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Can't we all unite and get along?


Or maybe, UNLIKE CERTAIN PEOPLE, Connolly united bechind his party's nominee. Grow up, Ben.

Senator Webb, Welcome

I guess you are the only one you can't forget the primary. Get over it!

Senator Webb, Welcome

I've forgotten all of the things Webb said about Clinton lets forget all of the things people said during the primary.

Not Larry Sabato

JFL, Actually Connolly trashed Webb to people through this entire election.


Actually the invitation says "Thank you Webb volunteers" and not "Thank you Webb."

Seriously? First Dave Marsden, then Gerry Connolly? Ben, you might want to start seeing a therapist...you seem to have a problems dropping grudges.

Connolly is a successful and popular Democratic chairman. The least you can do for the party is not criticize him.

I don't agree with you Ben.

After the Primary, I swallowed my pride and did whatever I could to help our Democratic nominee beat Allen.

I know for a FACT that Gerry did the same. Sure, we had our concerns--but we left those concerns in-house.

Every time Lisa Rein or Michael Shear tried to get a peep out of Gerry, they got only a supportive Democrat helping our Democratic nominee.

Whether Gerry was at Mount Vernon, Providence, Hunter Mill, or FCDC meetings, he was diligent about our need for the best possible GOTV efforts.

Gerry now wants to strive to keep all those who volunteered in 2006 be just as motivated for 2007. As the head of our county Democrats, it is his responsibility to do whatever he can to show volunteers the need to help other Democrats who plan to run against JMDD, Cooch, Albo, etc., etc.

Ooooh!! Girl fight!


I agree with Ben. I will not be going to this "thank you" party. Who is thanking the volunteers? Gerry? FCDC? Someone else??

I would rather see an honest and sincere WRITTEN thank you from FCDC and 11th CD Chairs posted on this and other blogs like RK thanking all of the volunteers for getting Jim Webb elected in a historic election AND inviting all of these volunteers to join the party bringing their energy, talent and ideas.

Ben is right that he continued to criticize Jim Webb after the primary, albeit a little more discretely. He told a number of people that Webb could not win.

But perhaps the most hypocrital part of this whole TY party idea is that the person organizing it for Connolly is none other than Eileen Manning. We all know that she didn't support Jim Webb and still doesn't. At the FCDC meeting Tuesday night when Jim Webb graciously came to thank everyone for their support, Manning never once joined in on the applause and when he got a standing ovation she was the only person SITTING DOWN!

This isn't about Harris Miller or getting along. Yes, we should all get along and work together but there is so much hypocracy standing in the way it's just about impossible.

Lyndon Johnson

Lets start a petition, "Ben Tribbett Needs Professional Help".


Right on Topcat. This isn't about the primary, the issue is Connolly doing this just to pour salt in the wounds of Webb supporters. It's sickening.

NGC and Topcat,

What is wrong with thanking Webb supporters and discussing 2007? Even Webb himself will be there--so will Jim Moran.

I think if Webb, Moran, and Connolly can come together to thank supporters and gear up toward 2007, then I applaud their efforts!

You should do this as well. I'll be there--I hope you will too.


Why is Eileen Manning still on the FCDC? If she hates the concept of party-building, she should quit her position and allow someone who isn't an egomaniac to take her place.

Eileen Manning is a major sympton of what's wrong with the Democratic party not only in Va but in other states as well -- careerist, selfish folks who have to have their egos constantly stroked to feel validated in their otherwise miserable lives.

Just checked FEC- don't see a Gerry, Gerrald or Gerald Connolly as contributing to Jim Webb.

Check it out yourself- Connolly in Fairfax, VA


Just checked FEC- don't see a Gerry, Gerrald or Gerald Connolly as contributing to Jim Webb.

Check it out yourself- Connolly in Fairfax, VA


Anon at 5:20, that's exactly on. There's money to sponsor a brunch for all of us now that Gerry's running for office in 2007 (and 2008, etc.)? Where was this money DURING the 2006 election, when all these candidates could have used it? Shameless.

