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PWC Voter

Ben, you will just scrape the bottom of the barrel to bash Jeff. This is silly; nonsensical!

This type of gossip soup deserves naming names. NLS - if you don't want to, that is understandable, but the sources themselves ought not be able to hide behind you IF they want this to be taken seriously.

Signed, don't-take-me-seriously-Anon

As long as we're telling Jeff Frederick is a douche stories...

On Election Day this year he was standing at a poll over in the Montclair area (not where he votes, but in the 52nd district). He was handing out Corey Stewart literature and greeting voters. He slowly started creeping behind the signs that clearly state "No electioneering behind this line."

Finally, a democratic poll-worker pointed this out. He refused. An election official came out and told him he had to move to the other side of the line. He then screams "No, I don't. Do you know who I am?? I WROTE THE LAW ON THIS!!" At this point, an off-duty police officer intervenes, and Frederick moves to the right side of the line.


I was there. Jeff was walking around with his hat off. He never said "Do you know who I am". What he was doing is having a little fun with the bouncer. It was more like do you know who [one of the AG staff members is] and do you know who [Jackson Miller, a cop] is? He was just having fun, asking Jackson where his badge is. PWC Voter is right, you just really want to bash Jeff here. The guy barely drinks anyway. I heard he went home to send the babysitter home (who was Janis' daugher). Your "source" forgot to mention that he left with Rose Ann Janis too.

PWC Voter

Frederick wasn't handing out any lit on election day... I seem to remember someone on this blog critical of him for that. But that's okay, you anon posters and NLS won't let the truth stand in they way of you taking the opportunity to rag on Frederick.

Anon 10:31

He's been criticized in the past for not handing out statewide republican lit in 2005. In 2006, he was handing out Corey Stewart lit when he was standing at precincts.

Johnny Longtorso

has the phrase "do you know who I am?" ever solicited a positive response for the person yelling it?

I mean, how impressive is State Delegate for part of Prince William County, anyway?

What's pathetic is NLS spending so much time worrying about other people instead of his own life. I know jealousy when I see it. Get a job and a date, and maybe you'll then have a life.

There always seems to be a hilariously coordinated response of anonymous comments whenever Jeff Frederick gets bashed. Save those IPs, Ben. I bet you can trace more than a few back to GXS Strategies.

So only "white trash" wear hats?

I don't think their policy has anything to do with them not wanting it to turn into a "white trash" hang out. This is the same bar that made the news several months back because they would not allow a Sikh to wear his turban.

Dumfries Dem

A coordinated response? Haaaaaaaaaaaa! You guys are hilarious.

Seriously though, I don't like Frederick either. I live in his district. But Ben is over-the-top with this stuff. Maybe NLS can have a regular show: the bi-partisan bash Marsden and Frederick hour!

Nate de la Piedra

Speaking of the Honorable Delegate, can we bring back the "Weenie of the Week?

Too Conservative

What's pathetic is NLS spending so much time worrying about other people instead of his own life. I know jealousy when I see it. Get a job and a date, and maybe you'll then have a life.

-Now now anonymous....you do know that Ben can see your ip address, right!?

Could it say Woodbridge?


Frederick is a wonderful pro-life delegate. That is all that really matters.

Not Jack Herrity

I was not there because I was sitting in my comfortable home two hours away. But my sources confirm Ben's version of events. "Do you know who I am" is not usually a question asked in jest. This is the same Jeff Frederick who ripped Vincent Harris because Vince had the audacity to ask him a moderately difficult question, so the story is automatically believable.

I still want to know how Saslaw skates while Frederick keeps taking the punches. Saslaw's antics are much more legendary than Frederick's. Much funnier too.


Anybody who has ever dealt with Jeff isn't surprised at this. The guy has some serious "short-man's disease/Napoleon complex". He's also the delegate who told a young child he didn't even know to get him a drink at Tom Davis's kickoff a while back. I was there watching. Like the kid was a servant or something and it wasn't a packed house full of hundreds of strangers to him.


Excuse me, let's get to the bigger problem here-

I live here in Richmond. I have been to Richbrau. I do NOT frequent that...place. Richbrau is in no way classy or even acceptable for older professionals to frequent in the public eye, period. If you want drunk sex with someone who smells like coors light and may still be in college, then by all means, you should go there. But elected officials need to start acting professionally when here in Richmond. There are a number of fine establishments that serve better beer and food than Richbrau, its cheaper, and you won't look like such a trashy fool for setting foot in the place.

I'm just in shock that our delegates would be seen in such a place, seriously. I was barfed on in Richbrau-BARFED ON BY A DRUNK GIRL AT 8:30 AT NIGHT ON A WEDNESDAY. Give me a break, electeds. You can at least PRETEND to have some taste and class.

PWC Voter

Ben can't even get the facts straight. I've heard from another delegate that Fredrick was seen packing up his car leaving Richmond on Saturday night.


" I've heard from another delegate that Fredrick was seen packing up his car leaving Richmond on Saturday night."

So that's why he missed the vote?

The party was on Friday night, not Saturday.


I agree with Nate, we need the return of WOTW.

Not Jack Herrity

Jaime I think the reason they do it there is it's big enough for a party, within walking distance of the capitol, and has pool tables. I don't know any other places that fit the bill but maybe you would.



"If you want drunk sex with someone who smells like coors light and may still be in college, then by all means, you should go there."

YES!! Sounds like every Rednecks dream bar.

A gentleman would always ask his date to move her feet before he barfed........

Sean Holihan

Y'know a lot of us went to Richbrau when we were up there for session every Thursday. It's called caucus night. Many legislative aids and electeds go there for cheap beer, pool, darts and good conversation.

I didn't witness any of those things you're talking about. And every time I was there, everyone did compose themselves.

I never saw a problem.


You're lucky. Puke doesn't come out of wool very easily.

There are reports that Frederick has written some letter in recent weeks that has sufficiently pissed off a number of his fellow caucus members to the point where they want little to do with him. Anyone have details?

No info on a recent letter but it's widely known around Richmond that Frederick is despised by most of his fellow GOPers. MIGHT have something to do with his telling them Mark Warner had "played them for fools" as a freshman in '04...

Dumfries Dem

Yeah, they hate him so much, they chose him to give their response to Kaine and contribute to his campaign making it harder for us to beat him.

Not Jack Herrity

He sent an e-mail to someone, Paul Jost I think, basically saying he was the only one in the caucus who was voting right by opposing the transportation plan. I didn't see it but someone read it to me. Standard Rodokanakis flat-earth stuff. Problem was he copied the whole GOP caucus and then had to send out an apology.



Oh God that's funny. And this from a dude who owns an IT firm. Too bad he earns most his money from flipping houses and his wife's salary!

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