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I don't agree with Bob Marshall on many things, but he's right on the money on transportation this year. Not only is the GA's attempt to avoid accountability and play pass-the-buck on transportation funding reprehensible, it's probably also unconstitutional. The leadership in the House of Delegates should be ashamed.

It will be interesting to see who votes for all those tax increases. There are like 30 of them.


Similar questions were asked and the answers were provided by the Attorney General himself directly in this Bearing Drift podcast.

frustrated lawyer

1. Regional
2. None
3. None
4. Because no one reads the Constitution anymore
5. It doesn't

Not Harry F. Byrd, Sr.

Strict constructionists.

Sometimes you love 'em, sometimes (usually) you hate 'em.

Doug in Mount Vernon

The trouble with strict constructionists:

They are not very strict in sticking to the spirit or purpose of a consitution, which is to serve as an inspired guideline and framework against which all statutory law should be written, not a literal manifesto to spell anything out.

The other problem is they're not very constructive, rather destructive to the progression of society and the innovations of technology.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Boy, Kris really nailed this one:




With all the interest on this site in the office of Clerk of Court, take a look at what has been going on in Fairfax's Commonwealth Attorney's office. This is a pretty damning article.

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