Just checked FEC- don't see a Ben, Benjamin or Bennie Tribbett as contributing to Jim Webb.

Check it out yourself- Tribbett in Fairfax, VA


James Martin

Gerry Connolly did give money, its just not showing up yet, mine and my parents arn't on that site either.

Anon 05:27PM:

WRONG. Connolly cannot use any of his campaign funds for 2006 Federal campaigns.

CLC Voter

Didn't Chairman Connolly just kill the effort by Supervisor Hudgins to give a living wage for Fairfax employees AGAIN? Jim Webb promised to support us, and attending a Connolly event after he did this to his own county employees is a horrendous start.

If in 2008 we lose control of the House & Senate again, I hope that all of you fools look back on this type of trash talk as a contributing factor. The Dem winners have not even been sworn into office yet and we are already tearing each others throats out. "Who's a better Dem?" "Who said what to whom?" "Marsden looks like Frankenstein." And on. And on.

Even if Gerry was not an avid Webb supporter, if Eileen Manning did not stand to applaud Webb, SO WHAT! If Harris Miller had been the candidate, I sincerely doubt that Ben (and a number of other Webbies) would have suddently become huge Miller supporters.

So Ben, if Miller had been the candidate, would you have done everything that you could to get him elected? You certainly did nothing for Dave Marsden.

Before we start calling others egotistical and hypocritical, we should really be sure that we are not guilty of the same things.

In the meantime, quit bithcing and go back to work electing Democrats.

CLC Voter

I vote on issues, and I support Democrats because they support my issues.

Connolly believes Fairfax County's lowest wage should be $5.15 an hour.

608 p.m.- try taking care of your family with $200 this week and tell us how we should quit bitching.

Ben last gave federal money in 2001. Guess those poker winnings are going to...something else.

CLC Voter - If any person disagrees with a position taken by an elected representative, it is that persons right to disagree with that position and to do what he or she can do to support his or her position. What I DO NOT condone is reducing the debate over an issue to the level of stupid personal attacks. Nobody wins that way and it minimizes the possibility of changing the elected officials mind.

If Gerry did indeed kill the effort to enact the living wage, I have a problem with that. But before I call out the firing squad, I would like to have all of the facts.


For the first time, t agrees with NLS. Connolly is a remarkably arrogant hypocrite. He always looks so smug and pompous. Doesn't he know that the position of power he has was a gift from God, and that Connolly did not obtain it himself? (Romans 13)

Not Robert Roberts

The headline language is unbecoming of the blog you are trying to make this be. Whatever happened to cleaning up the site?


t has noticed that the primary defenders of Connolly are too ashamed to identify their names along with their posts. I would be ashamed, too, if I were them.

t speeeeeeeeeeaks


I think we have to be very careful here and try not to be too sensitive about imagined slights.

For example, at the FCDC meeting Tuesday night, our esteemed chair introduced Larry Byrne with a "tell us how you did it, because we know you did it." Now, I could have taken that as implying that Jim had little to do with his own victory, but I chose instead to take it as a compliment to the very deserving Larry Byrne.

You know, Ben, contrary to what you may believe, there really were a lot of FCDC members who were longtime and ardent Webb volunteers. I did wish that we, as a group, could have been mentioned Tuesday night by our chair; the people who run the excellent absentee ballot program for college students were rightfully thanked as were the people who showed up for the canvass the day after the election. But it is such a small thing, I guess, and it isn't like Jim Webb hasn't been effusive enough in his thanks and appreciation. Folks, he freaking WON--that's pretty much all the thanks I need.

All this animosity really saddens me. It's sad that so many people can't be happy that we WON because Jim Webb wasn't their first choice. Folks, we have a BLUE Senate now--why can't we be happy about this and give credit where credit is due--to JIM WEBB.

