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Ghost of A.L. Philpott

Eric Ferguson is one of the best candidates in a solid Democratic field statewide this year. This should be a pickup for Democrats in the House.

Southern observer

Why don't you ask Eric why he is using county property as if it is his own ? Take a picture and post it on the site :) He lost before and will lose even worse this time.

Ghost of A.L. Philpott

Southern Observer-
More than likely, he's using it for the same reason Virgil Goode used the exact same piece of county property on December 22 to hold a political news conference defending intolerance. The Franklin County Courthouse belongs to us all now, both Democrats and Republicans.

Eric even goes a step further to promote openness and fairness, by having his event open to ALL citizens, unlike Virgil who just invited Republicans. Why don't you come on out today, if you are so interested in observing?

Joe Stanley

Come on now, Court House announcements are as common as corrupt Republicans.


Hey, when can we get another Senate and HOD Dirty Dozen? It's been forever!

Southern Observer

Both Joey and Ghost (are they the same ?) know that the question is the county parking lot on the side of Eric's law office that he uses for his personal and business use regularly. We have no problem about Courthouse announcements, they are as common as Democrats who say one thing when running for office and then do another when elected. Think Tim Kaine. Think Mark Warner. Will Eric say he won't raise taxes too ?

Southern Observer

By the way, NLS, what is eric paying you in your blogads to cover his event ? Can you really be an honest reporter ?


Or at least when are you going to finish the republican held seat updates?

Ghost of A.L. Philpott

Good that you know courthouse announcements are open to everyone. I wouldn't want the public to get confused and think just because Republicans are constantly being prosecuted in these buildings, that they have some sort of stake on them.

As for the parking lot: Ben better throw a 4 toupee scandal alert when he gets back! Eric parks in a public parking lot thats literally attached to his law office! Oh, man, its this campaign season's macaca moment for sure!

Joe Stanley

Hey Tucker,

I tell you, I am glad to see you're out of rehab. I admire your spirit and resolve. We're all pulling for you to stay off the booze.

The problem I have with these so called "No Tax" pleadges is that they aren't worth the recycled paper they're printed on.

When Grover Norquist and his cronies are willing to hold the signers accountable for for these boorow and spend schemes they use to line the pockets of their rich buddies, well, then we might consider looking at it.

Right now, what your party doesn't steal from the coffers of education and first responders, you borrow. Now you can call that anything you like but it is nothing more than a tax on our future.

Of course, your answer to that is with Republican policies, no one is guaranteed a future. That is one thing we can agree on.

Stay strong. One day at a time.

Southern Observor's Brain

Man, I am so nervous about Eric Ferguson. Damn, I had better come up with something bad about this guy fast, or he's going to win. But the problem is, I got nuthin' on Ferguson. Wait, I know! Attack Tim Kaine and Mark Warner, that will do it! Whoops, you mean they're two of Virginia's most popular politicians? Damn, damn, damn!

(brain explodes)

Also I heard that Eric Ferguson sometimes neglects to rinse and repeat. Scoundrel!

hmmmmm crickets from the 5th District Republican Chairman now....

Southern Observer

It's interesting that you admit Ferguson is illegally using county property without permission. Will you get him to stop what is clearly a misuse on taxpayers property Joey (Ghost)?

It is your candidates who promise not to raise taxes and to put highway funds into a constitutional lock box and then never follow through. Have you ever blogged that their promises should never have been made ? I think you are admitting your candidates word is worthless and it has been proven over that last six years that is true.

Maybe you might want to look at how Kaine sawed the limb off behind all the legislative Democrats who took the no bonds kool aide he was serving and now look foolish that he has abandoned that stance. Or maybe you should look at Roscoe's bill to use general fund monies for roads. Was he taking that away from babies and children ?

Think I might be worrying about the other Democrat who is ready to annouce he is running very shortly.

BTW Joey, you might want to correct the email Eric sent out that said 75% of the district is in Franklin County. According to the January numbers at the state board of elections, Franklin has a litle over 30,000 of the just over 45,000 registered voters in the district and that works out to more like 2/3 than the 3/4 that you told Eric to quote.

NLS is never so sloppy with his math so I know he didn't do it. But you are known for that type of misquote and over the top method.

Tucker's smallness

Oh goodness Tucker, can you stop trying to overcompensate for your height?

Height? Isn't he 6' or so? Small, even very small- granted. Short, though... now lets not be unfair.

Tucker Watkins...
It must be difficult to see you're little fiefdom crumbling around you. Moreover, it is a shame that you weren't able to use your keen eye to keep Allen in office and the cushy taxpayer salary that supported your habit of riding roughshod over the 5th District.
I encourage you to run with this "scandal." Would love to see the headline, "Ferguson Parks in Public Lot"


...but most of all...


If the previous post is true, you were nicer when you drank.

Doug in Mount Vernon

Geez! That Southern Observer guy sounds an awful lot like the ol' Dickie Black supporters in Loudoun used to sound!

And now look at his seat--one of the safest Democratic incumbents in the state--well, outside the Beltway, anyway...

Southern Observer

Ok a wrapup, Joey,under six names and some no names, treis to make foolish, nasty, untrue, personal attacks against someone he thinks he knows, but never answers the questions raised. Really sounds like an adult conversation from him doesn't it ?

1, Ferguson using county property for his business. Joey even admits it.

2. Ferguson's email letter to hopeful supporters that has the wrong math about the makeup of the district. Think most people would take that down as it really is embarassing to be that incorrect so early

3. Tim Kaine sending his followers out on the no bonds, no use of general funds limb and then making changes that will allow for more bonds and more monies from general funds and effectively leaving his Democrat supporters out there on the limb alone. Saslaw and Moran have both said it so you may as well admit it yourself.

3. No answer yet on the other Democrat who is going to enter the race, making it obvious that Eric has problems within the party within the district.

If Joey continues his temper tantrums as shown here, it looks like a very long campaign for Eric. Eric is not a bad guy but don't think he really endorses these types of off message personal attacks by Joey.

4. Ferguson once threw a plastic bottle in the trash instead of recycling it.

Whining, hysterical screeching from the 5th District GOP Chairman does not equate to worthwhile information about this election or why Ferguson won't win it. Find something harder than parking spaces and census data or shut the hell up.

I think I'm going to hurl. The 9th has some serious issues that need serious answers. If carping over this crapola is what we can expect this fall, color me unimpressed.

Ghost of A.L. Philpott

Eric Ferguson is fully prepared to tackle those real issues, while Tucker the 5th District GOP Chairman sits and tries to sling mud about Eric parking ina public space.

I encourage you to visit Eric's site and check out his ideas for yourself:


Any updates about the kickoff? Turnout? Speeches?

Ghost of A.L. Philpott

I wasn't able to attend, as I don't live in the region anymore and I had to work. I hear turnout upwards of 75....great speeches I'm sure from Brian Moran and our new minority leader Ward Armstrong.

Joe Stanley

For the record, the only comments that are mine are those with my name attached. I appreciate the others, however.

If this Southern Observer wants to reveal themselves I'll be happy to answer questions they put forth.
But you don't want answers or solutions. You want me to say you are correct and substantiate your goofy attacks and desperate, ill-informed claims.

Might I suggest, that the Republicans unneccessarily attacking folks on this blog get out there and find a candidate. We're looking forward to a spirited debate on the issues and would love for you to find someone--make that anyone--willing to carry the banner of borrow and spend schemes that are the hallmark of today's Republican Party.

Seems to me that this district has the know how, the product, and the heritage to be one of the finest producers of ethanol in the nation.

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