being AWOL in the Alabama Air National Guard, but he's hanging in there sir."


Thanks, Ben, btw.

Anonymous Is A Woman

I do not think that Webb was disrespectful. He's a Marine who served in Vietnam. George Bush and most of his administration did not.

Webb has a son serving in the military in Iraq. Bush and most of his administration do not. And by the way, women are serving there admirably and taking incredible risks - so the fact that the Bush twins are girls does not exempt them from a moral obligation to service in this war that their father started either.

This is an administration made up of elitists who were content to cheer on a war that others fought and now that they are in charge, they have started a war that other peoples' children are still fighting.

Webb, Cindy Sheehan, and the countless other parents who have expressed similar sentiments are not being disrespectful when they tell Bush - when asked - that they want their children home and out of harms' way.

They are being citizens and they are expressing their opinion to their public servants.

In America, our elected officials are our servants, not our masters.

Chicken Hawk

You're right republitarian, Webb's not a badass. Just a hero. But then again, what the hell does Ronald Reagan know?

The White House could give Jim Webb some lessons on being a badass. Down in Texas they call quail hunting "The Widowmaker."


Chicken Hawk certainly brings up a good point. I guess we should compare a war hero getting emotional about his son being in Iraq and the Presiden't snotty answer in reference to him; hence, an admission of a fleeting thought of "decking" a man in the face to a man who got drunk and shot his friend in the face.

War hero; son in Iraq; snotty President; a thought of a punch.

Vice President; drunk; friend; gun; face.


I'm going to go ahead and call neither of the them a badass, but Cheney a drunk guy who shot his friend in the face and got away with it by going into seclusion for 18 hours and Webb a flat out hero.


Sounds like a little "cowboy diplomacy" almost took place.

Southern Democrat

I'm going to call Jim Webb a badass for what he did in Vietnam to earn his Navy Cross:


Amen, Southern Dem.

I think Webb is justified in feeling pissed. He let Bush know that he was worried about the well-being of his son, and Bush shoved it right back in his face. I would love to see more Republicans try to defend the President on this one. Or shall we compare Jimmy Webb to the Bush girls?


Bush is indeed an idiot. All he saw when he was talking to Webb was an adversary. Jimmy Webb's in Ramadi and under fire. If Bush had any empathy he'd know that Webb wakes up thinking of his son every morning and dozens of times a day. Like all military parents he lives in an agony of suspense. Webb's personal experiences mean he cannot even lie to himself about war's reality.

What Bush regarded as mere chitchat must have gone straight to Webb's heart. He asks Webb how his only son is doing and Webb replies truthfully that he wants him home. Bush doesn't hear the worried father behind the remark, sees only the critic, and brushes the response aside. He's an ass and Webb was right to be mad.

Let me draw the picture for you, Dubya. When you ask a worried parent how his child in harm's way is doing, you're going to hear that the parent wants the child back because the parent knows that the child cannot be "fine" until he's out of harm's way. When you brush aside his response you tell him that you don't want a real answer, you just want a platitude. You discount his worry. Do you get it now you self-absorbed dork?


I'd say Jim Webb behaved with remarkable restraint.

He came to our Fairfax County Democratic Committee meeting tonight, btw. (Where were you, Ben?) He was gracious and funny and grateful and just so dammed GOOD. I am so proud to have supported this man.

Although a small part of me wishes he'd decked that asswipe. There are millions of us who would have loved to experience that vicariously. And, dude, you KNOW he could have done it.

Anonymous Is A Woman

Actually, what I am about to say is hearsay. It's based on an incident that somebody told me at a social event. I have no proof other than that the person who conveyed this to me appeared to be a decent and sensitive person.

I once met somebody who declared that he was not a Democrat or Republican but said that he had no respect for George Bush.

This person met Bush face to face at an event for the 9-11 families. He was one of the unfortunates who lost family members in New York City on that fateful day. And later he was invited to meet Bush at a White House event.