Btw, Webb was extraordinarily gracious Tuesday night. I was very proud and happy to see him there.

Will I be going to Jerry Connelly's event--Hell, yes! It's for Webb volunteers, isn't it?

The Volunteer Thank You Brunch is sponsored by Fairfax County Board Chairman Gerry Connolly AND the 8th, 10th, and 11th Congressional District Democratic Committees and FCDC.

Before we announced the event publicly, we contacted Senator-elect Webb directly and he said in an personal email that he was grateful that Connolly and the Party committees were putting on the brunch and he wanted to attend.

Furthermore, Connolly is picking up the tab.

It is unfortunate that Ben Tribbett wants to create controversy when everyone else is seeking unity and looking toward the 2007 elections.

- George Burke, Chair
- 11th CD Committee


That doesn't surprise me in the least, George; Jim Webb really is a class act. Tuesday night he personally and loudly thanked our chair and the entire FCDC. He also said--as he has said many times before--how he will remember his loyalties. It really was quite touching.

I'm with LAS on this.

I heard a gracious Jim Webb thank Gerry Connolly by name at the FCDC meeting Tuesday night. Jim doesn't thank people for no reason.

There was a lot of energy at that meeting. We need to keep it alive, not kill it.

Ben must really hate Connolly. Why else would he try to kill a thank you party where everyone can get together again with Jim Webb and savor our victory?


This thread rules.

I suspect Gerry Connolly's coattails in his 2007 chairman's election will help a few Democrats get elected or reelected in the General Assembly and Senate.

I am ashamed that this blog is associated with Democrats or progressives. Ben and his blog are a disgrace for trying to tear down an effort to strengthen our Democratic force for 2007 and thank those who worked in the trenches.

I'm glad to see there are some voices of reason posting here too.


I agree with LAS that the bottom line is that Jim Webb won. I am so proud and honored to have supported him way back in February and it warms my heart everytime Jim thanks those of us who were with him from the beginning. Nothing can take this win away from us, but it sure would be nice if the party leaders would recognize all that we did.

Queen Dem

The real issue here is that Gerry Connolly knowingly asked someone who has flagrantly expressed her non-support for Jim Webb to organize this thank you party. It suggests that he is insensitve to all of the people Eileen has offended. Maybe that was not his intention but why ask Eileen to organize the party when there are so many others who could have done it?

To the poster that said it doesn't matter that she sat through the standing ovation and didn't clap for our new Senator -- It wouldn't matter if she were just an individual but she is the vice chair of the Democratic Party in Fairfax County.

George Burke says, "Everyone else is seeking unity." Sadly,that's not really the case. What is really happening is that he and others are refusing to even discuss what went wrong and can be improved in the upcoming 2007 elections. Instead, I guess George is just hoping that all of the mistakes that were made including sample ballots that had to be pulled, and all of the nasty comments he wrote in this blog and others (RK)under numerous pseudo names will just be swept under the rug.

There can't be true unity until he apologizes to the many people that he has offended and Eileen steps down from her vice-chair post because she has failed to live up to her commitment to the Democratic Party and all of its candidates.

Queen Dem,

Put up or shut up.

Go to Staunton this Saturday morning and demand that George Burke apologizes and Eileen Manning resigns.

Here is the info:

Starts: 12/2/2006 10:00 am
Ends: 12/2/2006 11:30 am
Contact: Levar Stoney
Location: Shenandoah Ballroom
Stonewall Jackson Hotel & Conference Center
24 South Market Street
Staunton, VA 24401
Phone: 804.644.1966 x225

The meeting is open to Dems, so stop making baseless accusations about DPVA/FCDC members on this blog: publicly demand for apologies and resignations.

Put up or shut up.

Queen Dem

Gee, did I hit a nerve Anonymous at 8:25?

Why should I have to go to Staunton to discuss these problems? Why can't we discuss them right here in Fairfax? And what I said about both George and Eileen are facts not "baseless accusations." Surely, you are not suggesting that Eileen's actions seen and heard by many people didn't really happen.

