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Not Pat O'Bannon

You were itching for an excuse to use that Miller picture... ahahaha.

Ghost of Henry Howell

No one has ever lost their seat for voting against a tax increase.

Is this the first time any Delegate from Arlington has voted against any increase in taxes?

Ben: Any predictions on how the nova delegation will vote?

Doug in Mount Vernon

Where is some info on how the proposal has been amended and changed from when it was introduced?

My understanding was that it would be amended to reduce the impact on the General Fund and try to better distribute the increased fees and revenue sources....


Mike K

Of note is the democrats who DID vote for the bill... all members of the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus. Sounds like some kind of deal was cut if you ask me. But it's certainly nothing in the transportation plan that helps urban areas-- they lose on this deal.


Ben, that picture never gets old.

DIMV... doubt it. The compromise has been described as "fragile" by Howell and they seem pretty set against compromise. Things really get interesting in the Senate where Chichester has vowed "to protect the integrity of the Senate." In other words, the House isn't going to shove a bad bill down their throat just because they are anxious about election season.


It passed cmte which probably doesnt have amendments.
They would come when the full house takes it up.

Isn't this the bill that dips into the same fund used for education?

Seems like a no brainer: Kill the bill unless amendments can be made.

Brink did the right thing

The majority of funds for Northern Virginia school districts is supported by each locality. The vast majority of public safety funds is also provided by each locality.

The State's main function is transportation. Should this not be a priority in their budgeting?

Hans Bader

The bill is right to devote some money from Virginia's budget surplus and general fund to transportation rather than wasting it on other areas of Virginia government that are already receiving big increased and are already funded quite well.

The bill is wrong to allow localities to place a sales tax of 0.4 percent on homes, which would reduce the sale value of my little two-bedroom home in Arlington by about $2,400.

Thus, it's a mixed bag.

But most of the legislators that voted against it did so for the wrong reason: they wanted even more tax increases, when property taxes are already too high.

The legislators who voted for it were often between a rock and a hard place. They felt that they had to vote for it despite its flaws in order to get some badly needed money from the budget surplus and general fund for transportation. Their decision to vote for it was understandable, although arguable on the merits.

Hans Bader

There are good and bad things about this transportation bill. One of the good things is that it finally takes a tiny bit of money from the budget surplus and the general fund and devotes it to transportation.

Transportation has been the stepchild of the state budget, shortchanged even as other areas of the state budget have grown enormously.

The idea that devoting a small amount of money from the general fund to transportation will somehow harm other government functions like education is baseless.

As Steven Pearlstein of the Washington Post noted a couple weeks ago,

"Nor should anyone worry too much about 'robbing' general government coffers to pay for badly needed roads and road repair. The sum involved -- $250 million a year -- represents about 1.3 percent of annual spending from a general fund that has been growing, on average, at 6 percent a year. This is merely a rounding error."

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