At this event, according to this person, Bush was joking inappropriately and was not respectful. He seemed to have no idea of how to approach these people and simply acknowledge their terrible grief.

Bush is a shallow man, with no intellectual curiosity and little true empathy.

He is a true "frat brat" who never grew up.

And that is not my opinion but the opinion of somebody who met Bush at this event and was completely turned off by him.

That experience mirrors the experience that Cindy Sheehan had when she too met Bush at a White House event, where Bush joked with her and seemed to not grasp the enormity of her own loss.

Bush simply doesn't get it. And the list of family members of victims offended by his inappropriate lack of compassion or even comprehensibility just grows.


Ben-I have an update up. The WaPo is on it now too. It gets BETTER.


Jim Webb wants to cut and run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh noes!!!



At a recent White House reception for freshmen members of Congress, Virginia's newest senator tried to avoid President Bush. Democrat James Webb declined to stand in a presidential receiving line or to have his picture taken with the man he had often criticized on the stump this fall. But it wasn't long before Bush found him.

"How's your boy?" Bush asked, referring to Webb's son, a Marine serving in Iraq.

"I'd like to get them out of Iraq, Mr. President," Webb responded, echoing a campaign theme.

"That's not what I asked you," Bush said. "How's your boy?"

"That's between me and my boy, Mr. President," Webb said coldly, ending the conversation on the State Floor of the East Wing of the White House.


"Your boy?" WTF is that? Such an appalling lack of respect and empathy. What a shanda Bush is!


what a prick that Jim Webb is. why couldnt he tell bush how his son was doing? i mean, his son did VOLUNTEER. did Jim Webb not know that there was a war going on, and that if his son signed up he would probably be sent there?

think its commonsense

Commonsense that was assanine.

Jim Hoeft

That would be "Amazing Commander-in Chief" =)


Or heartless son of a bitch.


so has anyone ever thought that maybe Webb's son wants to be in Iraq? It's funny that Jim never told anyone how his son felt about the war. Does anyone know how the son feels?

think its commonsense


So, commonsense, if you VOLUTEERED that must mean you deserve whatever happens to you, I guess? How dare these VOLUNTEERS intrude on our happy thoughts--they should just go away and shut up and never, ever let us see them as anything other than props for the Bush administration. Hey, we got our tax cuts and we have shopping to do!

Dude, you want to know who the prick is? Look in a mirror.

I think it's safe to say that Jim Webb knew there was a war going on. I think Jim Webb and his son have a sense of duty and honor that you, with all your vaunted "commonsense" cannot comprehend.

We ask enormous sacrifices of our soldiers and their families, and whether they VOLUNTEERED or not, we have a duty just as sacred as theirs--and that is not to send them into harm's way unprotected and unsupported (yeah, it means more than the bumper sticker on your SUV) not to send them to bleed and suffer and die for an unnecessary, reckless and elective war. These people are VOLUNTEERS not George Bush's personal slaves.


Is Jim Hoeft being snarky or serious? The former seems unlikely, but the later impossible.

Bush an "amazing CiC?" You mean, like "amazing asshole?" Because I can't think of anything he's done as supposed commander in chief that would merit such a description. Seriously, can you?


LAS you are the prick. Webb's son probably supports the war. If the war went against what he believed in, why would he volunteer to go knowing that he could have his life taken for somehting that he doesn't believe in. You're reasoning makes no sense and you are only lessening the credibility of your side.

think its commonsense


ignore commonsense's comments, people. The guy is incapable of a non-bias evaluation of a Republican's actions. Read all his other posts if you don't believe me.

As for Mr. Hoeft, let's jsut say I'm incredibly disappointed. I knew he was a Republican, but I never imagined that he was a hack.

The "Compassionate Conservative" response would've been "And we're going to get him home as soon as the job is done." Instad, Bush threw Webb's concern back in his face. Totally classless.