Queen Dem,

No nerve hit. Just tired of unsupported accusations and phony demands for apologies and resignations.

Staunton is where DPVA is having their meeting. George is on the 11th and Eileen is on the 10th. They will be there, their peers will be there.

Put up or shut up.


Not Larry Sabato

Not Robert Roberts, you're right.

I wish Ben Tribbett had as much class as Jim Webb. This kind of attack makes life Harder for Sen.- Elect Webb and is unbecoming of the upstanding way Jim Webb has behaved.

I know that Webb brought in a lot new people and it is nice to see that Connolly is thanking them and in this way, trying to keep them involved. So many new people came out for Howard Dean and then went away. It's also nice to see an attempt at party-building in one of our most important counties.

I also do not like to see personal agendas manifested in such a manner that they split the party.

As a Democrat who has fought long and hard for our cause, posts like this make me sick. It makes me wish Ben Tribbett was a Republican.

afraid of their own shadows

Most of the anon comments defending Eileen Manning and her selfish FCDC are coming from Alice Marshall.

Hey, Alice, its ok to step into the light. Stop hiding in the shadows.

CLC Voter

Was that the same George Burke in this thread that supported Harris "HB1 Visa" Miller? Now he stands up for Connolly who won't raise the minimum wage for Fairfax employees.

Burke is a Labor Traitor.

Dear "afraid of their own shadows,"

I am not Alice Marshall. I am a Democrat who has worked many years to elect Dems. I will not have my arguements dismissed by some ad-hom regarding Alice Marshall.

Tribbett's post is disgraceful. So much for party-building and the big tent.

Webb brough a ton of new blood into the political scene. I don't caqre who sponsors this party. It's a great idea that "establishment" folks like Connolly and the people at the congressional district committees are having this party.

The Webb volunteers deserve a free party and it's a great attempt at trying to keep them helping elect Dems.

Petty personal agendas should not get in the way of good ideas. I am a Dem and this post makes me sick.

Not Larry Sabato

Last anon, your IP has made over 100 comments on this blog, almost all negative towards me personally.

So why are you still reading?

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

Hey Ben, I know you are angry with Connolly but please try to avoid the profanities. It seems like the more profanity that a blogger puts out the more readers comment with it and the more the general tone becomes toxic. I don't mean to be critical but I don't want to see this place get angry like RK.

Dear Ben,

My attacks are not personal towards you. I have no idea what you are like personally. I think my comments that you cite are in regards to the overboard attacks you make against Democrats.

As a Democrat, I have no problem defending Democrats when I feel they are unfairly attacked.

If you look closer you will see comments that applaud some of your posts as well as comments that have absolutley nothing to do with you.

Not Larry Sabato

Anon, if you would pick a screen name so people can see which comments are made by the same person, I would view them as a lot less hostile.


I remember when Gerry Connelly alienated the entire NOVA labor movement when he remarked, "this is Virginia. We don't need them down here."


Being anonymous suits me fine. In this thread I am
9:26, 10:24 and 10:50.

I honestly believe this party is a good thing by Connolly and the good folks at the congressional committees to reward the Webb volunteers (who desrve a free party) while also trying to "bring them in" and strengthen our efforts for the future.

I believe your attack against Connlolly in this case is way over the top (see profanity), wrong and detrimental to Democratic party-building.

However, b/c you believe I am personally attacking you as opposed to responding to what you wrote, I will not comment on this thread any longer. Be well.


Oh my. Are we already to that "Keep in lines, assh*les" stage? That took us all of, what, three weeks? Wonderful. Just freakin' wonderful.

Not Huey Long

I have to concur with NLS...multiple anonymous posts are a sign of cowardice and mask hostility driven by an agenda.

Not Huey Long

And btw, George Will is a blow-hard. What a rambling wreck of an editorial.


