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The funding formula for the .25 percent increase in the sales tax is split between the composit index (favoring poor counties) and the point of sale (favoring large counties).

Not Larry Sabato

Are you serious? First time I listen to something Dave Marsden said and it turns out to be wrong! At his town hall meeting last year he said Dillard secured it under that formula. LOL.

Not Larry Sabato

The point is still the same, the Warner formula for money was much better for Fairfax than the current formula.

NLS - There is no such thing as "dumb letters to the editor," only dumb people who write letters.

Why the picture of a radioactive hamster?

Not Jack Herrity

The interesting part about the LCI funding debate is that the downstate boys oppose higher funding for the more affluent counties - even when they are held harmless. They say they worry about the rich counties getting richer. Vance Wilkins is the one who started that whole argument.

The other oddity to the funding debate is which counties are considered "donors." Essentially the donor counties get screwed because there are so few of them - they can't get a decent voting block together to change the system. But localities like Prince William, Virginia Beach, and a handful of other prosperous counties are actually not "donor" counties because of the screwy way the LCI is administered. It's a very screwed up system that is not likely to change anytime soon because the winners vastly outnumber the losers.


Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.


It was probably set up that way because the winners designed a formula to screw the outnumbered losers to begin with, right?

Here's the bottom line: Since 2001 the Republicans have controlled the legislature and yet scholl funding blows and transporation is choking the life out of commuters.

Not Larry Sabato

You have got to spell school right if you are going to attack Republicans for not funding it. :)

Kenton Ngo

Me go 2 skool 2 lurn.

Yes, I spelled school incorrectly. In other word, I have been "schooled." :)

Ghost of Henry Howell

The formula from HB 5018 (the final compromise in 2004) goes half by population and half by LCI. It is not from "point of sale."

Ghost of Henry Howell

If you understand anything from that last post (without an interpreter), then you are a total geek.

Not Larry Sabato

GoHH- Is it school population or county population?


I think it is ADM (Average Daily Membership), which is fancy city-talk for school population.

BTW, I understand you GoHH -- ergo, I am a geek :)

Kenton Ngo

In a contest to see who's the wonkiest, I see that GoHH wins.

Not John S. Mosby

Sounds like Cucc is playing the standard Republican music - declare public support for something popular then help defeat it behind the scenes. Good stuff.


That's not a radioactive hamster. That's an androgynous liberal.


Cooch is right - We need to get a return of our investment out of public ed, rather than throw more money at the system.


Mike Farris said it best - the public school system is a Godless monstrosity. My daughter will be homeschooled. Some lowdown bearucrat doesn't know what's best for my daughter - I do.


Ohhhhhhhhhhh, t speaks

NOVA Scout

It's interesting to see Cuccinelli running scared so early in the game. Clearly he understands that the anti-tax riff won't be enought to carry the day this time around.


Let's see if we can clear it up ...

In the past, sales taxes were distributed for education based on "school age population" (regardless of whether those school-age kids went to public school). Under that formula, it was calculated that Fairfax County taxpayers would have paid $61 million more in the new sales taxes and gotten back $53 million.

But what Warner and the General Assembly did was to change the formula to distribute half of the new sales tax proceeds using the Local Composite Index.

The reality, when the figures finally came in? Fairfax County taxpayers paid paid nearly $70 million in new sales taxes in Fiscal Years 2005 and 2006, and received back only $32 million of it.

In fact: the Warner formula was not "better for Fairfax County." It was worse than the current formula.

Not Larry Sabato

Jeffersonguy- That's almost a 50% return, much higher than the normal 20% Fairfax gets.


Let me get this straight: Getting back $32 million for putting in $70 million is BETTER than getting back $53 million after putting in $61 million?

With that kind of math, at least now I can understand why you're a Democrat!

Not Larry Sabato

That's not what I said.

Under the LCI formula, $70 Million would bring back about $14 million. So yes, $32 million is a heckuva lot better.

Of course $53 for $61 would be even better, but that's really not on the table. You aren't going to turn 20% into 75% in one move.

Do you have a link to the letter?

Tessie Wilson is a republican, so praising Ken is not surprising. Cathy Belter is having some health issues and would not be able to write a letter and perhaps not have a good grasp of what was said in such a letter. Kathy Smith isn't the sharpest knife in the drawer but she is political and she is VERY much a democrat. She is also running for re-election in 2007. I assume that Tessie is too, if Sharon Buluva hasn't gone anywhere. Cathy Belter won't run again.

The only real surprise is Kathy Smith. Perhaps she thought it would make her look bi-partisan. Representing Sully district, that might have some appeal to constituants.



I don't spend a lot of time reading the blogs, so I've only just now gotten around to see whether you've still got it wrong.

You do.

Let me see if I can make it simple: Sales taxes have not previously been distributed through the LCI. They were distributed on the basis of school age population.

The formula for distribution of the new sales taxes was changed to force some of it through the LCI -- which meant that Fairfax County got less than it would have if the state had distributed the new sales taxes the old way (school-age population).

The choice WASN'T LCI vs. new formula ... it was "school age population" vs. new formula -- and the new formula screws Fairfax taxpayers.

I understand that you have to try to make it look like a good deal for Fairfax since your party foisted this on Northern Virginia, but you've gotta stop comparing apples and oranges.

Whoever posted the January 1 comment also has it wrong -- it is not Kathy Smith with health problems, its Cathy Belter.

... which is why I don't read the blogs very much.


Retract the last comment on the January 1 posting.

This is what comes from reading too fast.

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