You really are a dumbass. Some people fight in wars they might no agree with. Why? They feel a calling of duty. To assume that every soldier in Iraq supports to war shows a complete lack of intelligent thought on the subject. Sometimes, serving has nothing to do with the cause. It has to do with serving your country REGARDLESS of the cause.


Commonsense, you just don't get it, do you? He's a marine. His father was a marine. All his ancestors served in the military. The belief is in country, in service, in duty and in the MARINES. One can believe in all those things and be willing to die for them and still NOT support Bush and his war.

Regardless, Bush was disrespectful to both father and son. He could have replied to Webb something innocuous like, "Yes, God willing he will be home soon." or "Yes, we all hope they'll be home soon." But Herr Asshat couldn't let that one go, could he? He could not exhibit one modicum of grace or class or empathy. He had to show Webb that he was top dog. Pathetic, really.

Nearly 3,000 American soldiers dead, thousands more wounded and all to fulfill your dear leader's glorious ambitions of being a better man than daddy. Unfortunately, (as my daddy would say) he'll never raise a pimple on his daddy's ass. Tragic that our soldiers--our VOLUNTEERS--got caught in his megalomaniacal fantasies.


beyond the point, i was trying to have class by not referring to others with profanities DANNYBOY, thank you for referring to me as the icon of your party. there is no reason to reason with you, you are very set in your ways, as am i.

think its commonsense

you guys can't show class in discussing this LAS and Dannyby


Dannyboy and LAS are certainly showing more class than some anonymous posters and some anonymous posters who made up silly names today.

Gimme a break.


I find defending Bush on this to be VERY offensive to those who serve. I'm tired, been working on papers all day. I'm not in the mood to deal with a couple of bloggers who about as fair and balanced as Fox News...or the Supreme Court. I usually don't use words like "dumbass" to describe people, but I could think of no other word at the time. If you prefer the term "fool" or "idiot", please substitute one of those words in the place of "dumbass." Thanks so much.

Although this story was just reported on, the Washington Post article shows that the event happened 2 weeks ago. That would explain why nothing was said about it during an event I attended today even though Webb was in attendance.


After thought, I do owe somebody an apology. Jim Hoeft. Calling him a "hack" was inappropriate. Bearing Drift is one of the Republican Blogs I actually enjoy reading (though I must admit I rarely post). Sorry about that one, that was not cool.


After thought, I do owe somebody an apology. Jim Hoeft. Calling him a "hack" was inappropriate. Bearing Drift is one of the Republican Blogs I actually enjoy reading (though I must admit I rarely post). Sorry about that one, that was not cool.


PR nightmare in the making . . .

At a time when the Bush girls are partying in Buenos Aires, Argentina on U.S. taxpayers's dollars; their pops, G.W. Bush is telling the father of a U.S. soldier in Iraq that he doesn't give a flying s#4t about his concerns.

Talk about the fastest way to an approval rating in the mid-20s.

These are the kind of acts that an ignoramus makes when he wants to ensure minority status for his political party for years to come. G.W. is going to single-handedly kill the viability of the GOP brand.


Jim is still a hack.

I'll ask the same thing I asked Squeaky: can you tell me which of your little political gravy train machine pulled that nasty prank on Paul Verrey, stealing all his signs and then planting them in his front lawn, embarrasing him in front of his wife and kids?

That's the kind of "classy" stuff Jim and his pals pull. But of course, he'll deny knowing anything about it, just as he denied the stuff about the Kellam assault. Because that's what hacks do.


Woo-woo! Webb makes the front page of the WaPo today!

"I'm not particularly interested in having a picture of me and George W. Bush on my wall," says Webb...

Come on, how could you not love a guy like that?


I'm sure President Bush asked,"How's your boy?" in a snide, condescending tone.

Around here, we ask our neighbors that all the time.

People have showed up to the farm and asked my dad,"Does your boy help you."

While I appreciate Webb's seriousness, he is going to be in trouble if he takes everything so dern personal.