You just NOW realized that George Will is a blow-hard? I think it's quite possible that the first time I ever read a Will article I said "What a pompous son of a b." (Sorry to use such vulgar letters.)

Gerry attended an event for the Andy Hurst campaign reasonably close to the election. Of course, he gave the usual short little speech and shook a few hands. Although he was late and didn’t look too enthusiastic about being there, he was polite and people seemed to be happy that he showed up -- even if he was late and was only there for a short period of time. Right after he spoke, however, he whispered to someone who was standing next to me, “Good, now I can get out of here.” Now I can appreciate that he might have been having a long day or was growing tired of giving the quick introductory speeches at fundraisers, but I most definitely didn’t appreciate the fact that he was publicly expressing a desire to leave. Although the person he made the comment to and I might have been the only ones who heard the comment, he definitely had the look of a man who was anxious to get out of there.

Since there have been some rumors that he is interested in running for Congress if Davis runs for Senate, I was surprised that he wouldn’t want to stick around and chat up some of his future donors. But hey, there are people like Andy who legitimately care about reaching out to the voters and there are people who simply want people to automatically support them because of their party. It appears as though Gerry is one of the latter.


The weird thing about George Will's rant was that Raw Fisher was in agreement!

From yesterday's post:


"Yesterday, we learned about Sen-elect Jim Webb's ugly little encounter with the president of the United States. Sure, Webb was elected to oppose Bush's Iraq policy--and vigorously. But that doesn't mean he ought to act like a boor when meeting the nation's highest official. With a little discretion, who knows, the new senator might even develop an actual relationship with a president whose highly sheltered existence could stand exposure to some outside voices. But now, Webb has managed nothing other than putting himself on some enemies' list, written or not."

Guess it's time to watch our backs. And maybe time for NLS to knock of Raw Fisher to Gold or Silver?


First off, I would like to repeat that not all Webb volunteers are "new" people. There are many FCDC members who have been among Webb's most loyal and hard-working supporters. I know, because I am one of them--posting late because I am just now getting back from my own committee meeting.

BTW, that would be Mt Vernon. And we totally ROCK!

Secondly, I would like to say a few words in Ben's defense. He has been of invaluable use during this campaign and has worked tirelessly for our cause. I think some of the comments here have been unnecessarily harsh.

Frankly, I do understand his frustration with this party--it's a bit painful to see people who haven't really been all that helpful to Webb to now take credit for his success and try to get on the bandwagon, as it were.

But this is a party. Let's just go and have fun. Let's make sure we are truly welcoming to these "new" people (i.e. Webb people) in a way other "new" people haven't been welcomed. If it's new people they want, let's make sure we deliver them.

And let's also make sure we give Senator-elect Jim Webb the welcome of his life. We owe him that and so much more.


As an independent only recently lured into the Democratic camp by Webb and his campaign I have to say I find all the sniping and "more Democratic than thou" talk a little irritating. I really don't give a damn that some Dems had a problem supporting Webb. He WAS a Republican up until fairly recently, and he does take some non-Democratic positions. Most of those folks appear to have gotten past their objections and managed to form ranks behind him.

On the other hand, there are people justifiably proud they were among the first in Webb's camp. Okay, great, but at some point, if you're going to have a big tent you're going to have to get past the resentments and anger for earlier slights. Seems to me that Webb's past it. He accepted the invitation to the breakfast. That's good enough for me.

Long and short of it is, if the Dems expect someone like me to continue hanging around they have to stop acting like a nasty little clique examining each other for orthodoxy. It was that attitude which kept me away for all those years. I don't stay where I'm not wanted. What's it going to be? Are we all going to march in lockstep and sneer at and alienate the ones who may have a different take on a few things, or are we all welcome in the big tent?


Catzmaw, you are most definitely wanted and do please stick it out with us. I hope you'll come to the brunch and have a great time.

