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Danny Plaugher

Here, Here, and we can get Del. Miles back as well.

Ghost of Henry Howell

To quote Dick Cheney: that's a no-brainer.




Merely ask and you shall receive, Del. McEachin. We'd gladly toss our support at you in order to take down Lambert. It made me sick to know he was at that Allen rally last night.

Southern Democrat

Sen. Lambert must know that he has committed political suicide, and there is no way he honestly thinks he can get away with his seat!


Del. McEachin also showed great courage with regard to the Marshall-Newman amendment. After voting for it, he gave it thoughtful and prayerful consideration and changed his mind... speaking out against it and working to try to defeat it.

Not Benny Lambert

That Senate Seat is Lambert's for as long as he wants it. He is too popular in his district.


Good luck!


I agree, and I will be working to get Don elected.

Not Ben

I think Lambert retires, but if not, The Donald would be a formidable challenger (and recipient of my campaign dollars).

Mason Conservative

I think Benny Lambert is fantastic! ;)


Mason Conservative--

Really? You know he has a 100% EV Score?


As one young supporter yelled at the Monday Richmond Rally for Jim, "F#CK LAMBERT"! Treason is not to be forgiven. GO DON GO!!




That "one young supporter"'s mother would be proud.


I can't vote for Donald, but I can give him money and support, and I most certainly will.

He was at the Webb rally last night--standing tall and looking proud.

I guess he went out on a limb, so to speak, in his early and vigorous support of Jim Webb. Now it's time for him to reap the rewards for his gamble.

Does the same apply to Leslie Byrne?

Haha, the "F Lambert" comment brought laughter to half the people on stage, I'm suprised they kept their composure that well.

Mason Conservative


I was handing out sample ballots in Fairfax City, and the Democrat with me was a former member of the city school board (very nice). Anywho, she was telling me that if Webb has TWO person to thank above anyone else should he win (and he did), its Leslie and Larry Byrne. I'm obvious not on the inside, but it sounds like Byrne was doing SERIOUS work from the start and deserves almost as much credit as Mudflap and Jarding


I know Donald McEachin. I've worked with Donald McEachin. You, Benny Lambert, are NO Donald McEachin. Do us all a favor ADM, take him out!

Not Benny Lambert

But Felix gave me a turtle!!!

I am in Lambert's Senate district and I will vote for anyone that primaries him!

The ability of the Democratic party to come together after a devisive primary is the reason for the Webb victory. Unfortunately, those petty enough to hold grudges should be put to task for it. Go McEachin!

please address this

ATTENTION: WHY DOES SBE ONLY HAVE 94% precincts reporting. What is going on????


Southern Democrat

Mudcat really wasn't involved too heavily in the Webb campaign. Near the end of primary season, those in charge of the Webb camp made it obvious they weren't going to focus their money or priorities anywhere near Southwest, Southside, or the Valley, or any of the Congressional districts they had originally talked to Mud about handling.


Please address this5:14.... I think its provisional ballots in just about every county across the state.

"ATTENTION: WHY DOES SBE ONLY HAVE 94% precincts reporting. What is going on????"

They are doing a statewide canvass.

please address this

I'm still confused. So, there are more ballots out there? We went from 99.8% reported to 94% b/c of more ballots? What???

Hotline Blog:
November 08, 2006
Republicans Will Pressure Allen... Soon

Top Republicans in Washington will give Sen. George Allen a few days to take stock of his legal and political options before beginning to pressure him to concede to James Webb. Senior Republican officials and White House aides believe that Webb won the race. Several outside advisers to Allen want him to make the decision quickly; others in his campaign want to make sure that there's no chance a cache of new votes will turn up. One question: when will (will?) the AP call the race? [MARC AMBINDER]

Posted at 05:23 PM |


Yes, by ALL MEANS, promote McEachin. In fact, run him for statewide office again. That way, pro-lifers will beat you liberals by a landslide once more.

t Speeeeeeeeeeeeeaks. Oh, t Speaks.

t, you're not quite right, are you?

Danny Plaugher

Important Note about Percentage of Precincts Reporting:
The percentage of precincts reporting has changed due to the start of the canvas and the counting of provisional ballots. For reporting purposes, the day immediately following the election, each locality creates one conditional vote (CV) precinct, per congressional district, in which to report their provisional votes. Localities with no provisional votes will show total votes of zero in the CV precinct for each candidate/ballot issue.

please address this

Thanks Danny. Wow, I'm definitely getting a crash course on VA voting rules and regulations thanks to this tight election.


t = racist?


Is this Lambert or Lieberman?

For all Democrats talk about "independence," they sure like ousting folks who don't tow their line.

Not Huey Long

Lambert should be kicked out of the party. If he wants to endorse racist Republicans, then let him officially switch parties. The political cover he provided GFA for monetary gain is unforgiveable.


t forgives him Huey. Why can't you?

so we want to penalize a guy who makes one bad endorsement by promoting a guy who stabs his friend/fellow democrat in the back?

Don McEachin used a good guy, floyd Miles, to keep his seat warm for him.

I hope Benny retires and somebody else kicks Don's butt back to the unemployment line.


I agree that Lambert needs to go. One of his main reasons for endorsing Allen is because he thought Allen would be better for minorities. (RIGHT)Black voters across the state clearly felt that Allen was not the best candidate for them so why couldn't Lambert figure this out?

Ap just called the race.

Kwame Boadi = Campaign Genius


sorry break it to you, t - ADM is pro-life.

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