All the dems need to knock off all the hero crap...

You didn't call Bob Dole a hero when he ran....DID YOU?

It comes off extremely disingenious.

Newport News Dem

Posted by: JPTERP | November 29, 2006 at 01:49 AM

That sums it up better than anything else. Wealth and priviledge leading to pampered idiocy versus honor and duty and service to country.


Yeah Republitarian, that farm job your boy works is just like walking the streets of Ramadi - with people trying to kill him. It's just like running around picking up pieces of exploded human beings. Do us all a favor and admit it, you don't have a clue about how bad it is in Anbar - just like Bush doesn't.

There is only ONE U.S. Senator that has a personal stake in Iraq, and I am glad that he feels the courage to check Bush. Jim Webb knows his boy is not coming home anytime soon, and will likely return. The problem is, George Bush doesn't have a clue about managing the Iraq disaster. We should all be asking - what is the plan to get this mess completed.


Stupid things Republicans do or say Number 54: Criticize Democrats for exalting veterans as heroes when they did not do the same to Bob Dole/ George H.W. Bush.

Democrats never denied their great service to our country. The difference is that their opponent (42) did not imply that his opponents were unpatriotic.

When faced with chickenhawks who insist that those who disagree are either unpatriotic or misinformed, and especially when they do it to veterans who served and know what they're talking about (IRAN AND SYRIA), Democrats are right to remind them who actually stood up and fought and who spent time:
(A) At a Dude Ranch
(B) Getting drunk in the Alabama National Guard
(C) quadruple deferment "other priorities" Cheney
(D) Whatever Karl Rove did (something tells me he's not around if there was internet porn in the 70's)

Newport News Dem

Maybe Webb was wrong in his reply. He should have said..

"Jimmy is doing as well as can be expected for a Marine in Ramadi. Have the twins sobered up enough to honor the requests to have them get the hell out of Argentina?"

Yeah, they had internet porn in the 70s : on 80x24 CRT terminals downloading with 300 baud modems.

This is exactly what Democrats need. FIRE IN THEIR BELLY!

Shaking things up in Washington is always a good thing.


Webb's just showing why he was so popular as Navy Secretary.

Big deal.


So what? Because Bush is commander in chief, he's not supposed to care about the well being of troops? That's ridiculous.

This is exactly why Jim Webb will be such a horrible US Senator. There are times to speak your mind, and there are times to be polite. By showing such an amazing lack of respect for the Presidency, and for somebody who in good faith was simply asking after a family member, he sent a clear message---don't even TRY to work with me. Its exactly what people don't want.

Sure, some of you liberal wingnuts think this is great, but I guarantee you that "normal" people who don't live and breathe this stuff are just going to find it rude--which it was.

Bergdorf Brunette

Okay people, you may hate President Bush and worship Webb, but get off the high horse. The President had the decency to ask a soon to be member of the Senate about his son who is fighting for ALL OF US. What is the problem with this? I'm sure the President is not a fan of Webb, but yet he put politics aside. Whether Webb hates his guts or not, he should've been just as classy as the President was, and answered the question.


The bottom line is that I really don't care who said what in a private conversation.

However, I am greatly disturbed by the suggestion that Senator-elect Webb confessed that he was so angered by this that he was tempted to slug the commander-in-chief.

This is not conduct becoming a United States Senator.

I understand that he is a father and that his son is in harm's way. However, he has a high calling to the people of Virginia.

Every step he takes and every word that he utters is all in the service of the people of Virginia.

He should conduct himself accordingly.


OMG, is it 2012 yet? If I were the Prez I might have responded with something like "Well Mr. Senator-ELECT, I appreciate your thoughts, and for putting me in the WH twice, have a good one".


Bergdorf, Webb answered the Prez's question.

"How is your son?"

"We need to get the troops out of Iraq Mr. President" (i.e. My son, and Americas sons and daughters will be a lot better when they are out of harms way, SIR).

