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That is hilarious, NLS... it isn't quite on the level of Former Senator Montana Senator, Conrad Burns...

Republican Sen. Conrad Burns, whose recent comments have stirred controversy, says the United States is up against a faceless enemy of terrorists who "drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night."


I laugh everytime I see this... lol...


This guy...is amazing. Allow me to add a little something to the conversation based on even the most base historical studies of the time period.

The Jewish means of execution was stoning.

The most popular means of execution amongst Romans was Crucifiction.

Jesus was not stoned to death, he was crucified.

That's all I'm going to say. Make your own conclusions.

David Englin

Aw, shucks, Ben -- I'm flattered that you're so excited to use my picture, but you really shouldn't tease your readers like that. You ought to keep your powder dry until I actually do something worth an alert!

It was good to see you and Myron last week. You two kids try not to cause too much trouble.

Not Larry Sabato

I'm giving you some pre-speech hype David! Don't let us down. haha.


Haaaaaaaahahahahahaahahaaaaaaaaaaa! My favorite alert...


But fear not: Frank Hargrove is a forgiving man. "I don't fault you for it," he tells a Jewish reporter.

Wow, Hargrove. Just, wow.

Where's George Allen to defend his heritage when you need him?


Well, if we want to look at it pragmatically, the Jewish powers that be handed Jesus over to the Romans, who were the secular power in Israel and Judah at the time. The Romans were faced with a conundrum. Do they crucify a some guy they don't know about, or do they fight a native rebellion? The Jewish elders, for all intents and purposes, forced the hands of the Romans. They had to; Jesus, if He hadn't been the Son of God, had committed some pretty rank blasphemy. However, theologically, we're all to blame for Christ's crucifixion; He died to forgive our sins. Do you guys read any history before 1932?



I'm not the one who cries over everything....


I was trying to look at it historically, rather than by my own faith-based beliefs. Obviously the Romans were the ones who pulled the trigger, nobody can dispute that.

There's one part of your statement I find myself at odds with. "Do they crucify a some guy they don't know about"...But Jesus was causing quite a stir at the time. It says so in the Bible. How many people came to the Sermon on the Mount? Quite a few, if I remember correctly. He had already begun to develop a devout following. It's foolish to think that the Romans in the Assyrian Province didn't know who he was after he was pulling those kinds of numbers. They were the most powerful force on Earth for a reason: they kept on top of things.

I'm not saying the Pharisees had nothing to do with it...but it was the Pharisees. Saying the "Jews" in general is like blaming the "Germans" for the Holocaust. Not fair, is it? And don't tell me the Romans had nothing to do with it; they were way too smart for that.


I'm not saying the Romans didn't have anything to do about it. And, yes, the Romans knew who Jesus was, but they also knew his followers were still a minority in Judea. He was more of a threat to the Jewish theocracy. As an occupier, who do you offend, the street-preacher with a small following or the rebellious majority? I'm not saying the Romans weren't involved, but the Jewish authorities and some of the populace were also involved. (As I believe Alan King said, "The Italians have been whacking people for the Jews for years." That was a joke; laugh.)

It wasn't just the Pharisees asking to have Barrabas released. And the Pharisees and the Saducees both feared Jesus and a rebellion by His followers. Some Pharisees were actually followers of Jesus and protested Caiaphas' ruling. (Saducees, who did not believe in an afterlife, naturally did not follow Jesus.)

In the end, none of this matters, because Jesus died for our sins. We killed Him. The Romans, Pharisees, Saducees, and Jewish mob were the instruments of God effecting our Salvation, and therefore should not be vilified. End of story.

Not Frank Hargrove

Dammit, enough. Frank is a friend of my Dad's, and although I have said some unkind things about Big Frank (as we Hanoverians call him), he has always been nice and cordial to me. Frank is what he is, and he is officially an elderly guy. For chrissakes, cut the guy some slack. He made an old guy mistake and said something impolitic, and now he keeps trying to get out from under it but he can't. Frank Hargrove will be our representative until he quits, and sadly, he may be about as good as it gets in Hanover. I look at the other GOP slime in our fair county, and Frank begins to look pretty good. Plus he was a Democrat in very good standing for decades, and only switched parties after he felt he had been screwed by them. AND HE DID NOT DO IT IN THE MIDDLE OF HIS TERM LIKE SOME OF OUR LOCAL ELECTED ASSHOLES. He quit the committee and then ran as a GOP. All of this does not endear me to Frank. I've never voted for him and I never will. But compared to other local GOPs he is a prince, and I do fear what will come after he has retired. They devil you know, you know?

"It says so in the Bible." Not exactly true historical methodology being employed.

Well, if nothing else, this may make some of the lefties open their Bibles, just to check.

anon - 9:43... excellent point! :-)


If only this had happened before Frank got the ginormous hearing aid. Now he has to hear the folks who criticize him.


I hereby forgive "the Christians" for the Crusades, Inquisition, Holocaust, pograms, discrimination, ghettoization, and all that other crap.

No hard feelings, guys!

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