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Did the Senate Democratic caucus and Kaine coax him into running again, or is he going to enjoy his millions and retire? If Colgan doesn't run, Friedman would have a tough race against Fitzsimmonds.


Webb Defeats Allen

I've heard nothing but bad news for Democrats on this one. Magic 8-ball says: indications point to retirement.

Webb Defeats Allen

Magic 8-ball was wrong! Yippee!!

Ghost of Henry Howell

Hooray for Chuck Colgan!


Why did Colgan fail to mention transportation or growth in his announcement?

Colgan, Colgan, take me away!


With Chuck Colgan running again, he stands a much better chance of winning than if he were not running. And if he manages to get more votes than his competitors, I predict the Dems will hold onto this seat.

Just my two cents, dude.




Thank God!

George Templeton

A tough hill to climb for Fitzimmonds. Not impossible, but damn tough. Colgan is a good man and I don't think he will do this half-assed.

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oh god, I'm so sorry for his lost, I guess she most need some help with those 23 grandchildren and 7 great grandchildren

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