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Those are some God-awful mail pieces.


The "secret" piece almost seems homoerotic. Am I the only one there? Or am I being a homophobe?

Not Larry Sabato

EW!!!! I didn't even notice that was two men.

Good catch Dannyboy.

Federal candidates will snap them up- KDT= good stories in the Hotline.

Nova Democrat

Well...going into business for oneself always sounds like a good idea, but when you suck and cant bring in the revenue, you tend to think twice about it. I think these three will get to that point soon.


No, you aren't being a homophobe. But those are definitely two men who are "close talkers".

The site wouldn't even load for me properly, which is a bad sign.

I don't get this. Why is Jarding involved? Can't he basically get a job anywhere, with anyone? In fact, didn't someone already hire him for 07 or 08?

And I though KDT was staying with Webb...I KNEW Jessica wasn't staying; a lot of people knew that early on, but Jarding and KDT doing this surprises me...

Anon 12:36 PM, I second that.

I almost feel sorry for those three. And Denny-Todd? Worst. spokesperson. EVER!

Let me just offer this direct mail company to compare (you will see how amateur-hour the MSM site really is):


Now those guys rock! They have been very instrumental in helping Democratic candidates get elected in Virginia and all over the country.

BTW, I do not work for 360jmg -- I'm just pointing out how bad MSM's site, etc.

Webb would have NOTHING to do with any of these three after the election.

The company should be called POW. Pushed Out-by Webb.

Who wants to take bets on when Miss Van Den Berg writes her tell all book shouting to the world that she single handedly won the election for Webb?


They weren't pushed out, they just weren't offered anything else. Word is, Jim didn't really like Jessica.

Direct mail is one of the best ways to make money in politics, especially coming off a big win like the Webb campaign. Their name id alone will generate plenty of business.

Got some typos, grammar issues in there:

"Maverick Strategies and Mail LLC is a different kind of political consulting firm which."

"she caught the political bug and it hasn't let it go."

"She joined Steve Jarding and Jessica VandenBerg in creating Maverick Strategies and Mail providing direct mail and consulting services for democratic candidates and progressive causes."


Jarding has a job, a very important job.

Think of this as an investment. On second thought, yell upstairs and ask ma what an investment is.

ben do you honestly think bloggesr won this for webb?
just a question


Ma! What's an investment!?

Oh, that second site is way better, but I'm not going to throw stones because my website sucks too. Bubby's not going to like this- but I dislike mailers and political operatives right across the spectrum.


I certainly hope this wasn't directed towards me, Bubby...

Think of this as an investment. On second thought, yell upstairs and ask ma what an investment is.

Posted by: Bubby | January 30, 2007 at 01:16 PM

I would have to yell from Virginia to NJ, actually...should I try?

Can they send Doug a direct mail piece on abortion rates since 2000?


Or maybe one that explains how to step up like a man and just say, "Yeah, ok, I was making shit up because I hate Bush." That would be a good one, too.

i think the "yell upstairs at ma" bit was aimed at ben

Not Pam Anderson

Mail is so 1998. Dead trees headed for the landfill. Yuck!

Hey 360 did Marsden's winning mail. Great Job!


No, Jaime, you knew that Steve had moved on to his new job as a Senate Chief of Staff. Unlike "Rove2.0" or "The John Elway of Colorado Politics" (whatever that means).

Winners lead, Losers sell their slash and burn tactics in a new rainforest. Good luck Colorado - he's yours!

Good point, Bubster.

What are Algore and John Kerry doing?


Anon 1:48 I said in another post let me know who you are. Shoot, email me. I'll give you the full report on it and some very interesting things I learned about the CDC numbers since 2001. You will both be surprised and happy, but I won't play until you tell me which rowhey alias you are posting under.


Gore gets two Academy Award nominations:


Bush gets 28% approval ratings:


Weasel around any way you want, sparky, I really don't care. But you got called on your b.s., and then you ran away from the discussion like a coward.

The facts are what they are. Comparing apples to apples, straight from the most reliable source there is - the CDC, the source quoted in the press regarding abortion rates - the rate continues to go down, as it has, virtually unchecked, since the Casey decision.

You made shit up, and now you're still trying to spin your way out of it. You're a liar and a coward. I won't taunt you on this subject any more -- I was just looking for you to come back & defend your statements, but you had run away.

I'm done with you now... and sorry to disappoint you, I'm not Rowhey or any other person here. I'm just random anon guy who caught you making up facts in your attempt to smear the president you hate.

No go away.

well good for Algore. He kissed up to the Moveon.org lefties, and his hollywood buddies rewarded him with a seat at their annual circle jerk. He'll fit right in with Sean Penn, Barbara Streisand, Robert Redford, and Michael Moore.

You must be so proud.

All I can say is that if any designer I ever worked with came up with something like that I wouldn't go back. It is copy heavy, and where it isn't the images are too busy. I wish the three of them the best in their endeavours but please, back to the drawing board.