And than I hope you'll join the committee. (assuming you live in FCDC?) You are welcome and you are needed.


t has never seen so much brown-nosing and whining on one blog before. t shares the contempt of Ben re: Connolly and anonymous posters. It is also fascinating to watch the liberals coo over Webb, who is a lifelong Repub, and who has every bit as much racial baggage as Allen. Wake up and smell the roses, liberals, you've ben had.


Will and Fisher in agreement? How about y'all take a spoonful of what you dished out during the macaca/n-word debacle...

the simplest explanation is usually the correct one. In this case, it's that Will and Fisher agree that Webb was a prick. Maybe you could pause for a moment and admit that maybe just this once, you're wrong (Webb was wrong) about something.

Nahhhhhh... no effin' way, ain't gonna happen. But it sure was funny as hell to imagine y'all trying.

Back to your circle jerk. Pardon the interruption.


NLS, why bother with the call for better language in your comments section if you're going to use a headline like that?

Not Jack Herrity

1. Again, Marc Fisher gets it with regard to Webb. If Allen had done this to Clinton you guys would be insane with anger.

2. I agree with Ben. Connolly is doing this because he is up for election next year. That's it. This isn't about unity, except as it relates to Connolly's Countywide race in '07. There is not a charitable bone in that man's body, so I doubt he'll start being nice for the sake of being nice at this point in his life.

3. I see Ben has not posted on the issue of the insane Fairfax Health Department food regulations for homeless shelters, which Connolly supported before he opposed. Merni FitzConnolly can send you that dumb press release they put out on Tuesday saying Jackie Salmon had it wrong when she was right (I'm not a fan of the Post but Jackie usually gets her facts straight). Connolly accused her of slandering the Health Department, but today he reversed course.



Staunton News Leader Editorial

We suppose there will be people who will applaud Democrat Jim Webb, our newly elected senator, for his "courage" and "uncompromising stance" toward President Bush at a recent White House reception for freshman senators.

We'd say it betrays Webb's lack of class and manners and bodes ill for his ability to work with others in Congress.

In case you missed the story, here's the gist of it.

At the private reception, the Democratic senator-elect pointedly avoided being part of a receiving line and photo op with the president. That by itself was somewhat of a social faux pas, but perhaps forgivable. It was the exchange between Webb and Bush that occurred later that concerns us.

Although Webb had ducked the receiving line, he couldn't escape Bush altogether, and the president found him. According to Webb, the president asked, "How's your boy?", referring to Webb's son Jimmy, a Marine on combat duty in Iraq.

Webb said his response to Bush was, "I told him I'd like to get them out of Iraq," to which the president responded, "That's not what I asked. How's your boy?"

"I told him that was between my boy and me," Webb said.

We do not question Webb's depth of belief in his position about the war in Iraq. However there is a time for everything, and this was not the time for Webb to display his disrespect for the president. It would have been more appropriate for Webb to have simply said something along the lines of "He's fine, but I'd rather have him home." You don't have to be "on" all the time, and displaying some social graces might actually smooth the rough road ahead for Webb if he expects to get anything done with his slim majority.

No matter how much Webb may dislike President Bush and disagree with him about the conduct of the war, Bush is still the president and the commander in chief of the armed forces that Webb's son is a member of. It would not have killed Webb to have been gracious, and it would have reflected better on the rest of us Virginians if our junior senator had behaved appropriately.

It's a sad commentary about the continuing decline of civil discourse in our nation when barely elected officials call the wrong kind of attention to themselves even before taking their oath of office. Webb's behavior was embarrassing, not brave.


Last anon, your IP has made over 100 comments on this blog, almost all negative towards me personally.

So why are you still reading?

Don't go away mad. Just go away.

Posted by: Not Larry Sabato | November 30, 2006 at 10:29 PM



Anon 9:54-
Post links, dude. We'll click it if we want to read it. Like this one:


The Pilot seems to say this just means Webb will be a brutally honest Senator, and they think it's exactly what we need.