G.W., who is not the Sen-Elects superior then tried to pull rank on him.

A civil response by Webb would have been to punch G.W. in the face. I think Webb showed extreme civility by simply ending the conversation.

BTW, if GW was geniunely concerned about Webb's son's well-being, his response would have been something along the lines of "We all want to get our troops home soon" or "We'll have time to talk about that later". Not "Answer my question the way I want it answered".


I just now read the Wash Po for the expanded backstory on this and it makes me even more irate over Webb's actions at the dinner.

As I said earlier, I understand that he is a man of conviction. I understand that he is a father.

However, he is a U.S. Senator-elect. His job is to best represent the people of Virginia.

He needs to remember this. Pissing people off before even taking the oath of office is not a way to help Virginia.


All of this goes to fitness of serving as U.S. Senator.

Some of us questioned it during the campaign. He more or less kept himself in check.

This would have been a major problem for him if it happened during the election.

This is a side of Jim Webb that the voters did not see.

Bergdorf Brunette

JPTERP - that was not an answer to the question. It was a jab at the President.


The comments made from the majority of people on both sides are why the netroots will contintue to be looked down upon by both the establishment and normal people.

Nice to see that Webb is still as classless as ever. The President shows concern for Webb's son, and Webb turns it into a political swipe. What a prick.

You're off the campaign trail now, Jimmy. Try to demonstrate -- FOR ONCE -- that you can get along with people and be respectful of those with whom you disagree.

Which reminds me... it's too bad we never saw Webb's kindergarten or first grade report cards. I guarantee you the teacher notes said something like, "Doesn't play well with the other children."


Receiving lines and photo-ops with the president are traditions of a modern political age. You frequently find these PR stunts in 3rd world dictatorships and monarchies too.

These have nothing to do with fitness to serve in the Senate.

What I find odd, is your out-of-hand approval of G.W.'s dismissive comments towards a parent of a soldier (who also happens to be a member of a coequal branch).

Personally, I'm ecstatic about Webb's response.

Webb is a very small man. In more ways than one.

Bergdorf Brunette

Webb might be in a co-equal branch but he is certainly not co-equal to the President JTERP.

Newport News Dem

The rude and inappropriate behavior was on the Preznet part. The rudeness was not on the original question, but on bush’s reaction to Webb's normal response. I would be willing to bet a grand that if it was captured on film, bush was snarky and condescending in his tone and demeanor towards Webb.

You people defending this failure are in an alternate universe where reality is not allowed. By the way, saying you FELT like punching him in the nose is not LIKE punching him in the nose.


Bergdorf, not standing with the president for a photo and refusing to stand in a serving line are jabs at G.W. Bush perhaps.

However, where is the offense is saying "We need to get our troops out of Iraq, MR. PRESIDENT" (emphasis mine)?


Bergdorf, you might want to check the Constitution and the Federalist Papers.

The President's authority extends to the Executive branch and the Armed Services. It does not extend to the legislative branch.

The President holds the sword, the congress the pursue. Separate, but equal. Therefore, co-equal.

No, NND, the snarky response was refusing to answer a polite question, and making it a political sound-bite moment.

A polite person, which Webb repeatedly demonstrates that he is not, would first say that their child is doing fine - or at least make SOME kind of attempt to answer the question. THEN maybe make a comment about wanting to bring him home.

But you all have completely drunk the Webb kool-aid, and there's never, EVER anything that he can say or do that you will criticize. Any Republican has to be wrong, and Webb has to be right.

We understand that about you.

Bergdorf Brunette

The offense is that that was not the question. He asked him how his son was. NOT what do you think we need to do with our troops. BIG DIFFERENCE. And I wonder how his son feels about his father making comments like that to HIS commander-in-chief.

Bergdorf Brunette

And the power of the President and the power of a single Senator-elect are NOT the same. I never said the branches did not have equal powers.


Whoa Anon 10:28 AM!

