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Ghost of Henry Howell

What happened to Dog Catcher?


Mary Sue Terry might run too.

I think Gilmore would have an excellent chance at garnering the GOP nomination for Senate should John Warner retire.
Yes, public policy wonks hate the guy but the general public loved his idea of "no car tax". Right or wrong, Gilmore was the last Republican in the state to have actual ideas. Granted, those ideas may not have been too sound but he had ideas nonetheless. The average Virginian wants more money in their pockets and Gilmore provided it for the common citizen. I would personally love to see a Gilmore-Mark Warner rivalry. Democrats would be stupid to underestimate him on ANY level.

This is the funniest thing I have seen in a while. I think James Jones must be his caterer.


PLEASE RUN FOR PRESIDENT, JIM! PLEASE! You may be the only candidate that Hillary can beat!

Hans Bader

Maybe Doug Wilder could run.

Unlike the current crowd of Democrats running Virginia, he didn't see tax increases as the cure for every ill, and understood how tax increases could harm working people.

He made government leaner and more efficient instead, to get rid of a projected deficit. And he provided some tax relief for the needy.

Doug Wilder and George Allen were the best Virginia governors in the last quarter-century.

George Allen also did useful things as governor, like getting rid of parole for violent criminals, and reforming welfare. If he'd remembered to emphasize that rather than running those pointless ads about Jim Webb's novels, maybe he'd still be in the Senate.

JMU Duke

I don't really like him, but I think Gilmore would be a more serious candidate than you guys give him credit for. Since he's been out of office he's made himself a national authority on Homeland Security issues. The Advisory Panel to Assess Domestic Response Capabilities for Terrorism Involving Weapons of Mass Destruction, which has played a very important role in the formation of the Department of Homeland Security since 9/11 is also called The Gilmore Commission. Yes, many of us think he ruined this state for a while, but he's far from a joke.


Allen is done, just like Mary Sue Terry. You don't run again after being upsetted by a guy who was down by 33 points in February. Say what you will about the "great governor" (he did some good things, but I wouldn't call him great, and he's definitely no Wilder, Warner, or Kaine), but Allen looks to be finished.

JMU Duke - sorry, he's a joke. His record as governor was abysmal, and getting on a couple of homeland security panels doesn't add up to a presidential resume.

Too Conservative

This is really old news.

His group has been sending out e-mails for months.

From TC on August 29th...


Too Conservative

This is really old news.

His group has been sending out e-mails for months.

From TC on August 29th...


Bryan J. Scrafford

Now this very well could be that I spend most of my time on blogs that cover Virginia politics, but it seems to me as though there are quite a number of Virginians who are, or at one point were, considering a bid for the presidency. Almost like we're returning to the days of Washington, Jefferson, Madison, etc.

not gretchen bulova

TC - A Draft Gilmore site is different than Gilmore himself acknowledging he is thinking about it.

You could start a Draft NGB site (please do, that'd be awesome), but doesn't mean I'm considering it.


Gilmore would have difficulty gaining traction in GOP presidential primaries against someone like McCain - but he could run with an eye on becoming V.P.

If he runs for the Senate in 2008, he would certainly be in a dog fight running in the primary against Tom Davis, George Allen, etc.

If he runs for Gov., he has one big problem - his strong anti-tax record actually has contributed to the traffic congestion in NOVA AND Tidewater. He did nothing to alleviate the the trafic problems in both jurisdictions - had he raised taxes and funneled that money into road projects in NOVA and Tidewater, perhaps traffic would not be the problem that it is today. He could have been a hero had he done this and perhaps unstoppable running for any statewide office. Jerry Baliles did this back during his term as Governor - raising taxes and setting that money aside to build new highways, fixing old roads that were particularly dangerous, etc., especially through southside and southwest Virginia.

If he does run for either Governor or Senate, he is going to have the same problems in NOVA and Tidewater that Kilgore and Allen experienced.

And lets be honest, Warner would crush him in a race for Governor.

"If he runs for the Senate in 2008, he would certainly be in a dog fight running in the primary against Tom Davis, George Allen, etc."

This brings up an excellent question that I think warrants discussion -- what will George Allen do next? Does he have enough political capital left to run for another statewide office? As much as I love Jim Webb, I think the results of the election were more AGAINST George Allen than FOR Webb. Could Allen potentially revive his career and run again?


Please let Gilmore run. The multi-billion dollar illegal change orders he helped engineer on the Springfield Interchange while he was Governor for Clark Construction and his other campaign contributors are enough to sink him lower than any GOP hpeful could ever go in NOVA.

Stick a fork in this corrupt dinosaur.


Didn't Gilmore get himself canned as National Chairman for not being able to raise money? Republican candidates are not viable without lots of money. Those spin doctors and negative ads are pricy! Gilmore hasn't got it.


Who is pushing this? I don't even know any Republicans who like him. He managed to alienate the economic AND social conservative wings of the RPV.


I don't see how Gilmore could successfuly run for Senate, let alone President.

Not only has he been out of the soptlight for such a long time, but his record of fiscal irresponsibility and his failure to help his party retain control of the governor's mansion in 2001 are major liabilities for him.

Gilmore's problem as National Chair was not that he could not raise money; he has always done that well.

His problem was that he thought he was the Chair, not simply an agent of Rove.

not gretchen bulova

So is someone going to start a "Draft NGB" site? Oh come on, someone is bored enough to do it!

Any day spent discussing Gilmore's political career is a slow news day.

Mr. Ugly

Other than the consultants who stand to make money off of him (or anyone else, for that matter) if he wants to run for something, is there any group of the "R" persuasion who will support him? My further-right-than-the-soup-spoon R friends think he is a sell out, the basic mainstream R's (aka RINO's) despise him.....who the hell is left? Remember, this is a former Governor who couldn't even get a job with a Main Street law firm. No, he has nothing to offer but delusions of grandeur.

Dannyboy - Why was Allen a good governor but not at the great level that Kaine has reached? I understand why you rank Wilder and Warner so high, but what has Kaine done as governor that has been so great? Not criticizing but I didn't think he really had the time to do much of anything yet.

The Springfield exchange is undoubtedly a success.

One week until the new 495-95S interchange opens!

Gilmore won't win anything statewide. Except possibly a GOP nomination.

Hedley Lamarr

This is the clown who played on the old "Give them back more of their hard-earned money" with the car tax and sent us into the red, no?


t supports Gilmore for President. t likes that Gilmore fought for Hugh Finn and that he is pro-life. Gilmore is a proven winner. Mark Warner better pray that Gilmore runs for Prez and not against MW. Otherwise it's bye-bye MW.

Gilmore beats Davis for the nomination, tho, in a walk. Just ask t.


Oh, yes, please Jim Gilmore, please run. Please.


There you have it - 2006 is not even over and t has conceded the 2008 race to the Democrats.


I mentioned Gilmore to someone I know who is prominent in the RNC. He said that Gilmore made so many enemies over there that there is no way he could ever get the nomination. Too many high ranking Republicans will actively campaign against him.

A Moderate Voice

It will never happen, because I will pray hard and God will answer my prayer.

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