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Joe Blackburn never ran against Bill Janis. He only ran against O'Bannon for Cantor's seat when Cantor went to Congress.

Was Bill Janis's name on the firehouse primary list that O'Bannon won?

JMU Duke

Good on him, I hope Blackburn mans up and agrees to as many dates as possible. To primary an incumbent you'd better have a pretty good reason and this can be his chance to explain those reasons.

This will be potentially very good for Stosch. He will get the opportunity to press Blackbrurn on his position with regards to the transportation compromise. All the VCAP types have seemed to very hypocritcal up to this point on the transportation package.
They cannot have it both ways.

Blackburn will have to answer these very tough questions without the hit and run soundbites. It should be very intersting.


That's right, my pretties. Eat each other alive.


Janis, Blackburn and O'Bannon were all on the ballot for Cantor's seat in 2000....O'Bannon and Blackburn running well ahead of the rest of the field. Blackburn never lost an election to Janis though as Ben states in his last sentence.

not gretchen bulova

I don't think NLS is stating this, I'm pretty sure this entire post is a press release from Stosch.

Spank That Donkey

I look forward to the day when it's Republicans vs. Democrats again...

Pubs aren't going to chew one another up, the Conservatives are going to get back to the reality of not raising taxes in years of surplus..

I have to say I love Blackburn's letter. Nicely done.

bye bye george

NLS why did you delete the Raising Kaine link??

So, Mr. Blackburn, would you have voted for the transportation bill this year?

Skillet Head

Everybody has the right to their own opinion, but nobody has the right to their own facts. I have personally gone door-to-door with Joe Blackburn and I have never known him to back away from a challenge. Furthermore, it is my understanding that Joe accepted all debates. The most telling debate will be that between the tax-rising Walter Stosch of old against the Walter Stosch who finally votes against tax rises simply because of the primary challenge he so richly deserves.

George Templeton

Have they announced a time, date and place for these debates, yet?

I thought the runner-up to O'Bannon was Claytor Mottinger

Riley, Not O'Reilly

Looks like bad staff work by the Stosch people. Blackburn's response makes them look incompetent.


Blackburn's reply is snappy, respectful, and "in your face." If he keeps this up, he just might get elected.

Proud Republican

Anon 2:42, Claytor Mottinger finished 4th in that race (it was a 5-way race).


Claytor Mottinger finished 5th in that race (it was a 6-way race). It went like this:
1 O'Bannon
2 Blackburn
3 Chris meyer
4 Janis
5 Claytor Mottinger
6 Bob Baird


Skillet Head

I received the campaing update from Walter Stosch's campaign and something did not set will with me. If you read below you will see why.

"That Friday found Walter bright and early at Eric Cantor's annual breakfast with Congressman John Boehner as the guest speaker. Saturday it was the Henrico GOP breakfast with Delegate Jack Reid as speaker. "And on the Seventh Day he rested."

How arrogant of Senator Walter Stosch to even in jest compare himself to God. To imply that his mediocre performance in the General Assembly even remotely rises to the level of the creation of Heaven and Earth just shows us how out of touch he really is.

Skillet Head may be the appointed Blackburn representative for the blogosphere but someone really has to have drunk deep from the kool-aid to call observation of the Sabbath blasphemy.

Skillet Head

It isn't the fact that Stosch took off on Sunday that strikes me as arrogant. The Biblical way in which Stosch's campaign phrased it seems to imply to other reasonable observers as well as myself that the Senator seems to equate his humble actions as state senator to the great acts of God. All I'm asking the Senator and his staff to do is mind the wording.

Sarah Stosch

Skillet Head--I'm not sure who wrote the comment about resting on the 7th day but I can assure you it was not my grandfather. Our family is a devoted Christian family and he would never, in anyway, make himself synonymous with God.

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