We're not talking about "How's the wife and the family? How are your kidney stones?"

We're talking about a son who is in a friggen battle zone.
"My son is doing fine." Are you kidding? Jim Webb just should have been nice?

It's entirely plausible to me that G.W. was trying to tweak Webb with the question.

I'm sure Jimmy Webb loves his father and is quite proud of his father's record of service to the nation. Listen, it's no secret that Sen-Elect Jim Webb is a pain in the ass. But he's a pain in the ass for the right reasons. He asks tough questions when tough questions are needed. This is a guy who saved his soldiers' lives in Viet Nam because he had the courage to ask tough questions of commanding officers. He was a pain in the ass in the Navy, and I'm sure he'll be a pain in the ass in the Senate. We could have used more guys like him in 2002 and 2003.

In reference to power of the president--fair enough point. That doesn't mean that a president is due undue deference or that a Senator needs to kiss his ass. In fact, when there's some degree of hostility between the president and the legislature, the big winners are usually the American people.


I have to say that I respect and admire Senator-elect Jim Webb even more for standing up to the President. No one, repeat no one, of us can understand how Jim Webb feels about his son being in the line of fire every single day unless we also have a son or daughter in harms way. I have two grown sons who are not serving in the military and as a Mom I worry about them all the time. I cannot even begin to imagine how worried I would be if either of them were in the middle of a civil war in Iraq.

To Republitarian who said that Jim was being too personal, I can hardly think of anything MORE personal than the love of a parent for a child.

Bush shows his total disrespect in his initial comment using the term "boy". Why not, "How is your son?" or "I want you to know that I am concerned about the safety of your son who is serving our country bravely." And then to add insult to injury by saying, "That's not what I asked you," is really an incredibly insensitive comment by the President of the United States. I guess he can only sleep at night and look at himself in the mirror every morning if he doesn't acknowledge to himself that real men and women are dying every day in a war that he never should have started and now doesn't know how to end.

Thank you Senator-elect Jim Webb!


The sun has set on the old Republican majority. The President is a lame duck in a minority party. Things will be different for GW from now until he leaves office. He has already received assurances that he will not be impeached for high crimes and misdemeanors if he gets with the program. Count your blessings Bush fans. YOU are the minority. Your Party's failure to lead responsibly resulted in the worst legislative election whipping in American history. Welcome to the new reality.

The offense is that that was not the question. He asked him how his son was. NOT what do you think we need to do with our troops. BIG DIFFERENCE. And I wonder how his son feels about his father making comments like that to HIS commander-in-chief.

Posted by: Bergdorf Brunette | November 29, 2006 at 10:29 AM

Oh, get off it. You sound like an ignorant elite CHILD.


It's well known that Bush does not read newspapers. That might be why he was unaware that the groundswell behind Jim Webb's candidacy and victory was his pre-war opposition to Iraq. Personally, I voted for Jim Webb because of ability to speak plainly without the political spin so common in our government. Remember McCain who was of that same ilk and withstood the immoral Bush campaign against him in the 2000 primaries? McCain has crumbled into another politician focused on winning rather than principle. This will not happen to our junior Senator from Virginia. Bush is full of arrogance and only surrounds himself with those who never question him. Perhaps a little more humility is a good thing for Mr. President. Respect is earned not through a majority of electoral votes but rather through actions and deeds.


Actually, Bubby, the 1994 election was a much worse ass kicking for the Dems.

Republicans won 54 seats that year in the House and 8 seats in the Senate.

This compared to the 30 seat swing in the House in 2006...and a 6 seat swing in the Senate in 2006.

Facts are stubborn things for you, I know, but I just thought that I'd correct the record.


The new reality is that Virginia will suffer because Jim Webb is unable to play well with others.

He is United States Senator James H. Webb. He doesn't have to stop being Jimmy Webb's father but he has to realize that he represents Virginia now.