No, I went to Florida for two weeks for work, but nice try. I did my reading on this this weekend and found that you are partly right but my premise was also correct. But then, I always post here under my name, so we'll leave who the coward is to the rest of the posters. I've been down this road before, but I'll leave it at that. I think most, you'll find, don't really care after a while if you post anonymously.

And I was going to berate Al Franken for pushing incorrect data on his show too, but you just have to go on and resort to rudeness rather than coming back to the argument.


And one last defense of myself - ask Jaime, Poli, Bubby, NLS, Doug in MV, etc. if I vanish for a couple of weeks every now and again? I may hate Bush and be a dirty progressive, but I do work my ass off and have the privilege of paying way too much in taxes for it.


Someone has ACS.


Doug is a Captain of Industry, and EmployER - young Republicans mow his grass. And if he hates George Bush he stands with the majority of Americans - the ones that think for themselves.

The "secret" piece almost seems homoerotic. Am I the only one there? Or am I being a homophobe?

Posted by: Dannyboy | January 30, 2007 at 12:41 PM

EW!!!! I didn't even notice that was two men.

Good catch Dannyboy.

Posted by: Not Larry Sabato | January 30, 2007 at 12:48 PM

Hey come on guys maybe it was probably targeted to the gay community.... yeah that's the story.... it was a targeted piece....

"But then, I always post here under my name, so we'll leave who the coward is to the rest of the posters."

LOL! Thanks for being predictable. I was waiting for that little gem.

Yeah, posting as "Doug" is just soooo much more authentic.

How about this, I'll set up an email like "steve4638@yahoo.com" and I'll post as "steve." Apparently that satisfies your credibility standard.

What a tool.

Hey bubby,

you think he's yelled upstairs at his "ma" yet?


Not just any tool, I'm one of those multifacited leatherman things. Yes, doug@dougtv.com is just like a yahoo account- so generic. So much so someone was able to look up my wife's name fairly easily. Aren't you supposed to be hurling insults at Jaime? Or Bubby? And Bubby is a world champion sail racer, man of liesure and liberal elite. And proud of it.

But really, t even posts under the same name so we "know" its him. Do you get that point? All the anons on here, there is no way to tell one ass from another. But suit yourself, LOL boy. (does anyone still write LOL?)

Steve Jarding always surrounds himself with fat and ugly women. What's the deal? Is he some kind of angry drag queen deep inside?

Nova Democrat

The only thing good about that firm is that KDT is decent looking. How that woman ever married Chuck Todd is a mystery.

Mike K

All this talk of the homoerotic mail piece and nobody's picking up on the name of the firm... MSM--- Men Seeking Men? HELLO!?!?!?!

YES! Right on Mike!


Yeah, in the secret piece I saw stubble on one dude, and sideburns on the other. Either it's a REALLY butch chick, or there are two dudes there.

Is that actually part of a Jim Webb ad? If so, I can't imagine it helped him any in this state.


Ok, if nobody else does it around here, I actually wish them the best of luck with their venture.


As a direct mail consultant, I've got say those pieces are just awful. Jarding is a good consultant, but he doesn't do mail

cheers to 3 good campaigners out trying to make a real difference!!

more so than gossip and naysaying

Disturbed NOVA Democrat

You guys on this blog better watch out or phriendlyjamie will come on here to attack your gay bashing... just like she did to help sink Jeff Dion's campaign.

playing on ben's conscience

Ben tribbet in virginia: out in the primary. Jess vanden berg: took out george allen. For all the shit you guys are spouting, this group gets results. Ben, I'm sorry your ego was hurt and you can't let it go. However, no matter what you think and tell people you are not the top political analyst in virginia and shouldn't expect people to call you. You run a political gossip site. Get over your jealousy of successful political consultants who don't stroke your ego.

Not Frank Hargrove

Thanks playa. I could not have said it better.


do you think jessica lives in her mom's basement too?

Not Resnick

hell yeah Ben's Conscience -- couldn't have said it better. You gotta give these guys credit no matter where what. Yeah, the mail sucks but the results are there. Hey, its all good, If i was living in my parents basement and running a gossip column on teh virginia general assembly i'd be jealous of anyone too. so goes life ...

Since Ben won't respond- someone should.

He doesn't live in his mother's basement. He does however, spend all day as a full time caretaker for his terminally ill father.


Not Resnick

Because we're all supposed to know the personal details of Ben's life?

Nonetheless, my apologies to Ben and our prayers are with his father.

most politicians are clueless as to whether any of the so called political consultants are any good. In fact most aren't, but that doesn't stop a lot from making a ton of money. Good luck to them, and who ever hires them. it's always preferable to be lucky than to be good.

Anyone notice they have no contact information on the site. So, even if you wanted to use them, you have no way of contacting them. Great way to make a point about the effectiveness of your services.

Bloody morons. Next thing you know, they'll say they wrote George Allen's "Macaca" speech.
And who TOOK those photos? Diane Arbus?

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