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Giilmore's problem could be Fred Thompson. Gilmore's main claim right now is "I'm the real conservative," but he caught no traction. Thompson has created HUGE buzz to the point where, though unannounced, he is polling in double digits in states like Ohio, and even beating Hillary in a hypothetical match up in one poll. Gilmore can't match that, and at the Bolling event (which I was at), I heard a lot of "Don't underestimate Gilmore," but at the end of the sentence "Thompson would be tremendous."


Hahahahahahaha, oh my GOD. It is so frickin SAD that the Republican party has to depend on the guy from TV's Law and Order to maybe decide to run to actually have a platform. I mean, at least the guy I want to draft was actually elected POTUS; the guy you guys like is the guy that replaced Adam Schiff when the actor who played that character died on the regular version of Law and Order.


It worked out for us the last time we ran an actor. ;-)

Jaime is probably unaware of Thompson's record and respect as a U.S. Senator. Hell, she probably doesn't even know he was a Senator.





actually the bolling meeting was a free lunch

Maybe Bolling ate some of Gilmore's audience?


Does Gilmore seriously think he has even the slightest chance?


ah Phriendly? A little off on the L&O Chronology. Fred Thompson's character was preceded by that of academy award winner Diane Wiest playing Nora Lewin. She joined the cast in the 11th season, in 2000, staying on the show through 2002. Fred Dalton Thomspon's character of Arthur Branch did not join the cast until the Fall of 2002, the 13th season.

Oh, and when Steven Hill left the show after the Spring of 2000, it was not because his character Adam Schiff died. Schiff's wife had died. In theory he was leaving the show to work on the Holocaust project, although there were story lines that pointed at other possibilities, including running for judge.


In doing some research, I discovered that Jim Gilmore most certainly is not prolife. He believes in killing uborn up to 3 months. So he is not a conservative at all. You cannot be a conservative and believe in killing the unborn. Mitt Romney is a two bit hypocrite, Giuliani is a proabort prohomosexual liberal who is trying to reinvent himself and McCain is another phony. I like Duncan Hunter, but I know he is going nowhere. Fred Thompson has a great reputation in the Watergate hearings. I know he has had a sincere change of heart on the life issue, not like the Mittster who halfway thru his term of governor decided not to run again and go for presidency and had a change of heart about everything. Obama is more liberal than Hillary voting against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act in IL. He thought it was great to have babies born alive and kill them. Great Christian. Hillary is just plain evil.

Duncansupporter=Devil ????

I think ducansupporter is really the devil, anyone disagree....just wondering

GOP Observer

The Bolling event was not a luncheon. It was from 2-4 on a beautiful Saturday afternoon so to have 200 people turn out was amazing.

At Gilmore's meeting just about every seat was taken so not sure of the "dismal" showing nor the "huge" room slant. Perhaps the mole had a vengeful streak? The 30-40 people present represented all areas of the state and, instead of "dismal failure," it could be considered cautious optimism for a huge undertaking.

Proud Republican

Incidentally, the source who said the two meetings were in the same location was incorrect. The Gilmore meeting was in one of the smaller conference rooms at the Convention Center, the Bolling meeting was in one of the ballrooms at the Marriott.

Pete in Williamsburg

I know this is a Gilmore topic, but Gilmore is nothing but a punchline. So, I'd like to comment about Thompson.

Personally, I would like to see Wes Clark be our next president, but in the standard formula, he's the best qualified, but is terrible candidate. His 2004 performance pretty much closed the book on him.

That said, I think Thompson would most likely win if he enters. Some actors are cast in recurring roles because audiences sense from them a specific element.

I don't watch much L&O, but I've seen Thompson in many other roles and he always plays the same character. He plays that guy where the audience says "Thank goodness he's running the show."

I'm not fan of his politics, but his appeal and persona has already been packaged, marketed and delivered to millions of voters. Based on the popularity of his consistent good-guy characters, I think it's reasonable to say that the day he enters, it's as if he's already had $20 million of campaign ads.


Thompson further clouds the GOP race.

This is becoming really interesting. I say this, b/c when the oppo comes out Thompson's not going to look very "socially conservative" in his personal life either.

Keep laughing but Gilmore has the very boring thing going for him. Vet, prosecutor, AG, Gov....sure he doesn't set the world on fire, but he's a lot closer in life to the GOP base than the top 3 + Thompson.

Never underestimate the "he's like me" appeal in politics. Jim Gilmore's life is so much closer to the average Protestant exurbanite-rural GOP prmiary voter than a Navy playboy who left his first wife for a beauty queen, a Hollywood actor with the dating habits to back it up, a New Yorker on his 3rd wife who lived with gay men or a Mormon. (Please don't mistake me as a religious bigot, I have nothing against Mormons, but I think there is a lot of anti-Mormon bigotry in the nation and in the South in particular which automatically turns off a large segment of voters in GOP primaries)
I maintain that either Gilmore or Brownback is going to "catch fire" at some point and start to move up the polls b/c the base has to have some candidate to point to as one of theirs.

John Welch

I'm not sure who your contact was at the event, but I'm thinking someone along the lines of an AP(yes a name, not a title).

The event was open to the party leadership of the RPV, so exactly how many people did you expect? Gilmore also spoke to that same 150 group of people you mention with Bolling. Gilmore's meeting that roused around 50 people was an after event meeting and Gilmore was pleased to have everyone who came.

I might also add that Gilmore has commitments from 6 of the 11 Virginia Congressional District Chairmen right now in Virginia; so this talk of Gilmore not having support is just nonsense.

Look, I know you're a left wing site so I don't expect anything flattering or accurate, but I am willing to discuss this with the NLS editors to help them gain some kind of fact to compensate for them obviously not having editors to check their work.


Not Larry Sabato

Wow that is the first time I have ever been called "left wing". In Fairfax a lot of the Democrats claim that I'm not even one.

Pete in Williamsburg


Don't worry, that was John "Do as I say, not as I do" Welch sniping at you. Hopefully, he'll appear again to lecture you on his personal views on fiscal responsibility.

Spank That Donkey

There was a lot of competition that day for Conservatives for example,
17 people showed up for the Scott Sayre organizational meeting in Buena Vista, not including the candidate and Campaign Manager.

In light of all the competition Saturday, a great sunny day, the Pub meetings in Richmond, that was a big turnout!

It probably would have been at least 30 people if not for the State Central Meeting...

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