This isn't about Jimmy Webb. this isn't about Jim Webb trying to go mano y mano with W.

It's about representing Virginia with dignity and decorum.

To paraphrase Harold Geneen of ITT fame, it is results that matter the most.

If Jim Webb cannot get along with the President or others, he will not serve Virginia well and will likely be a failed Senator.

For Virginia's sake, I hope that isn't so.

Roger Jarrell is an Ass

Keep puffing ROWHEY. You may not have seen it during the campaign, but it is the main reason I supported Jim Webb from day one. He bows to no man.

We need someone who recognizes that we are at war and tea in East Room just ain't getting it done.

When is the right time to say bring our troops home?

We've been on your timetable for six years and we are down close to 3000 good US troops.

I respect Jim because he did exactly what he said he would do. Speak the truth on the first opportunity he had!


Roger Jarrell is an Ass

If 94 was such a rout, why are you on film crying?

Get a life or a client or a clue--whatever it takes, JUST GO AWAY!!

Rowhey says:

The new reality is that Virginia will suffer because Jim Webb is unable to play well with others.

I say:
That's just stupid. Borderline retarded, actually. But mainly STUPID.


Rowhey, in reference to cooperating with W; it's Jim Webb's relationship with members of congress that matters most.

The Prez may try to apply pressure to GOP members of congress not to work with Jim Webb, but the reality is the Prez isn't exactly the most powerful figure in the GOP these days--not since he lost control of congress for his party. G.W. is also gone in two years.


To Brunnette, Rowhey and others:

Unless you have a loved one in harm’s way, don’t judge. Webb faces the reality every single day that his son may be blown to bits. What response did Bush expect?

“Oh, Jimmy’s just super. Thanks for asking.”

Webb’s actual response, in which he said he wanted his son home, was guttural and understandable. He wasn’t “whining” or being “rude,” as many bloggers have claimed. Bush shouldn’t have asked the question if he didn’t want a real answer.

Many bloggers have indicated that since Jimmy Webb willingly joined the Marines, then his father should just grin and bear it. Again, don’t judge. My husband is on active duty, and when he’s on deployment, all I can think about is that I want him home in one piece. Yes, I know he volunteered willingly to serve his country, and I am so proud of his decision to do so. And I knew what I was getting into when I married him, since my old man was also career military. But it doesn’t make me worry less. Nor will it lessen my grief should something happen to him while he is serving his country.

And as for Webb, I couldn’t be any prouder to have him as my Senator. If standing up for what is right means you “don’t play well with others,” then THANK GOD FOR JIM WEBB.

Bergdorf Brunette

Anon 11:16, is name calling what you resort to when you dont have anything intelligent to say?

Matt (not the usual one)

Is it just me or does 'commonsense' sound amazingly like 't'?



Jim will work well with his peers because he will be respected. Being a "yes man" is not what we need to move this country back to sanity which has faded since Bush took office. If Jim is outspoken, then Bush is a bully. His retort to Jim's statement is indicative of someone who lacks even an iota of sensitivity or "common sense" during such an awkward exchange. I cannot help but wonder about the judgment of someone (that would be you, Rowhey) who worries that Jim Webb might not "get along" with the President when the President is unable to get along with anyone but his throne sniffing sycophants.


While I don't have immediate loved ones in harm's way, I have lost friends in the Gulf War, plane crashed in the Adriatic Sea stemming from Bosnia operations, and the current Persian Gulf conflict.

My best friend is currently headed back to the Gulf for his fourth tour.

I am not going to condemn Jim Webb for his passion or even his testy comments to President Bush. He is a person, afterall. But his job goes beyond that. He is there to serve Virginia not his own interests.

It is incumbent for a person of high office to act in an appropriate manner.

You have my highest praise for the sacrifices that both you and your husband are making for this country.

God bless.

