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I'm not from Fairfax, so perhaps all these things about Miller were already out there--but is it possible that the only reason he's going to be a drag on the ticket is all the opposition research you've posted on the internet for the benefit of a likely low budget opponent?

If this were a statewide race, I would guess that all this stuff would have come out anyway, but in this case--I'm not sure it would have.

Not sticking up for the guy, only suggesting that this might have been a situation in which it was best to keep a lid on it.

Not Larry Sabato

Everything I got on this guy was coming through the grapevine, and then I researched it. If anything it might help him that it came out now, instead of October- but I doubt anything can help this loser.

Anon 1:08

Fair enough. If it was going to come out anyway, better to do it now when there's still a chance for an opponent.


Actually, if Ben hadn't put it out now, it would have come out at a much more inopportune time, like October. That's why they call them October Surprises in politics.

This way, even if no other Democrat steps forward, it will already be old hat by that time. So it was actually a good thing to get it out in the fresh air now.

Believe me, if Ben found it, so could the Republicans. They know how to use a search engine too. So Ben was doing us all a favor here.

One Who Knows

There has been a lot of talk on this blog about the right Democratic candidate for Fairfax County Clerk of Court...

Why don't we nominate someone who has a distinguished military career?

Why don't we nominate someone who has law enforcement experience and the respect of police and the firefighters?

Why don't we nominate someone who has lobbied for Colonial Williamsburg and such important entities as the Mayo Clinic?

Why don't we nominate someone who understands tax and real estate law?

And who is that person? David Miller. The same David Miller that Ben Tribbett has been trashing on his blog with selective opposition research aimed at misleading the voters.

Ben readily admits that he has been fed information by the Republicans, who are scared of Miller's candidacy. It is not the first time that Tribbett has worked with the GOP. That is why he is no longer a member of the Democratic Party. He was kicked out!

So believe Tribbett's narrow-minded and distorted rhetoric aimed at trashing Miller to help protect the Republican opponent -- or learn the truth.

Ben Tribbett and the other commenters on this site who believe everything he says should be ashamed of themselves for aiding the Republican spin machine.

Not Larry Sabato


To kick someone out of the party, you have to give them 10 days notice and have a hearing. (See FCDC bylaws). Go ahead and post the minutes of when that took place.

Since such a meeting never took place, please stop spreading lies about me.

In his vendetta against Miller, NLS fails to point out that Miller is being supported by elected officials from across the Democratic political spectrum.

Fairfax Supervisors Gerry Connolly, Gerry Hyland, and Sharon Bulova are with Miller. Others who have already committed to Miller are Fairfax Sheriff Stan Barry, state Senator Toddy Puller, and state Delegate Kris Amundson.

The word is there are many more endorsements to come.

Are all these elected officials wrong?


There's no way Kris endorsed this Miller.

The Squeaky Wheel


The rumor of you running is a bit older than "this past week"... It has been splashed in the comments section of your blog for quite awhile (and I am sure is rooted in your words). We are to believe that only NOW are you saying that it is only a rumor? C'mon, and be honest. Say that you have decided not to, but don't act as if this is s ome new rumor you just heard about.

You floated a balloon, didn't like what you saw and decided not to run, that's all. Be a little mroe honest with your readers. We're not dumb (ok, most aren't... I have my moments)

Not Larry Sabato

Squeeky- it's only about a week old- the rumor started when I began covering this guy late last week.

I seriously thought about it and might have done it if Fairfax was a smaller county. But running in 250+ precincts with 1.1 million residents was just too much for me to do right now.

Jim Hoeft

You have to start somewhere.


Let me make this clear -- I think Scientology is complete hooey.

But lobbying is like being a criminal defense lawyer in the sense that being a criminal lawyer doesn't mean you're in favor of killing. Lobbying, as much as it has become a pejorative term, assists in strengthening our First Amendment rights. It permits the views of individuals to be heard who would never get the ear of Congress. You'll find that even mainstream religions have lobbying reps. So do charities. So do gun nuts. So do --- lots of kinds of nuts.

I'm not impressed about the arguments against this guy.

You know what really scares me? And is affecting our lives in a negative way? http://www.kentucky.com/158/story/26286.html

Not Larry Sabato

"One Who Knows" has an IP address coming from Connecticut. They can go blog at "My Left Nutmeg".

Interested Observer

well, at least there is one sure loser not on the ballot to drag down the rest of the ticket.

Interested Bloviator

Thank you Ben for doing this service. We don't need a Scientology lobbyist on the ticket, and we certainly don't need to imperil our whole ticket for someone who has NEVER VOTED IN A DEMOCRATIC PRIMARY.

Are they ANY attorneys out there who have voted in a Democratic primary who want 130K/year? Please run.

You do not have to be an attorney to be Clerk of the Court.

Interested Observer

Thanks to Ben for what? Being the RPV's smear machine? Miller has lots of clients, some of them not necessarily mainstream. Some of them perfectly routine. Lawyers represent clients of all ilks and so do lobbyists. It isn't like he is an in-house lobbyest, he was a hired gun.

I seriously doubt that the Clerk of Court is going to be one of those high-drama campaigns. I cannot imagine anyone spending serious money on a negative campaign for this office, especially when they can get stalking horses to do their dirty work for them. You've got to get a lot more than a lobbyest for Scientologists (among dozens of others) to beat someone.

I agree that his party credentials are weak, but so are plenty of others. Do you have to be associated with the party for a long period to run on their ticket? You have to start some where.

Just Visiting


You said that ""One Who Knows" has an IP address coming from Connecticut. They can go blog at "My Left Nutmeg"."

But it's just possible that One Who, like me, is simply out of town for the weekend and borrowing a friend's computer.

You can't rely on those IP addresses based on a single post.

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