Alice Marshall

I always, always, post under my own name. The spectacle of a pseudonymous comment criticizing anonymous comments is unedifying.

Gerry was supportive of Andy, he came to Andy's office opening, gave a rousing speech and did many other things for Andy. Gerry, like Kate Hanley, has always been a team player.

After the election all volunteers were thanked and Webb volunteers were specifically asked to help in 2007


several members of the steering committee were supportive of Webb from the very beginning. I don't see what difference it should make. When Tim Kaine won the LG primary in 2001 there was no distinction between primary supporters and others. Indeed, I can remember no race, statewide or other, where this made a difference.

This thread is another edition of Ben Tribbet's "Let's you and him fight."


Well, Alice, I think you will admit that this race, unfortunately, was different. It should not have been, but there you have it. Not sure why that was--because Harris Miller was an insider and Webb definitely was not? In any case, I cannot remember another race where it made such a difference until this one came along.

Folks, we won, so let's be happy and do some serious celebrating! Gerry's paying, so that's a very good thing. Enjoy!


NJH, first off, Allen would have had to have had a son or daughter fighting in Iraq, which is such a ridiculous notion that it is beyond laughable.

But let say in some alternate universe he actually did have a child in Iraq. I'll give you a moment to wrap your mind around such an unlikely event. Are we there yet? Okay. Well, I have news for you; George Allen would have been a regular politician, said something adequate to Clinton and then bashed him behind his back, bragging to everybody how he'd slam is soft teeth down his whiny throat or some such nonsense. The operative words being "behind his back," naturally.

Jim Webb is THE anti-politican. He was respectful but firm; he just wasn't going to play along. End. of. story. He didn't head for a camera and proclaim it for all to hear. It was a serious response which mirrored his behavior throughout the campaign. He is what he is, and that's pretty much all there is to it.

I been listening to the right-wingers gnash their teeth about this, pretend shock and outrage, and assure themselves that Virginians will rue the day they elected Jim Webb because he's just so awful.

And that, my dears, is laughable. For years you tried to make Allen into the "authentic" guy. He wears cowboy boots! He spits tobacco! But Webb actually is THE authentic man. And, yes, people LOVE it. The press LOVES it. Somebody different! Somebody not in the mold!They are eating him up with a spoon, and there isn't a thing you can do about it. He's the flavor of the month and they'll be all over him like the last dish of ice cream on a hot summer day.

I hope and pray Jim Webb is ready for the oncoming onslaught. I don't think this is his cup of tea.


I thought we were through with this topic, but I just read something from Nora Ephron over at the Huffington Post, which explains this so much better than I ever could. I particularly like this part:

"...Washington is a place where politics is just something you do all day. You lie, you send kids to war, you give them inadequate equipment, they're wounded and permanently maimed, they die, whatever. Then night falls, and you actually think you get to pretend that none of it matters. "How's your boy?" That, according to George Will, is a civil and caring question, one parent to another? It seems to me that it's exactly the sort of guy talk that passes for conversation in Bushworld, just one-up from the frat-boy banter that is usually so seductive to Bush's guests. George Bush once said to someone I know, "How old is that seersucker suit anyway?" and my friend (who should know better) went for it lock stock and barrel..."


Sorry Ben, I didn't bother posting under a name before because I did it so infrequently. I don't know if you were talking to me, but regardless I will pick a name.


I know almost nothing about Connolly, except that NLS has a beef with him. Personally I wouldn't care if George Allen was throwing the party, I would still go.
Grudges and resentments typically only harm the people who hold them. The targets of their vitriol tend to go on blissfully ignorant of it all.

Ataru Atlanta

This is about like Carville calling for Howard Dean's head after the election, i.e. kind of ridiculous. I've taken my share of criticism for raking the Georgia Democratic Party over the coals, but then again that's because we *lost*. There's plenty of blame for the losers without bringing the winners into it.

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