To all you Bush worshippers who think Webb was out of line, it is time somebody stood up to this incompetent. Jim Webb, unlike most of the chickenhawks who think it is so great for other people's children to fight in the wars they come up with, not only knows what it is like to be in combat in a war mismanaged by civilian leadership and to have a son in a war in mismanaged by civilian leaders. George W. Bush is the worst President in U.S. history because he has created a fiasco in Iraq that has hurt our security and undermined our political, economic, and diplomatic standing around the world. For Jim Webb, not only does this effect him as a citizen, but also as a father. His anger is real, not the feigned emotion of a professional politican. Thank god for Jim Webb.


Think this was just about the hammering Repubs took in the U.S. Congress? Think again Rowhey.

Was there even one Senate, House or Governor's seat in which a Republican succeeded a Democrat in office. No.

Democrats picked up control of nine State chambers in this election, winning the House and Senate in Iowa and New Hampshire, the House in Michigan, Minnesota, Oregon, and Indiana, and the Wisconsin Senate.

Voters gave Democrats control of both chambers in 23 states, while Republicans control 16, and 10 were split between the two parties. Previously, 20 legislatures were controlled by Republicans, 19 by Democrats and 10 were split between the two parties.

And here comes redistricting!


Jim will work well with his peers because he will be respected.

See--that's the point. He WON'T BE respected with behavior like this. He'll be respected only by the extreme left. I just don't think that's what Virginians will want in their Senator. He had a choice--be somebody who can get things done, work with both sides while standing up for his values--or he can be a flamethrower, intent on putting down the other side and creating rancor.

So far, its obvious that he's chosen that last path. Right off the bat, he insults the President of the United States by turning a friendly greeting into showing him up and being rude. Of course the President was having none of it. What message does that send to Republicans?

See, the fundamental problem here is that many of you don't understand how the Senate works--how in order to get things done, you need 60 votes, which means the most effective Senators are the ones that can get along with both sides and that don't go out of their way to insult members of the opposite party. Nobody on my side of things expects Jim Webb to be a wallflower, but we do expect him to conduct himself in a way that will be conducive to his representation of our state. There is a time and a place for what Jim Webb said. That wasn't it, and it demonstrates an astounding lack of judgement.

Newport News Dem

Sorry guys, Webb was TOO polite to the bubbler in chief. And that has nothing to do with partisan politics or drinking “Webb Kool-Aide”.

I got involved in politics only when this cabal of bastards sent my Marine into a needless and unnecessary war of choice in Iraq. He was itching to go fight the SOB's in Afghanistan, remember from whence the attacks were planned and originated, and instead was sent to Iraq on multiple occasions for a strategic blunder built on lies.

Given the opportunity to answer this frat boy president, Webb's reply would have come across like a choir boy in comparison to mine.

Put your child's life and place them in harms way for this neocon cabal's blunder, "I want to get them out of Iraq" is being overly polite. I bet most of the defenders of bush on these blogs are little right wing cowards who have no problem having my Matt or Jim's Jimmy die for their twisted ideas and failed president. Support bush and go to Anbar.

Keep kicking them in the ass, Senator Webb!!!!

Not Huey Long

Maybe W thought he would receive the typical a*s-kissing from the previous junior senator from Virginia and was shocked to discover this one has a spine?!?



There is no doubt that what goes up comes down again. And, what comes down...doesn't stay down forever.

It's a whole different game from here on out, my friend.

I really hope you keep pushing single payer because that dog didn't hunt back in '93 and '94. It won't hunt now either.



There is no doubt that what goes up comes down again. And, what comes down...doesn't stay down forever.

It's a whole different game from here on out, my friend.

I really hope you keep pushing single payer because that dog didn't hunt back in '93 and '94. It won't hunt now either.


What was that quote from the Mel Gibson movie Signs?"

Wasn't it "swing away?"



Thanks for the civics lesson. That's the problem with folks these days: All style but no substance. You might want to suggest an etiquette book as a Christmas present for Jim. Enough of the mutual stroking and stoking. Jim was elected "as is".

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