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JOE BOUCHARD is running in the 83rd. Got him up my ActBlue account.

When did Wardrup announce he was retiring?


Democrat Karen Schultz is running in the 27th.


Albert Pollard is running in the 28th.


There's two (can't remember their names Margi and Rip?) Democrats vying it out for Callahan's seat.

i think bens point is that there are no democrats giving up their seat, not that there are no democrats running for these seats


Oh. In the words of Roseanne Roseannadanna... "never mind".


McEachin. But then there is a Dem running for his House seat... Jackie Jackson.

there is the possibility of 4 Dems running for McEachin's seat: Jackie Jackson (former member of Richmond City Council), David Lambert (Sen. Lambert's son), Floyd Miles (former Delegate, who McEachin beat in 2005 primary), and Joe Morrissey (former Richmond Commonwealth's Attorney)

Joe Morrissey? Disbarred, assaulting, exiled, drug ring Joe Morrissey?


I love Morrissey! I didn't know he had a first name though.


Maybe someone can get David Baugh to consider a rematch. There are a lot of people who think they called the Baugh/Morrissey fight too soon.

You have got to be kidding me!

Benedict Lambert's son is running for McEachin's House seat?

Is there some kind of Lambert power play going on that we should know about?

I mean, are Benedict Lambert and his son running as some kind of ticket?

Yeah, Republicans in disguise ticket! Support Jackie!



Leo's retiring? Damn. Well, Dems acutally have a credible challenger here. With this seat open, and Mathieson going up against Welch, you could see Dems make some serious gains at the Beach in 2007.


I love Joe's passion for his beliefs and causes. Yes, sometimes that gets him in tight spots, but it's the passion that counts! We've been friends for more than 15 years and there's a loyalty that runs deep. As I see it; Delegate today, bigger things tomorrow. I'm crossing party lines to support him, but Joe's worth it. Rock on!

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