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Bryan J. Scrafford

Now that the nomination process is settled, we'll be able to go further in depth into who is the better candidate to represent the 39th in the Senate.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Congrats to the members of the nominating committee for making the right choice.

And I know it must have been a difficult choice for several members of the committee who I suspect are friends of Mr. Barker and probably wanted to give him his preferred method.

I am confident that in the end, the winner of this primary will be in a much stronger position than would the winner of a firehouse caucus.

And if the Barker fans are right that he is a much stronger candidate and will be stronger in the general as well, his campaign for the primary election should give us a good preview of that.

Go Greg and George!! Get our Democratic message out there and focus your criticism on Jay O'Brien!

There's no problem pointing out differences with your primary opponent, but let's keep it on the issues and civil. Let's not act like Dale Polen Myers did at the Loudoun County Republican Committee Executive Committee meeting Monday night ( http://leesburg2day.com/articles/2007/01/31/news/new18gop013007.txt )!

JMU Duke

Great news! I'm very pleased that the process will be open to as many residents of the 39th as possible.

NOVA Scout

As a Republican, I can only regret that the Dems have opened up their nominating process. An open prcess virtually always strengthens the eventual winner, especially if he/she opposes someone in the other party who is picked by a couple of hundred people in what used to be smoke-filled rooms.

Nate de la Piedra

Hurray for open primaries!!

Ben, I know you like Greg and all, but you don't think this is at least a "slight lean Barker"?

Not Larry Sabato

Barker has only run in 4 precincts in this district- and that was 15 years ago. Galligan ran in them all 4 years ago. I'd say tossup to the general public.

Nova Democrat

They made a great decision!

webb slinger

No way primaries are better for a party. Caucuses are where potential volunteers and future party activists are groomed.


Good choice. A primary is what's best is most circumstances.

Ben's right about the tossup. Greg probably has better name recognition after 2005.

Dannyboy, can you name TWO precincts in the 39th? Have you ever even stopped, got out of a car, and breathed air in the 39th?

Dannyboy, stop working so hard to be Ben's butt-buddy.

Funny, Captain Greg has managed to piss so many people off in the last 60 days that I cannot imagine him winning at this point.

Greg and George both agreed on a caucus late last year, then Greg changed his mind. But instead of saying that he just chnaged his mind, he attempted to make George look bad and clearly relied on Ben to do the dirty work. Unfortunately for Greg, everyone within the FCDC has wised up to this and most are sided with George.

JMU Duke

Hey anon 39th district expert, that is the entire point. The Democratic candidate in the 39th shouldn't be the choice of the FCDC insiders, he should be the choice of the voters.

Had Barker succeeded in keeping the process closed, what you just said would probably matter, but luckily for those of us who believe people who live in a district should be able to pick their candidates, we needn't worry about it.

I guess you can call what Greg did 4 years ago as running.......


I just did an extremely scientific survey of the two other 39th District voters within a 20' radius of my cube, and neither could name the incumbent. And neither had heard of either Dem.

Let's be honest here -- caucus or primary, this was going to be limited to a very small number of voters, most of whom are already involved or very interested in politics. The difference is the few potential primary voters who have other obligations in the evening and couldn't have made it to a caucus.

How many people total might that be across the vast, windswept expanse of the 39th? 100 people? More? Less?

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